Tops, Syesha & David C; and worst: Jason & Brook.
I totally agree with everyone. Jason was so bad it was painful. He should be the next to go, with Brooke following. Did you catch in the interview where he said "I didn't even know the song was sung by a cat, a woman cat. It was the worst song choice of the season. There was no way he could pull that song off. I thought David A DID take that Phantom song and make it his own, I'd rank it a little higher than Brian's *yawn*. I hope that Syesha, Carly, and the 2 Davids are the final four. Simon thought "cookie" did the Music of the Night too straight, but I disagree. He's done his "alternative" version every week. This week he showed that if he wanted, he could go out there and do Phantom...I noticed none of you said his act was the same old, same old this week. I think it was big that he did it straight and really pulled it. This is why he is #1 now, and could go all the way.

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