Well.. all the ones sent home were in my bottom 3 lists. It was a toss up between Colton and Luke... Luke gets a chance to redeem himself probably based on his movie star looks. They sent the two worst girls home too. I'm concerned with all the obvious subtle and not so subtle manipulation going on. I was able to pick even the ones they put at risk and didn't vote off before they did it. If someone you want on the show is underperforming, you put them in a pairing to make it look like they might be going home. But they didn't say it was the bottom two right? They do this often. Sometimes they say it's the bottom, other times they don't and that's when they're manipulating it. So I am guessing Amanda will get a lot more votes next time since folks thought she was almost sent home. And that might help propel her into the final 12. I hope she makes it because she's clearly in the top 6 girls and she's a nice change of pace from the bleached out blonde clones still in the running.

I think after next week we'll have a really good idea of who has a shot to win it all. I think the jury is still out though.. too much inconsistancy across the board to pick clear favorites yet.


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