This wasn't quite the shocker as when Melinda Dolittle got voted off. Why Brooke wasn't even in the bottom two is beyond me. This is also two weeks in a row that she looked absolutely shocked that she wasn't sent home.

I guess when you look back at the history of AI, the best singers have only been the "winners" about half the time.

Season 6 - Jordin Sparks over Melinda Dolittle
Season 5 - Taylor Hicks over Chris Daughtry AND Katherine McPhee
Season 4 - Carrie Underwood (they probably got that one right)
Season 3 - Fantasia Barrino over Jenifer Hudson (toss up)
Season 2 - Reuben Stoddard over Clay Aiken
Season 1 - Kelly Clarkson (best choice that year, although Tamyra Gray is also doing well)

I'm absolutely certain that it's the text messaging tweenies that are skewing the results. One poster on the AI forum who identified himself only as a "Dreadhead" (meaning David Castro fan) "managed" to get in 544 votes for Jason.

I certainly hope that AI begins to put in a system that identifies duplicate voters and limits it somehow. On the "Dancing with the Stars" show, they list (in small print) that each phone number is only allowed seven votes (for big families, I guess). That sounds like a reasonable method. Of course, with that show, the audience vote is somehow only 50% of the total vote, with the judges counting for the other 50%.