David C - I didn't like him at first, but he's since done a few things to impress. This week was a tad overkill to me, but still not a bad performance.

David A - Was spot on this week. This young man has an amazing ability to give chills when hes on. I love the fact that he has a firm hold of the Hannah Montana/Jonas Brothers crowd, but unlike many other young stare he has the talent to impress a more mature music buying audience. The breathy inhalation he was left with (post partial vocal paralysis) is a wee bit annoying, but still I adore this kid. Hes got great control and I knew him to have amazing range before his illness, so Id love for him to stretch his wings a bit one week, if he still has the ability tear it up. I definitely feel he emotes really well (hence my goose bumps). I definitely believe he is a superstar.

Syesha - Better, but I'm not a huge fan. Either or Ramie will be next to go I'd imagine.

Kristy Lee Hook - Very so so. Hope she gets her act together.

Brooke - This is twice now that she seemed quite lost without an instrument. I still love her vocals. She's got the kind of voice that will easily keep her there into the top 3 of this season. I really feel like she'd have staying power in the industry based on her unique tone and classic singer/songwriter vibe.

Chikezie - He's got a great voice, but he suffers from LaKisha-itus...great vocals, but little star quality.

Jason Castro - I think Jason could be very good. Last night wasn't my favorite performance, but I really think doing his own thing he could make a career out of this. He's in my top 4.

Amanda - She was a little off key again last night. I'm not a musician, but seems to me she's always sharp. I do get a feeling that she's rock right to her soul, but I don't think she has an ability to do anything else or even just change shades within the rock.

Michael - For some reason he bores me stiff. His sound is so generic. Seems like a lovely guy, but I'm just not feelin' it. Although it was for a great reason, he still picked the wrong song last night. It was just everywhere.

Ramiele - Adorable, but she doesnt have it. Last night was better, but still so "so what" to me. I loved her at first so I've been a bit disappointed.

Carly Excellent instrument, but I just dont get superstar from her. Her tone is so generic shed fade into the wallpaper. To me its like she would need earth-shaking, great songs to have a career. A mediocre song as a lead single and itd be the end for her.

Predicted top three this season: David A, Brooke White, and David C. Archuleta wins over Brooke to become the 7th Idol.

Tonight I believe Syesha will go home. Although she had one of her best performances, she just doesnt have anything that makes her stand out and gives her a strong following. I was thinking Ramiele might go, but I think people will give her another chance as they probably will with Kristy.

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