Top 3 of the night:

Michael Johns: His best performance since Hollywood week.
Syesha Mercado: She did a great job of NOT oversinging, but still perfectly hitting every note and nuance of the arrangement. It's sucks bad that obviously the judges don't want her to win. They've struck out with R&B singers so far as winners and don't want another one.
David Archuletta: For the first time of the entire competition, I thought he was in the top 3. He actually did a nice job.

Bottom 3:

Ramiele Mulabay: She was totally awful. She's been the worst the entire season and hasn't had a single good performance.
Brooke White: Yawn Yawn Yawn. She was very awkward and ho-hum. She's so vanilla I may start calling her Lily White from now on.
Kristy Lee Cook: This should have been her week. She was pretty average. If she can't nail Dolly Parton, she needs to move on.

Also Rans:

Carly Smithson: She wasn't bad at all, but not good enough to be in the top 3.
David Cook: He also wasn't bad, but his one trick pony act is getting a bit tired.
Jason Castro: Barely stayed out of my bottom 3. He seemed to connect with the song more than Brooke or Kristy Lee so I put him in the middle.

Who SHOULD go: Ramiele and Kristy should be the next two, in either order. Neither has had a great week. Heck, Chikezie and Amanda both had outstanding performances but were still nuked from the show. Why these two pretenders keep sticking around is beyond me.

Who most likely WILL go: I think Kristy might finally go, but I am very worried that they'll boot off Syesha who is probably, along with Carly, the strongest voice in the competition. Carly or Ramiele will likely be the 3rd in the bottom 3.

This season is weird. Not many horrible performances, as previous years, but not even close to as many show stoppers either. None of the artists so far have shown any diversity at all. They all do 1 thing, fairly well, and stick with it. It's boring.


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