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With only six performers and busy with other paperwork during the playback I unfortunately listened to most of the judges comments this week. Randy is obnoxious, Paula loves everyone, and the audience boos when Simon gives an honest opinion about the performance....

Totally as expected performances - with the exception of David Cook. Though out of his element, he gave an excellent vocal performance.

David Archuletta proved he can take an emotional broadway diva tune and turn it into a cheesy lounge song - and the judges swooned over it.

Jason Castro put on a cute smile and gave a no emotion, no range performance to one of the best broadway tearjerkers ever written.

Brooke had two minutes of music to learn and forgot the words. Hard to figure since I think she really believes "you must love me" as if its owed her.

Syesha gave the best vocal performance of the night - with the biggest plus for her being the sexy attitude and makeover that finally gave her a complete package.

I thought Carly's performance of Jesus Christ Superstar rocked. A couple of places where the background singing and instrumental invaded her space, but overall a great song choice and performance.

So as for results - maybe Brooke will finally go home. Lots of tears and an emotional breakdown on her part will be accompany the announcement at the end of the show. Jason and David A ought to be in the bottom 3 with her but given the way the voting has been it will likely be Carly and Syesha.

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