We all think Paula's drunk at our house.
If it's a medical condition/needed medication causing the loopiness, then I'm truly sorry to say that - but that's how she comes across.

I halfway suspect Simon's spiking her Coke just to watch her get more loopy and embarrass herself... but that's just my twisted brain at work. grin

I agree with Tammy - David A could have a good Josh-Groban-like career, but he's not a rock singer, and he gets on our nerves over here more every week. Yes, he can sing OK. But he's not entertaining really. He's plain vanilla.

We like David COOK more and MORE every week. And Syesha just keeps improving and impressing us. It should be one of those two.

My daughter who voted for Jason a lot at the beginning, now just wants him to go home. She says he's had only two good songs - Daydream and Hallelujah.

Every week I find I don't even miss, the following week, whoever is gone. I'm going, "so who's missing?" I will probably miss Brooke though. I don't watch the results shows - they're just too cruel. I pop online to find out who's gone.

I strongly suspect the show has tried to "pre-load" the winners or picks out the winners themselves and just makes whatever money off the voting they can. After all... they NEVER tell you - anywhere - what the vote counts were. They just say, "America voted.... [PAUSE] .... and you're safe/going home."

Why can't they say "The winner tonight, with 28.6 million votes..." or "In last place with only 12.2 million votes..." Yeah.

The voting is so weird - and seems to be preconditioned for shock value (voting off some talent early - leaving on weird ones too long) - that I'm more and more suspicious it's all rigged. I'm not saying illegal. Just saying there's probably some loophole somewhere that allows them to fix the contest.

I wonder - if it wasn't fixed at all - and if you could prove that - what would ACTUALLY happen.

And I wonder what would happen if they gave the judges 50% of the voting power - we might have a better competition. Some who shouldn't be on would GO, and those who shouldn't be gone would STAY.

But it's all in the money. Follow the money. Who's making it? on what aspects of the competition? Who's sponsoring, and what do they have to lose or win? And hm, let's look at everything everyone in the money path has to lose if "America" picks a stinker. Embarrassing. Right? So - moneywise - I don't see how they can "afford" not to tweak with it - BUT - I also don't think the "tweaking" is working.

OK, I've ranted enough. I haven't even been posting or emailing anywhere.... I'm almost entirely offline right now... yet I had to pop in here and vent. smile Rolling my eyes at myself.

The thread is enjoyable to read through. smile I got a kick out of LWilliam's prediction of the future. TOO funny!


[PS - And you can tell how scatterbrained *I've* been lately when you read this post - I'm all over the place. Yup. Trying not to post much till I've sorted things out better and my brain's working more normally again. (I've had 6 deaths to cope with in April - 2 serious, the other 4 people I or my husband have watched over and tried to help. 3 of those natural causes, the 4th may have been a suicide... we're not sure yet.) So... at least I have an excuse if my thoughts are jumpy. Catch y'all later....]

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