[[[I'm really surprised and disappointed to read some of what has been posted here about him. While I understand some of it has been said tongue-in-cheek, to call someone out for a lifestyle choice is both ignorant and inflammatory.]]]

Note to Beth: I'm sorry my comments about Danny N offended you. But I didn't say anything out of ignorance. I doubt these comments would offend Danny. He loves being different. The reason he was booted was for exactly the reason you stated- he was confrontational with the judges and that was not attractive to the voters.

I knew a young man like him personally and he was comfortable being "one of the girls"- that was his community- he wouldn't have been out of place at a high school girls slumber party- in fact he would have been the life of the party! I never judged him and I don't judge Danny- he is an original and he does not have to oppologize for it.

Have you ever know someone like Danny personally? It does not mean we are expressing ignorance or intolerance just because we call it like it is. That is pushing political correctness too far. The character who plays Betty's little brother, in the series "Ugly Betty", is a throughly attractive character who shows all the attributes and challenges of being different. I applaud the creators of that series, the actor who plays Betty's brother, and Danny N for having to courage to put who they are right out in the open.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein