First of all, I noticed there is a special forum called "American Idol Songwriter" on the AI site now.

Standouts tonight:

Chikezie - surprised everyone with the "split style" arrangement of "She's A Woman" beginning with a acoustic rural version and jumping into a rocked out second section. I gave him a 10 tonight. I think the judges did, too.

Carly Smithson - Even if you don't like this girl, think she should be kicked off for previously having a label deal or whatever, it's pretty hard to deny she rocked the house tonight with "Come Together". It could've been a Heart performance of the song. I gave her a 10 as well.

David Cook - Maybe it wasn't totally unique as a rock arrangement of "Eleanor Rigby", but I really couldn't fault it for sheer impact or delivery. Chris Daughtry couldn't have done a better job. He was my 3rd and final 10 of the evening.

Dismal or abysmal:

The Shocker: David Archuleta trying to sing "We Can Work It Out". He flubbed or forgot at least 2 lines that I heard. If he didn't have such a huge fan base, I'd say he was destined for the street this week, but he'll probably be safe. He has now shown weakness and has been "wounded", so I'll bet several of the others can smell the blood now. I think this screw up will actually inspire others that they could win.

Kristy Lee Cook - Truly abysmal tonight. The band performed a really BAD (hokey) country arrangement of "Eight Days A Week". Normally, the band is smokin', but not on this song tonight. Interestingly, I felt Kristy was more on pitch tonight than usual, but the arrangement was so bad for that song, that it just overshadowed the not-bad vocals.

Ramiele Malubay - I wanted to get a snack during her very boring rendition of "In My Life". She just couldn't hold my attention tonight and I don't have A.D.D. or anything. She's in a dangerous spot now.

Syesha Mercato - It was a kind of funky version of "Gotta Get You Into My Life", and was an OK performance, but it just reminded me of a Las Vegas night club act in the hotel barroom. It wasn't received well by the audience, who were very lukewarm about it even if it was the opening number.

David Hernandez - He did "I Saw Her Standing There" in an almost parody of the song. It was way fake with his stage movements looking too rehearsed (or actually not rehearsed enough to make them look natural). I don't think he'll last much longer unless he really comes out of a shell. He just doesn't come across as genuinely believable although he's a pretty good singer technically.

Amanda Overmyer - "You Can't Do That". She rocked out predictably. I think she'll hang in there, but I don't see her as lasting to the top 5.

Michael Johns - "Across The Universe". This was never one of my favorite Beatles tunes anyways, but he didn't really do anything special with it. I'm surprised Simon didn't nail him for not showing that all these performances need to be "special" each time they get on stage now.

Jason Castro - he'd getting pretty predictable now, and did a decent version of "If I Fell".

Brooke White - I'm not a fan, but liked her better this week than last. I think it was an unimaginative arrangment (very Karaoke for the music side) of "Let It Be", but it seemed heartfelt, and that's probably her strongest point because it sure isn't her vocal chops. She's still very pitchy to me.

So...get to the point already....

David A has way too many fans to have one mistake cost him a continuance.

Kristy Lee also has a pretty big fan base, and if there were any country fans voting, she was the clear choice, so I think she's on thin ice, but safe this week.

Ramiele - She also seems to have a lot of fans (at least on the AI site); however, she's on thin ice.

Syesha - She just hasn't developed a fan base for some reason, even though she's technically a better female singer than all but possibly Carly. My guess is that she's most likely to go this week.