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I've heard the blonde contingency called the "bevy of blonde bimbos"...

We're calling them the Barbie triplets in our house.
I was horrified they almost put all three of them together in a row to perform. Who's calling these shots?

I actually liked Brooke's performance of "You're So Vain," although I felt she could have pitched it in a higher key, she did the most all right with the low notes.

I can't figure out why they ALL seemed to be singing in keys too low for their ranges last night (and throughout this season - it's an epidemic). Vikki is 100% right on that. It's great to sing songs you love, but if they're not perfect for YOUR voice, sing them in the shower. What's up with all these low, mumbled verses?

Alexandrea has the largest range of the girls, but she has to learn how to flaunt it to her best advantage.

Sigh... disappointing night for me too. I was really sad to see Amanda butcher "Wayward Son" - she's a real rocker, yes, but she has to choose songs with a rougher, edgier vocal. We're used to that song with a very smooth, pretty vocal on it, and her voice just didn't fit well. I couldn't figure out who put the wig thing on her, either - that was a mistake too. frown I hope she sticks around just on previous merit.

Carly and Brooke were the only memorable performances of the night. I've forgotten the rest already.