No surprise that the three girls Syesha, Brook and Kristy were in the bottom 3. Also no surprise they gave David A the center stage for the elimination. Having David C and Syesha switch places after the split was obnoxious - but it's television. Simon got to be the bad boy telling Kristy it was her time, then she got to sit in front of him and sing "Forever". Seemed like Brook took it harder staying than Kristy did being the one to go.

Somebody's going to take Kristy and run with her. She has a good voice and her minor vocal issues can be worked out. She's got the looks. She's now gotten the exposure and name recognition. The biggest thing I noticed on the show over the last few weeks is how much poise she's developed. The girl is already a pro at standing in front of a national TV audience repeatedly in a make or break situation and handles it well.

So will Syesha or Carly do the love theme from Cats next week?

At this point I'm just hoping we don't get a David A vs Jason finale.

And Tom - I love the ugly people music you mentioned.

And Vicki - please keep the comments coming.

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