Actually he's won major contests including Arsenio Hall's and I've read Star Search as well when he was 11. That part doesn't bother me. Nothing about him does, except that he seems overly manufactured to me in that oh so very Disney like way. He seems nice and is certainly the most charismatic contestant. I think he's very mature in how he vocalizes, but it seems like there's some clear limits in that vocal. He knows exactly how far he can push it and does.. but it's not a big vocal. It's a controlled vocal.

Chekezie Eze is not a better vocalist. He simply performed better I think with more energy during that show. But Chekezie has zero chance of winning and David A. has the most likely chance at this stage. I still haven't seen anyone match up to some of the biggest stars of AI in the past, or even last year's winner or 3rd place finalist who both had huge vocal ability.

David has the charisma of last years winner.. but I don't think he has her vocal range. But it's early... maybe he's show more of that later. He doesn't really need it yet, he's so far out in front of the field right now.

I wonder if the women, who were more disappointing than the men last week, will kick it up a notch? They should be able to use sickness as the excuse 2 weeks in a row.


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