I agree that Kady WON'T go.. I just think she deserves to. = )

I checked out the AOL polling which was almost always right last year (perhaps they got 1 or 2 wrong all season) and Brooke and Carly are in the top 6 so the early support they've gotten from judges obviously has already had a big impact. Carly had the second most votes and the biggest vote getter was Ramiele.

I figure Joanne is more likely to actually go based on the performance and the fact that Kady is going to make it because little girls must have been impressed with her Britney impersonation. Ack.

And my apologies to Ande who seems miffed that I changed the title of this post and has added "Original Official" to the other. I actually thought this post WAS that post as well and didn't even realize there were two big posts going. If I could merge them I would. I just didn't want to have a half dozen AI posts spring up and folks were making predictions on this one so it seemed to make sense we'd keep all the predictions together.

I supposed we could recopy all the predictions over to that one, but either way, having 1 post going forward makes more sense.



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