Update...I just checked several sites: dialidol, aol, and knbc. On all three sites, they are predicting David Cook to win - and not by just a small margin either.

Maybe the obviousness of the judges' bias ticked off the David C fans (it did ME!) and they voted more. I know I voted more than I ever have on AI. [that redial button worked pretty well while I watched a DVR recording of Dancing With the Stars finale - wink ]

In a post-performance interview, Archie actually said he disagreed with Simon's diss of Cookie's performance: "I think Simon's opinion is just one opinion, and just because Simon didn't think it was his [David Cook's] best, I think America and millions of viewers will disagree with him. And I disagree with Simon, too. He was awesome."

So there IS hope...

Personally, I think these two are closer in talent than most of the other years' final two.