Tuesday, April 8 2008

Jason and Kristie Lee Cook were impressive. I am going to look like a bloody genius if Kristie is the last girl standing- I said that in a post when everybody wanted her out. Her song "Anyway", originally done by Martina McBride, was the best "song" of the night followed by Jason's "Over the rainbow" Everything else was forgettable. How do I know? Because my wife will only rewind the hard drive to watch something if it moves her and she watched Kristie twice and Jason three times. I liked Jason's version but the "Hawaiian guy's" song Jason mentioned is on my daughters wedding video and that guy tore up that song good- amazing recording.

Right now, my top three are Jason, Kristie and David A. The bottom three are- the rest of the girls. I think the judges nailed the problem. Two of the girl at the bottom are technically superior singers but they are trying to impress instead of "feel". Brook's problem is that she "feels" too much and sings too weakly.

I saw the judges and Ryan on the Larry King show. Simon said something very interesting about Kriste Lee Cook. He said she "has less than one chance in a million of being the next American Idol". But when asked who he would sign to a record deal, he said Kristie Lee Cook. My question is: How can he be sure she is going to lose unless they also rig the voting like they do the song contest?

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein