I agree with all who say Jason should go home. I agree with Samuel that he needs to know where he wants to go but first, I'd suggest he find out where he is. I mean, I like the guy. He seems nice and all but he just doesn't seem like he's all there. It may just be his personality but the kid just doesn't seem to care - last night was the final proof if there ever was any proof. I'm not sure why he doesn't pull himself out instead of waiting to see how long his fans will allow him to torture us.

IMO, Syesha should be next to go. While last night was great for her, she continued to prove (to me) that she is a mimic. She has no style or personality that belongs to her. Early on in the contest, she mimicked Whitney. Then, when the judges were giving her credit for sounding Broadway, she sounded a whole lot like Vanessa Williams doing Disney. Last night, in her pre-performance comments, I had some hope that FINALLY, we were going to see the real Syesha. and it was sounding great on the Tina Turner, Proud Mary song. But then she started doing it... She started making all the moves that Tina makes when she performs that song live. If you remember her performance, look up one of Tina Turner's live versions of the song on YouTube and you will see what I mean. I'm sad for her because I think she could be the best of the bunch. All she needs to do is find out who she really is. At least, unlike Jason, she does know where she is.

David A. What's to say about David A? I like the kid. He seems genuinely nice and likable. But as Kevin (and I'm sure others) has noted above, the kid does the same performance over and over. I mean really... How many more classic melodies is he going to be allowed to change into his uninspired "generic-superstar-wannabe" melody before people have heard enough? If the tweens like him because they think he's cute, fine. But let's not call this a singing contest.

David Cook is the best of the rest hands down. Last night, I found myself a little disappointed. Marty is right... His version of Baba O'Riley (a.k.a. Teenage Wasteland) took too long to get there. I think David has the best ability of all of them to take classic songs, make them his and make them sound contemporary. If there is a fault in doing that it's that sometimes it's just not necessary. Baba O'Riley, as written and performed by The Who, is perfect for David's voice. Had he performed it like it was meant to be performed, I don't think we'd be having this discussion right now. He would be the clear winner.

I guess what bothers me most about these contestants is they apparently do not receive any coaching at all from the AI staff during the season. I had been under the impression that they did get coaching in previous seasons but this season it appears that it just doesn't happen. All of the last four, minus Jason Castro, could be so much better than they are with the right coaching.

Oh well, I think it's going to come down to David Cook vs. David A or Syesha. Either way, unless he totally blows it bad, Cook should be the winner hands down if talent has anything to do with it.

Van Borden
a.k.a. Buzz Grudge