Time to kickstart this thread into gear again... smile

Tonight was the night of "Davids".

1. David Archuleta (very original and moving performance of "Imagine")
2. David Cook (rocked out on "All Right Now")
3. David Hernandez (soulful rendition of "Papa Was a Rolling Stone")

I also thought Jason Castro did fine as well with a solid performance of "Want to be Your Everything". It's kind of a lame disco tune (I used to play it in some 70's band I was in myself), but he did it decently.

Who will go home:
1. Jason Yeager (no question)
2. either Danny Noriega or Luke Menard

Although Danny is being touted as this year's "Sanjaya", I don't think he's getting the votes that Sanjaya did. He's down in almost all the on-line polls as last or near the bottom.

David Archuleta's performance of "Imagine" was one of my favorite AI performances in a couple of years. He is probably the most likely Idol at this point - as long as he doesn't burn out early.