Who's your new favorite, Kristi?

I was surprised with the results tonight.

They're doing Lennon/McCartney again next week. And they said they'd be announcing the mentors, but they didn't.
Whaddaya think? Mentor list isn't firmed up yet?

What do you think of having them sing before they know if they're done or not? And is it Ryan that's so cruel about how he announces things - or the writers??

I think it'll be a tough week for a bunch of these kids... the ones who only knew one Beatles song and sang it - them especially. At least they've done a medley, so they know a few more now. LOL.

My daughter defended David A's lyric moment saying it wasn't forgetting, it was stress, and flubbing lines happens to everybody. Sure it does - but you cover so nobody knows what happened. (I like live albums, and a few of those show up once in a while) But you can't afford it at this stage of the game. Part of the win comes in beating the STRESS.

(who knows if I could handle that sort of stress anyway... so I'm just armchair quarterbacking here... sigh)


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