The gals were a big disappointment for me tonight (and with the judges I think). All 3 of the top guys were better than even the best of the girls tonight.

I don't know what Simon was listening to, but I sure didn't like the boring rendition of "You're So Vain" by Brooke White. It was nothing special - a good Karaoke vocal, but not idol material. Maybe because she flirts with Simon he cuts her a break?

I think the best two were Carly and Asia'h (first and last in the lineup), and neither knocked me out. At least Randy didn't continue with the "Carly is the one to beat" hype tonight.

The really bad ones:
Amanda was dreadful tonight as was Kady. Those are the two most likely to go tomorrow night if it's based solely on tonight's performance. Personally, I'd like Amanda to hang around for another shot at it because she's unique and just needs to find the right material. I'd rather see Brooke or even Alaina go instead of Amanda.

I sort of agree with Brian about Kady. She seems to be a bit whiney and a spoiled little brat (and resembles Britney). She didn't warm up to anyone that I could tell.

I've heard the blonde contingency called the "bevy of blonde bimbos"...

Kristy should be a soap opera actress or a model, not a singer. She hasn't reached out and grabbed me yet. She's stunningly beautiful (reminds me of Heidi Klum 10 years ago), but only has a slightly better-than-average voice.

If I had to pick the top six now, I'd have to say:

1. Carly Smithson
2. Asia'h Epperson
3. Syesha Mercado
4. Ramiele Malubay
5. Alexandrea Washington
6. Amanda Overmyer (still think she'll hang in there)

Note that no blondes remain in my picks.