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Jim you could be a standby substitute for the Geico commercials! Forgive me I don't remember their names yet but I liked the very young (16) boy w/the non-stop smile who seemed humble yet talented, and the girl who never saw R rated movies also. I'll have to be more diligent and write down their names next time. smile

Lynn, I just had to chuckle, those two are the two Mormons I pointed out at the top. smile
David Archueleta
Brooke White

Jim, no worries, I know you can't resist a good one. smile

I admit I was disappointed they didn't show a clip of each of the final 24 at least once - it's not like it's that hard to do. There were some faces we never saw at all, and a lot of edit time on stories of folks who were sent home.

I agree on the Josiah fellow - don't send the band out - and DON'T fail to be able to work with the band & backup singers - yeowch. Bad call on his part. It shows an inability to work with others, which is just bad business.

I wanted the curly-haired Kyle with the tie to make it, but I don't think he'd have made the top 12. I'm really glad the gal with the hoarse voice made it through though - she showed the ability to perform under adversity (and do it well) which gets high marks in my book.

There's a strong sense they're just working this 'reality show' up for whatever high drama they can squeeze out of it, rather than focusing on who has the best potential and talent. Gotta agree with you, Brian, on the "pretty people" business.
Then again... "Video killed the radio star..." and radio hasn't been the same since, has it? ~sigh~ Maybe the judges should listen to the auditions blind... Nah... the whole package and image are important these days, whether it 'should' be or not.

Simon keeps calling it a "competition" - and it is - but seriously folks: at the heart of it it's just television. If it was a true, competition-only, evaluated by talent alone talent contest, they'd have a larger panel of judges and "America" wouldn't be the only vote keeping them on or off the show. And it wouldn't have all the little life vignettes trying to sway public opinion one way or the other.

But then it wouldn't be TV.