Syesha was hands down the best last night while the judges seem to still want to crown David Archuleta king.

David Cook IMO blew his chance to win it last night. A rocker gets the chance to do anything from the R & R Hall of Fame and he pulls out two arrangements that just didn't rock. Part of the problem is the 90 second version that they perform, but by now he should have figured out how to take a song from 0 to redline in that format. His Teenage Wasteland was starting to get revved up at the end but he never got there.

Jason Castro was an absolute disaster but I'm wondering how many dreadhead reggae fans were toking and texting for two hours at the end of the show to keep him going.

David A was his typical lounge singer routine - but given the performances by David C and Jason last night, for the first time I'll say he belongs in the top two, if only because the other two guys belong in the bottom two.

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