My daughter confessed to watching Jason sing "Daydream" over and over and over today... fascinated by the SONG and his performance. I had to chuckle. But yes - he's very good. Top 3 boys seem to be a hands-down consensus: Michael, David, & Jason. Can we just send the rest home now?

The girls are more of a toss-up for me - they seem more equally talented, but I don't know. I'm not sold on any of them yet. I was impressed with Syesha's Tobacco Road even though I hate the song - in fact several of the songs the producers cleared ought to just die a quiet death, IMO - but I appreciate someone who can take (as Simon said) a terrible song and make you enjoy it anyway. I'm not sold on Carly, although she CAN sing... I'm just not sure I like her. I do like Amanda the Rocker Nurse, but I didn't like her song choice tonight.

Anyway... it'll be interesting to see who goes. Amy needs to go. (Sorry Amy) Her performance was just flat all over. We couldn't even watch it through - had to fast-forward, because it was so off-tune. A note here or there I can deal with.

I'd hate to be one of those judges. Not a fun job.
Simon's most often right though. I tend to agree with him more than anyone.

I miss Melinda Doolittle. We definitely don't have her caliber here this year.