My wife is crazy about David Archuleta and I see the appeal. He fits the American Idol image perfectly. He has much more depth and maturity in his vocal than you would expect. He has all that Disney like charm and likeability coupled with real talent. I think he is kind of like Leann Rimes in that respect, a bit of a prodigy; and if Disney does High School musical 4 (or where ever they are in that series), guess who is going to be cast as the new kid in town? It would take a smash-up on the freeway to take this kid down. I think he is going all the way because it's called "American Idol" and every girl from 6 to 66 is going to vote for him.

The only one I really disliked was Jason Yeager. I think he needs a dose of humility and I think he will get it next week.
If you want a quick link to their pictures so that you can identify them, try this:

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