Seems like everyone missed a chance to show they could "do" country. It was more of a finding a Dolly song they could mold to themselves. Except of course Kristy who is country. She should have been THE standout this week but she was just good.

Michael Johns was the only standout performance this week.

Ramielle was just bad.

Jason and Brooke were boring.

Syesha did well. Didn't realize Dolly had written that one.
The judges have consistently panned anyone trying a Whitney or Celine song and I assume they did it to her last night as well.

Carly was good but has been showing she is not a performer. She sings well but doesn't win you over.

David A was also good in his vocal performance, but he took a southern tearjerker and made me feel like it was a holiday inn lounge song.

David C was good at turning a Dolly song into a male alternative rock song but he's worn out the formula.

I think you guys are too hard on Kristy if you place her in the bottom 3 performances this week. She's belonged there before and probably will again soon, but if you base it just on last night she was in the top half.

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