Apparently the "little leaks" that were heard were correct. 12 million votes is pretty signficant, especially if the top 3 were only 1 million apart. It appears the Syesha vote mostly went to David Cook.

As for the Idol Song contest, I thought David's performance of the song on Tuesday was the best of the 3 that were performed. I can't really hear Syesha doing Perry's song, but I think David Cook would have been great doing it. The overall winning song was okay.. but totally forgettable. But the guy who won is by all accounts that I've heard a great guy who has paid a lot of dues and has been on the downslide for a while, so good for him. I can't see that song being a big hit, but I am sure it will sound fine for whatever run it gets.

10 of the 20 top songs were written or co-written by JPF members. I've met 7 of them. Perry happens to be one of only 2 of them who have posted here, but a few have been out to chapter events and stuff. I didn't really mention them all because I didn't think their songs were that strong. I did think Fran Lucci's song was nice and I thought Perry's song was good too. Emily Shackleford made the show and the song held up very well with David Cook performing it. I still think of all of them, (including the non JPF members) there were 2 perfect songs for David Cook and Perry's was one of them. The fact that he made it that far after only a couple months of songwriting is impressive by any measurement. I think we'll see a lot of good songs coming from him over the next few years. AND.. he was smart enough to invest in a good singer.. something we preach here all the time. A great singer gives you a signficantly better shot at being noticed in this competitive era.

America picked the right of the final two.. I liked his performance with ZZ Top as well by the way. And, I must admit, that David A. sounded the best I've ever heard him when he joined that band and sang along with their hit. Good for him.


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