Well.. if you go back to the start of all this, I've been saying David A. is a puppet being propped up by the judges and that he is generic and does the same thing every week. At that time, most didn't agree with me.. glad that folks are finally on board. I also said from the start that Syesha was the most talented vocalist and with her looks and personality would be a great artists to work with. It's nice that most everyone is on board with that now as well.

I thought David Cook wasn't connecting last night. I like him and think he's probably the most deserving winner right now of the 4 because his highlights have been the best of the season and the weeks he's been off, he's still sings well but has usually just chosen bad songs. The week of Andrew Lloyd Webber, oddly enough, I thought Cook had the best performance of the season doing theater. He's really been the only artist of all of them who has risen above where he started in the auditions... Syesha stayed about the same (she's always been good, but hasn't gotten better) and David A. has sung the exact same way every single song every single week. He's starting to make elevator music sound exciting and risky. Jason Castro peaked during the Pre-Top 12 weeks. He's gone steadily downhill since. I agree that he seems to like he could not care less about how bad he's doing. A stoner til the end.

As I have said all season, the judges clearly have an agenda.. they want David A. The reason they don't want Syesha? I'll give you several: Rueben Studdard, Tamyra Gray, Fantasia, Jordin Sparks, Melinda Doolittle, all successful finalists, but none have really sold many records and they simply don't want another R&B singer winner. And there's zero chance of her winning no matter how much she outperforms the others. The pre-ordained David A. since he's the Disney kid their marketing department has dreamed about. But he's no Miley Cyrus and he's no Jonas Brothers. They'll find out that once he's 21, no one is going to care about his tired generic style and limited appeal once the "kid" appeal has worn off. Can you imaging people caring about him in 10 years like Kelly Clarkson? Ha! He's like the typical "child actor" that everyone loves til he grows up to be an awkward adult. Fortunately, the voters often pick the best of the final two. (I never liked McPhee, though I am sure Larry will disagree... and Clay Aiken was the ultimate geek versus the sentimental favorite that year...).

Ack. The only thing left to hope for is that a JPF member wins the Song Contest. We have a 50/50 chance.


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