Hey Linda,

My first visit to this thread.

Yes, I enjoy Americam Idol. I do not believe they are necessarily the best (you choose a number) young singers in the country, although some of them are pretty darned good. I view the show in the context of what it is....who is the best (better when down to two) singer(s) of the ones selected to go forward from the previous week's competition. That is what it is...no more no less. But, accepting it as such, I enjoy it quite a bit.

As many of the naysayers have commenyed, it is a bit kareoke, although most of us would mind having Ricky Minor and his band doing the music for us! But, that is OK, too. That's the type of show it is.

I'm not sure whom my favorite is yet. I believe that Archuleta and Hernandez are probably the best singers. But I am not sure that they are the best entertainers.

My biggest heartburn with the show is that at no point are the contestants permitted to sing songs of their choice, with no restructions, for the entire show. Doing so would, I think, allow them to have the opportunity to showcase themselves in the way that they each think is their best and strongest element.

Okay, I've rambled enough. Yes, I like it and I watch it. But I accept it in the context of what is is.


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