"Why would a "singer" who is trying to prove he can sing, pick a Bob Dylan song? Bob was a great songwriter, but as a vocalist, the guy was terrible: not someone you would try to emulate as a vocalist."

More to the point why would a "singer" feel the need to prove he can sing? I suppose it's because actually singing the song isn't good enough anymore. You have to dazzle people with screeching vocal acrobatics that take unforgiveable liberties with the melody, in order to prove how much technical skill you have. Whether or not it serves the song is of little consequence.

I realise that I'm totally out of step with the public at large on this: play the average consumer a recording of someone like Emmylou Harris, effortlessly caressing a lyric with her voice, and then play a histrionic screamfest by the current flavour-of-the-moment diva. You and I both know who gets the thumbs up.

As far as people emulating Dylan's singing, do we really have the room to list the number of artists who consider him an influence? I think not. I'll be honest, I'm not the world's biggest Dylan afficionado, but I know a great vocal delivery when I hear one, and he's got a slew of them in his catalogue. I consider myself a handy vocalist at times (certainly not a "terrible" one like Bob) but I can tell you this-- I would kill to have just a couple of his vocal performances on my resume. Talk about selling the song; the man has always known how to do it.

Bob Dylan can't sing? My arse.