I did notice that Vikki and we were talking about it immediately when it happened. I always watch carefully and have found bias previously against certain contestants and for others. But this was one of the most obvious manipulations I have ever seen. It would be nice to have the fans throw their chosen one out with the trash. But would they actually let David Cook win? When they are so blatantly lying as judges and putting an agenda out there and setting up pre-scripted lines before the performances even happen.. it's hard to put anything past them. Perhaps there's some legal language that allows "producer" discretion in the final voting.. they're so secretive anything is possible.

Now that Perry's song is out of the running I've pretty much lost motivation for the finale. Even if David Cook wins it's still been more bummer than fun this year. The manipulation all season has been more and more transparent. Why can ANY of these shows just judge honestly? If only we could get non-puppets acting as judges.


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