I think there have been "conspiracy theories" about AI every year.

No one has been able to prove any vote juggling, and to my knowledge, Fox has not come forth and denied it either.

It's simply good entertainment for me. Winning or losing on AI does NOT necessarily mean success in the music business: witness Taylor Hicks poor sales performance, and Chris Daughtry's steller sales, and the surprise sales of Kellie Pickler.

Josiah (remember the kid living in his car who got cut right before the Top 24?) allegedly now has a record deal with one of the majors...who knows how he'll do.

What it DOES do is give a group of about 10-12 singers HUGE exposure that they would not normally be able to get on a "test" audience. Personally, I think that's it's biggest value - not whether the voters can select the best singer.