Ah...yes. You're right. She could be Cate Blanchett's little sister.

Agreed on a goofy performance as well. She lost some supporters on that one.

Jason has a lot of teeniebopper votes. The 13-year-old girls seem to think he's "SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE" and say he has "John Travolta eyes".

Well, I don't know that we've had too many AI's where the best singer actually won. Certainly Taylor wasn't the best singer in Season 5 against Katherine McPhee and Chris Daughtry, and Jordin Sparks certainly couldn't keep up with Melinda Dolittle, but there are other factors involved in making a winner - obviously. I just hope it isn't mainly the teen vote this year.

I ALMOST (I said 'almost') miss the Sanjaya's and Chicken Little's of the past years. It made for an interesting show if nothing else.