16Apr08 - Results

Bottom 3:

I do recall saying almost every week that I felt Kristy & Jason were the weakest singers. However, I thought Kristy did a credible job this week. I think Brook was lucky to stay, given that she kinda fell apart at the end of her song. Kristy at least sang on key this week. It must be very tough, because someone is going to go home, no matter how talented, and as a contestant one must be torn between wanting desperately to stay and feeling bad because if you're the one who stays, someone else you care about, goes. I do agree with Carly's comments that the judges have been very tough on her. And I don't know why on earth Syesha would be rated lower than Jason as a singer, people. But I do understand that he is cute - I used to be a teenage girl myself with crushes on various young men & papered my bedroom with their pictures.

I've read a lot of comments about AI this year, and I have to say one thing. I am singer, I've been training for 18 years & teaching for 11, and while I have tried to use this season's singing as a way to perhaps offer some enlightenment about the act of singing, I hope that I haven't dispensed a large amount of negative energy. These kids are working harder at singing & being in the public eye than they ever have before in their lives. They spend every day rehearsing, recording, with media, etc. And they are expected, no matter what, to pick the right song and pull out all the stops and perform brilliantly in front of 30 million or more people every week knowing that if they blow it, they will go home. Knowing that whatever they do or say will be broadcast around the world and discussed ad nauseum by everyone. It ain't that easy folks. It's not that easy at all.

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