I looked at my watch at the end of no. 7's song and realized it was 9:15. Ridiculous. A two hour show for 11 singers, who each sing 1:30 minutes. Calculate that out. That means about 17 minutes of singing, and 103 minutes of judging, inane chit chat and a million endless commercials. It's funny, in past years I've always enjoyed watching the show, but this year, after an hour, I feel so impatient. I feel this way with a lot of television, after the 3rd commercial break, I'm thinking -- I could be spending this time writing music. If I spend 2 hours every Tuesday night watching AI and another hour on Wednesday night watching the results -- that's a piece of music for film/TV. It's just not worth it. I'm interested in hearing the singers and seeing their progress. But the show itself is dragged out so long, it is, in Simon's words, incredibly boring. And yes, I can tape the show and zip through everything, but I really would rather watch a jam packed one-hour show and go on other things having enjoyed myself.

In addition, I don't understand the logic of doing two weeks of Beatles songs. Surely there must be a whole host of songs that people could sing. I was not that impressed with the songs this week.

Here are my results:

DAVID ARCHULETA (Long & Winding Road) - I don't care what other people say, this young man has a lovely voice with nice tone, and he does interesting things with it. I think he's a pop singer, not a rock singer, but if Josh Groban and Michael Buble can find their niche, I don't see why David can't. He was the tops this week in my book.

SYESHA (Yesterday) - Clear tone, good power & range, sings with her heart but also with skill. Very good.

CARLY SMITHSON (Blackbird) - Well, we knew someone was going to do this one. You have to agree, she has the chops.

DAVID COOK (Day Tripper) - Lots of talent, has some range too. Good job.

AMANDA OVERMEYER (Back in the USSR) - She sang well, rocked it up, was okay but didn't thrill me. I thought the timing was off a little and I wasn't sure if she was always on pitch.

REMIELLE (I Should Have known Better) - This girl definitely has a voice but I don't think the songs she chooses show it off. I think she needs to 'go for it' more.

CHIKEZIE (I've Just Seen a Face) - He has a very nice tone, but I think he was trying too hard to rock it up or sing a bluesy style. It was a bit messy.

MICHAEL JOHNS (A Day in the Life) - He sings his high notes by lifting his head and stretching his neck, and he keeps his mouth closed. This is not good for the voice, you lose energy & support when you stretch up, and when you have your mouth closed the energy of the voice hits a wall. It's like the voice gets 'choked'. He has a good voice - that's why he's made it this far - but he needs some training to bring it out. If he could do that he would be a real contender. But I think he's not going to make the top 3 with this approach to singing. I think he knows it too, he doesn't understand why it isn't working for him the way he wants it to.

BROOK WHITE (Here Comes the Sun) - Well, sorry to say the performance didn't do much for me. The song sat low in whatever key was chosen, so her voice didn't have the bright tone / aliveness. When we play it too safe vocally we take the edge away from what we do.

JASON CASTRO (Michelle) - I did think he sang with more tone this week. I still find his phrasing mechanical and a bit pitchy. I really don't know why he got into the top 12, I don't think he belongs there. I think he will be going home soon.

KRISTY LEE COOK (You've Got to Hide Your Love Away) - I like Kristy, she's a great person, but unfortunately I felt she should have been voted off last week, her performance last week and this week were the weakest of the lot. She tries too hard, therefore that means she sings with too much pressure against the vocal chords. What she thinks singing is, is not singing. In addition, I feel that her performance is 'lifeless'. I think she needs some good coaching. Because what she focuses on when performing is the wrong thing, so it comes across as though she isn't all there. I think she has potential, but it would be best if she was voted off, and went away and worked on her voice & performance skills for another year.

Vikki Flawith: Songwriter/Composer, Singer/Voice Teacher


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