That's the weird thing about this year. In previous years we saw some average singers maxing out their potential and their personalities at least part of the time so it kept things interesting. But this year, we have pretty much all great singers (except Jason Castro who's the most limited in either group) but very weak personalities. These are very boring people for the most part. That's why I like Danny N. Sadly, I doubt he has much of a shot against the crowd favorites. I'd be very surprised if Luke wasn't gone.. and then it will come down to Danny or Chikezie. I'd rather see Chikezie go because we know he's going to schlep out another R&B performance.. but with Danny.. who the hell can predict. And if he ever puts it all together, he'll shock some people. (And he's just as likely to create the biggest train wreck in Idol history.. which makes him fun). And as oppossed to Sanjaya, Danny has BIG vocal upside.

I'm totally blown away by how a little disney charisma can fake so many people out about David A.'s in tune and breathy but very limited vocals. I haven't enjoyed any of his performances so far and he bores me. And I think the more everyone raves about him, the less I like him.

As for Kristi Lee, Joe, I agree she has a big upside, but often doesn't reach it. Right now she is 6th on AOL, but it's going to come down to her, Amanda and Kady most likely. I'd prefer to see Amanda stay because she's interesting, but she's by the most vocally limited of those 2 and the least comfortable with the camera and attention. Since Carly has grabbed the rock slot over her (just as David Cook has on the male side) she's going to have a lot of trouble sticking around. She needs to NAIL it tonight or she's likely gone. I've disliked Kady from the first show, though she can potentially sing well, she's really unlikable. Perhaps the 2 blondes will split the vote and allow Amanda to slip in. We'll see.


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