Did anyone notice that unlike just about every other contestant that got voted off, Jason was smiling and HAPPY when singing his swan song? He actually did a much better job than the previous night (I Shot the Sheriff). I think the guy wanted to go home and Simon had it right when he told him he didn't seem to care enough about the contest.

Of the last three, I really don't think it makes any difference who gets the "crown". There have been successful people out of the top 5 just about every year. I'm 99.999% certain the finale will be the battle of the Davids. NOT winning might actually be a career advantage since the runner up may get a record deal with a little more choice in the material selected than the AI winner.

The judges are really propping David A since they haven't tried to market a teenie-bopper idol that I recall. Jordin is young, but not necessarily being marketed to the 10-15 year-olds as David A could be. Hey, if Miley can sell to that age group, they're probably figuring he can, too.

Brian, I think you're right in that the judges don't want Syesha to win. She's a good singer, but not particularly unique or original as an "artist". As you mention, AI and 19 Entertainment have not had a very successful run with R&B singers. I think she'll do fine in musical theatre or even as a TV or movie actress.

I thought David A took WAY too many liberties with the melody on Love Me Tender, and was too "pat" on Stand By Me. His melodic embellishments are getting a bit repetitive and predictable at this point.

I found it interesting that Ryan mentioned that out of 51 million votes, there were only about a million votes separating each of the top three. That means that as the lowest vote-getter, Jason, got the boot but good. I think the guy is an airhead myself. He needs to figure out if this is really what he wants or whether he should flip burgers for a while. If he becomes successful in music (as in having a song on the Billboard chart), I will be quite amazed.