Idol had the right bottom 3 last week, but not the correct bottom (they had Syesha on the bottom). I think it's more accurate simply in who is near the top and near the bottom. When David A. sticks at the top no matter how lousy he is, you know it's less about talent or that weeks performance. One thing that effect AOL is they aren't clear on whether they reset the totals after the vote results or not. That could make a big difference.

As for Chikezie, sure, a musician would easily notice, but the average viewer only did because he (and later Simon) called attention to it. Why call attention to your biggest weakness? That's just stupid. It's the same as acknowledging you blow a line, like Dave A. did twice during his first week performance. That's a rank amateur move. It's the same thing when someone starts making excuses about the bad recording or performance on their demo before you hear it.. it's already over at that point.


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