And it makes complete sense that people on this forum are interested in American Idol because most of us here are, in one respect, just like the Idol contestants- we are looking for opportunities to express ourselves. That is why we post songs on the forums and participate in the discussions. Who among us are not hoping for a "break" in the music world?

It's not as if we have to endure really horrible singers- these young people are quite good by any standards. Yes, I will admit that the best 16-29 year old singer in the USA probably isn't in the group, but I would also bet that the best song ever written has never been on the radio either. These are kids! These are kids put under a lot of pressure every week, and it creates a lot of drama and emotion. It is much more entertaining to me than most of what passes for reality TV. Sure there is a script and inside favorites and posturing etc. but it is a music show and most of all we love music- don't we?

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