The top 2 were clearly David Cook and Syesha. The bottom 2 were clearly Brooke and Jason. It was a pretty clean division.

Carly and David I felt were in the middle with respectable, but not the best performances. I liked Carly's Jesus Christ Superstar performance. David A was OK, but didn't draw me in like David Cook or Syesha.

I couldn't believe Brooke did a stop/start on the song - TWICE in one season. Even Miss "say nothing bad" Paula's first comment to her was to NOT stop/start a song. It's pretty rare that Paula says anything bad about a performance. You should vamp if nothing else. It's better than clearly showing everyone you messed up.

Jason's performance showed the boy can't sing. It was actually painful in places, he was so pitchy. My wife, who loves show music, was amazed that someone could butcher a song so badly. Other than "Eight Days a Week", it was probably the worst song performance of the season.

Too bad we can't send both Brooke and Jason home this week. Of the two, I think Brooke deserves to go home. Jason has been higher in the polls, so it's likely she WILL go.

BTW, Vickie (and others), you can always find the performances on

Just do a search for "American Idol Season 7".