First, Hey Larry,

About the old shows you were I going cuckoo (don't answer that) or earlier had you said "BRIAN" looks so young? I thought of course you were referring to the first-season-only co-host Brian Dunkleman (Dunkledorf? don't remember exactly...which is telling in its own right...). Anyhoo, I bring it up only because I saw a commercial last night for the new season of "Celebrity Fit Club"...and guess who happens to be one of the "LOSERS"? Yup, dear old Bri.

Then, Different Brian:

You mentioned David Foster and the trouble surrounding him in the past. I know nothing about that, but again, was it my imagination or did he say to the camera, after Katherine sang "Oh Katherine's wonderful, blah blah blah...and AMERICA, YOU GOT IT RIGHT!" ? And I'm thinking, does he know that TAYLOR HICKS won that season? Maybe he'd have done a better job with the song (though in truth, I thought she did a pretty rendition...I just don't like all her contrived facial mannerisms).

Anyhoo, daughter Samantha (9) is over the moon because her BEST FRIEND Kristy didn't go home last night. She loves her because she loves horses. Sounds like just as reasonable a rationale as others I've heard!!

Ciao for now,

P.S. Try not to be too two weeks time, we'll be going to attend our THIRD Bucky Covington concert (Same daughter's country boy from Season 5...not great on show, now very very good. His video for his song "A Different World" is up for breakthrough video of the year on CMT....) we are in the virtual THROES of American Idol these days. My biggest concern has been what country-ish fashions go with an orthopedic boot, splint and crutches???

"Fill what's empty, empty what's full, and scratch where it itches."