No big surprise appearances of any kind tonight. But some pretty decent performances from surprise artists and one immense tank job by the paper lion.. er I mean.. judge favorite David A.

tonight's 3 best performances:

Chikezie: He came completely out of nowhere and likely saved his own butt from going home. It was passionate, convincing, hip, original and it was so nice to see someone go 100% to their max with excellent results.

Amanda Overmyer: Another excellent performance from someone on the brink of going home. This was another case of doing her own arrangement of the Beatles and making it work out big time.

David Cook: He was pretty good.. but what he did was 100% predictable. He's definitely this season's Daughtry and unless he tanks somewhere along the way, he'll take Michael Johns out first.

3 Worst of the night:

David Archuleta: Finally.. the curtain is pulled back on this poser. Seriously.. he's been so horribly overated and even when he had clearly the worst performance of the night, they propped him up. (Compare what they said to him versus Ramiele who was WAY better than him). He has no range and now can't even remember the lyrics. Ack! But of course they'll keep proping him up and giving him the prime performance slots (last of the night is always the place of honor and makes you the easiest to remember for voting purposes). It was interesting that Simon had to qualify and say something to the effect of ..well.. there ARE 12 other people competing, so I guess we have to be fair and tell the truth... blah blah blah.. even HE knows the fix has been in from the start.

David Hernandez: It was a battle with David A. for the worst of the night. The only reason he wasn't worst is that he at least remembered the lyrics. That was about the only thing he did right. Unlike David, his stock wasn't high enough to live through a performance like that for very long.

Kristy Lee Cook: This was a tougher one because she sang fine and her version of Hard Days Night was very similar to Alison Kraus. But it still came off weird. It was really a toss up between her and Michael Johns ho-hum performance for 3rd worse. Ramiele also didn't light anything on fire. Any of those would fit into the bottom 3.

Also Rans:

Brooke White: Again, she finds a way to show no vocal range and play it as safe as possible. Yawn.

Carly Smithson: She's got some serious pipes, but she hasn't found a song that really works, regardless of what the judges said. With the right song she may have the most powerful voice left in the competition.

Jason Castro: Just so-so. One of these days he's have to sing something with range and he's screwed.

Syesha Mercado: Hated the cheezy version and song choice, but she can really sing and has great charisma.

Ramiele and Michael J.: Both underachieved. Both are capable of much better.

It's hard to predict who will finish last this week. The safest bet would be Kristy Lee Cook, but since she's the only country singer in the Top 12, she might have enough genre fans to keep her going. Chikezie was definitely on the chopping block this week along with Amanda, but both had excellent performances and it would be really sad and unfair for either to go home after back to back strong performances. David A. DESERVES to go but won't. Or for a surprise victim Syesha may go which would be sad.

My 3 most likely (not most deserving) to go:

Kristy Lee Cook
Syesha Mercado (least deserving to go)
Amanda Overmyer (also doesn't deserve to go after 2 excellent back to back weeks)


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