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Oh well, at the very least, it's looking like Perry's song has an even better chance of being the winner!! Not a peep from him lately....aside from letting him KNOW, they'll have to fly him out, etc., so the winner will have to be informed at least a couple of days in advance!!

Good luck to all participants!! Should be a good show...


Hey, Beth and all. I've been trying to keep myself distracted but I'll admit to some anxiety the last couple of days. By the way, they would not have to fly me out if my song won, as I am just forty minutes down the road from where they tape. But I just keep telling myself that I have a 5% chance and most sane people would not bet on that! I really want to enjoy the finale shows and not be disappointed, so I am trying to keep perspective. But, again, I will admit that this has been a tougher week than the couple before it (for some reason I was not nervous at all until the last couple of days).

I will be around.