There's bias everywhere Brian, even on this board, sure perrys song was good and he is an active member of JPF but there are other songs in the competition that were good if not better IMO, sucks that he lost, maybe Syesha will cut it, as for the finals
Does it really matter who wins anyways, anybody whos exposed to idol has a good shot at getting a record deal, that Baylie Brown girl from last idol didn't get past the top 24 If I remember correctly she's looking for songs for her debut album on a major label, Kellie Pickler has country hits, she came in 6th, daughtry has hits,Josh Gracin 4th, it goes on and on like this
This competition is bigger than all of us combined in finding talent, not just finding one winner, it also employs a lot of people, producers,writers,directors,songwriters etc
Who cares if it's not judged honestly, it's better run than the american government that is for sure, I think you guys have missed the purpose of this show,they want to make money and create as many stars as possible, do they care what we or you think? you're gonna watch it anyways LOL just my opinion

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