I think everyone knew Luke's time had certainly ended.

At the end there, I thought that Danny would stay and Chikezie was going to go. He was actually a decent, if not great singer. I thought he had garnered more fans (or at least voters). However, he also alienated a few people with his sarcastic/flippant attitude.

I suppose he is entitled to his flaming persona, but that doesn't mean I have to appreciate it, or vote for it. David Hernandez is of the same "lifestyle", but doesn't offend like Danny.

He was (at the least) one of the more colorful and "interesting" performers of the year. He was this year's Sanjaya.

Not sorry to see Kady go, but even as popular as Brooke is, I think Asia'h can out sing her and would have preferred Brooke leaving. She seems to be very popular for some inexplicable reason though so may be in the top five.