I'm thankful for YouTube. In less than a half hour you can catch all the performances of the 12 women without watching the commercials or the vinettes.

Amy Davis and Joanne Borgella both deserved to be sent home. The other girl I thought deserved to go was Amanda Overmyer - just for picking a song that has so much to do with the guitar and so little to do with the vocal. Carly Smithson is probably the performer I most enjoy watching. I think Kady Malloy, Alaina Whitaker and Kristy Lee Cook have more of the package that the producers can sell.

Garrett Haley and Colton Berry both deserved the axe as well. If the girls had gone first, Chikezie would have been in trouble. His version of "more today" was flat enough on its own, but Alaina's version of the same song buried it. Robbie Carrico's version of "One" was the first time I've ever been disappointed by that song. Maybe that's why the judges loved it...

I wasn't in love with Michael John's version of "Light My Fire", but maybe because Jim Morrison's version rings so clearly in my head. But he is the top dog for now on the guys side.

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