It was an okay week.

Top 3:

Syesha: She's in a league of her own this week. The judges clearly have been told to trash her no matter what happens and so of course even though it was clear she was really good, they had to qualify their compliments. It's blatant manipulation of the voting because they obviously don't want another R&B style winner.

Jason: It was nice to hear him not simply rip off someone elses arrangement this week. He had the most enjoyable performance, though he didn't sing particularly well, he did manage to make it work with his limited voice.

David Cook: I though the end of his song, when he went into typical college rock mode was good as expected.. the start was very weak for me and awkward... his lower register just didn't feel right at all.

3 Worst:

Brooke: She was clearly the worst of the night. And she's got an attitude that gets more annoying each week.

Carly: Sad but true. She's likely gone this week. Though she can sing well, she really seems out of her realm somehow and rarely connects with the songs or the audience. I saw her video for her major label album where she performed some of the all time worst songs I've ever heard from a major artist... and she was overbearing and unlikable. She's not making much headway on AI either.

Kristy: She was okay and totally forgettable. Yawn.

Also Ran:

David A.: His same old breathy boring cheezy performance. He has 1 gear and 1 dimension and even that is limited. But it's clear the PR machine is out in full force to make sure he wins. The only possible alternative is David Cook. Let's hope he pulls it out somehow.

Most Likely to Go: Carly. Likely bottom 3: Carly, Brooke, Syesha. Most deserves to go: Kristy.

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