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Posted By: Linda Sings Official American Idol Discussion - 02/17/08 04:05 AM
OK - Americal Idol has it down to the final 24.
Who's your pick?

I'm still catching up on the DVR, but by the time I come back to check this thread I should have an idea. smile

There are two Mormons that I know of (like me!) competing this year - David Archuelleta (sp?) and Brooke White, the cute blonde who's never watched an R-rated movie. Go team! grin


There are two Mormons that I know of (like me!) competing this year - David Archuelleta (sp?) and Brooke (can't remember her last name yet), the cute blonde who's never watched an R-rated movie. Go team! grin


Boy is she gonna get a surprise on her wedding night. LOL
smile Pretty sure she's already married.

I could not resist the funny it is my weird sense of humour.
I cannot comment on AI as I never watch it now. I only get into trouble anyway for speaking my mind about the exploitation.
Big Jim! haha! You make me laugh! You always do! That is too funny! I like your picture. hehehe!! (We have the same sense of humor... ha! If you only knew the real me. I must keep that under my hat!)

I kind of like the rocker guy. I am not sure of his name but I really like his voice! I think he will be in the top few for sure! And I like the blond Carly Simon type girl that plays the piano, wears striped red and white shirts alot and gets teary all the time. Those are my two top pics right now. I think they will make the top five. But it is still early on. Time will tell. I just liked them for no particular reason.


P.S. I am a little sad the boy who lives in his car didn't make it any further but he copped and attitude at the end and shot himself in the foot. He seems immature. He couldn't even work with the band and backup vocalists on a song to perform with. That's not cool in the biz and I think that pretty much did him in. Too bad!
Tammy you always bring a smile to my face. If only I was twenty years younger and had a haircut LOL
Jim you could be a standby substitute for the Geico commercials! Forgive me I don't remember their names yet but I liked the very young (16) boy w/the non-stop smile who seemed humble yet talented, and the girl who never saw R rated movies also. I'll have to be more diligent and write down their names next time. smile
Sorry Guys and Gals:

I'm still on strike against A.I. (I swore last year that I would not watch again until they change their rules and stop letting contestants "buy" votes by letting their friends call in.)

If they'd just stop the cynical behavior and let a panel of judges (other than the three morons) decide it would be a meaningful show.

"To each his own," said the old lady... as she kissed the cow!

Are people really still watching that thing?
I like Brooke White a lot, and I also like Michael Johns (the guy from Australia). Also David Cook - the rocker. Sort of a Chris Daughtry type. The one I'm really watching, though, is Amanda ~ the nurse with the multi-colored hair. The Janis Joplin-type singer. I just think she is great.
It's the most watched show by a significant margin.. so I'd say Yeah.. people are still watching it Truman.

Simon has clearly cut back on the nasty attacks on people. It's made the show better and decreased the burn out factor a lot this time around.

I did notice that they only chose "beautiful" people this year. There's never been a year with so many model-esque contestants. And they keep saying the best talent ever this year.. but there's at least a few that were very weak in the clips they showed. That's the tough part of picking anyone early because the editing is so limited and selective. There's about 1/3 of the final 24 that have never sung on camera once.. so who knows at this point. We'll get our first real look at them next week. The blonde girl that everyone loves so much really isn't a strong singer based on the clips they have shown. She has a "nice" voice.. but it has very little power or range behind it so far. I see a dozen better singing female singer songwriters every time I hit the road. But perhaps she's better than the clips they've shown and it would be nice to have an actual singer-songwriter type on the show for a change. They've clearly made her a favorite because they've obsessed with showing her in every possible episode. There's at least 3 rocker guys and 1 of them can't sing at ALL. He was totally flat each time they showed him in Hollywood. Again, he's gotten the most face time but the other 2 rocker leaning guys blow him off the stage. But when you make someone THAT familiar before the show even starts, it's hard to get that front runner status out of the mind of the masses. It's possible they (and others) sing much better in reality than the shows limited editing let us see. It won't take long after the first 2 rounds of actual competition to determine who the real front runners are. Let's hope they're also the better singers.

In case anyone wants to get the names, here's the link:

My faves so far:

Amanda Overmyer (could compete with Pink)
David Archuleta (I can see the teen girls going ga-ga for him - and he can sing WAY better than Sanjaya)
Michael Johns - did a memorable Bohemian Rhapsody
Ramiele Malubay - I just thought she had a big voice.

I do have to admit the voting process is totally screwed up. I am personally guilty of voting up to 25 times in one night for the same contestant last year...the miracles of toll-free numbers and "re-dial".

They should limit the vote to a maximum of 2 calls from one sourced number (2 people in one household).


You actually voted 25 times for someone? What made you care so much? I enjoy the show, but can't even fathom doing that.

Originally Posted by Lynn Orloff
Jim you could be a standby substitute for the Geico commercials! Forgive me I don't remember their names yet but I liked the very young (16) boy w/the non-stop smile who seemed humble yet talented, and the girl who never saw R rated movies also. I'll have to be more diligent and write down their names next time. smile

Lynn, I just had to chuckle, those two are the two Mormons I pointed out at the top. smile
David Archueleta
Brooke White

Jim, no worries, I know you can't resist a good one. smile

I admit I was disappointed they didn't show a clip of each of the final 24 at least once - it's not like it's that hard to do. There were some faces we never saw at all, and a lot of edit time on stories of folks who were sent home.

I agree on the Josiah fellow - don't send the band out - and DON'T fail to be able to work with the band & backup singers - yeowch. Bad call on his part. It shows an inability to work with others, which is just bad business.

I wanted the curly-haired Kyle with the tie to make it, but I don't think he'd have made the top 12. I'm really glad the gal with the hoarse voice made it through though - she showed the ability to perform under adversity (and do it well) which gets high marks in my book.

There's a strong sense they're just working this 'reality show' up for whatever high drama they can squeeze out of it, rather than focusing on who has the best potential and talent. Gotta agree with you, Brian, on the "pretty people" business.
Then again... "Video killed the radio star..." and radio hasn't been the same since, has it? ~sigh~ Maybe the judges should listen to the auditions blind... Nah... the whole package and image are important these days, whether it 'should' be or not.

Simon keeps calling it a "competition" - and it is - but seriously folks: at the heart of it it's just television. If it was a true, competition-only, evaluated by talent alone talent contest, they'd have a larger panel of judges and "America" wouldn't be the only vote keeping them on or off the show. And it wouldn't have all the little life vignettes trying to sway public opinion one way or the other.

But then it wouldn't be TV.


It was actually in season 5 (2 years ago), I voted for Katherine McPhee a lot. I had heard that many of the contestants would have their fans do the same thing - which is why it's difficult to get through the first hour after the show. I was trying to even out the stakes.

I had heard that because fans vote multiple times until they close the voting, that the people voted off only lose by a very small percentage most of the time. It's simply how many calls can be accepted during that post-show 2-hour voting period. Sometimes only a few hundred votes will make a difference between the contestant going home or not.

Besides, I guess I had a bit of a crush.... blush

Well, it is fun to talk about and make predictions...I like the ones who are humble. I think they bias us by showing more of one contestant than another...but in a couple weeks we'll have a better idea.

Right now, I like the Australian guy, Michael Johns, (thanks for posting that Larry!) And David Hernandez. For girls, Brooke White and the nurse, but we haven't heard a lot of the others, so...I guess time will tell! smile
On another Idol subject, I just read that several of the contestants this year are not "undiscovered", but have had record deals and/or other opportunities at stardom in the past, but for various reasons didn't do well. Several are actually pros, not "new talent".

They include the following:

Carly Smithson (Irish singer with earlier Visa issue) - MCA deal in 2001. The video she made at the time is still on Youtube as of yesterday (it may disappear - the song is pretty unmemorable).

Michael Johns - (Aussie who sang Bohemian Rhapsody) - Signed to Maverick Records in a band called Film.

Kristy Lee Cook - was signed to Arista, Nashville. Supposedly has the same manager as Leann Rimes, Marty Rendleman.

Robbie Carrico - Wire Records, 1999: Boyz and Girlz United - opened for Britney Spears. Currently, he sings with the band called Missing Pickett.

David Archuleta - Won Ed McMahan's Star Search at age 12.

Kady Malloy - Has a record produced by Nick Trevisick (Mandy Moore).

I don't know if it's really BAD that these people are competing against some true "newbies". I just hope that the AI producers don't try to fool the audience into believing that all these people are brand-new and have only sung at Karaoke bars. This isn't the Olympics (non-pro's only) and I'm just happy to get good talent however it comes about.

Isn't ratings week coming up? It would NOT surprise me at all if AI tries to generate some additional interest with "controversy" to boost the ratings even further since it will determine how much they can charge for commercial air time over the whole season.

I just pulled this from the American Idol FAQ, which seems to make it all OK:

"Q: I've noticed that several contestants have professional music experience, including TV appearances and on Broadway, I thought you were only looking for amateur performers?"

A:"In order to be eligible, the contestants are not permitted to have any CURRENT recording or talent management agreements."
After going to the site and checking out the photos so I could get the names right and review the auditions in my mind I have come up with my top 10 list. It could change a little bit. But this is gut instinct and first impression by talent and commercial appeal.

My top ten! The first 4 in the order I think they will place. The last 6 in no particular order. ( This is an very early bet! It could change after watching them under pressure. )

TOP 10!!
Winner -CARLY
third BROOKE

(I think those 4 will make the top 5)

Rest of top ten
David A.
David C.

I think David A. Could make the top 5 but he is so young. I am not sure if that will work against him. Isn't he like 16 or 18? It's ok but I tend to think girls get picked more often in the top 5. Even if a guy does win Idol the girl Idols have sold more records and are more popular. Sorry guys! It's kind of that way. Girls like to pick girls because they want to be in their shoes and like to follow girls and sing their songs, and guys pick girls because let's face it. They might be HOT! haha! I knew Carrie Underwood would be the hottest best selling artist to come from American Idol. She is simply drop dead gorgeous. (heck my husband would leave me for her. lol just kidding! Even though she is his fantasy gal, I kid him about it. ha! He's not leaving!) Anyhow, Carrie is AMAZINGLY talented vocally. There is no way she would lose. I am just watching the trend here. Some of the guys that won have really not gone on to the top with their recordings and CD sales. But Kelly and Carrie have. That is why my bets are with another girl to win. Just for these very reasons. Attraction sells. Girls like girls and boys like girls. Okay.. I will shut up now. ha!

I could be wrong. But I thought it would be interesting to see how many I guessed in the top 10 this early on. You can check my post on down the line and see if I was fairly accurate.
This is fun!

haven't watched it, once!

but i'm sure someone will win, either way.

and if the super bowl is on Fox next year, they might even sing the national anthem. smile
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I agree, tonight's show was pretty bad if this is supposed to represent the cream of the vocal crop.

I'm blogging my reaction to each American Idol show over at ... hope you might pop by and add your thoughts smile
Out of 12, there were only three that I thought did well:

1. David Archuleta
2. Jason Castro
3. Michael Johns

Jason surprised me because he hasn't had much camera time until now, so I didn't know what to expect. Michael was not at his best, but still decent.

The worst:

1. Chikezie (cheezy performance)
2. Danny Noriega (cocky and performance was "gawky"
3. Luke Menard - very pitchy performance

I didn't think Garrett did that well, but I don't think he was the worst.

I agree with your top 3. The rest were equally as non-inspiring as each other.
Post deleted by TAMERA64
The last guy who sang last night (light my fire) will be one of the last standing. The other kid who will be in the top 5 is the 17-year-old who has been singing since he was 5. He is very easy to watch because you don't have to worry about him screwing up- he never does. There is one more wildcard kid who is really green (he had only sung 5 times in public before). He did Loving Spoonful's "Daydream" playing the guitar. Randy, correctly I think, said he would be better off without the band. He is better than he thinks he is, so that is refreshing. He could go all the way if he is a quick study. He looks a little like a young John Travolta.

I think you picked the three I listed above. The last guy to perform was Michael Johns. The 17-year-old is David Archuleta. The young guy singing "Daydream" with the guitar was Jason Castro.
Well, I like those guys you just mentioned, but I also like David Hernandez. He went first. I thought the beginning of his song was really cool...but then the rest was just alright. Have to keep an eye on him though....

The girls tonight...I thought Ramiele Malubay did best and I don't even remember her. The youngest girl, Alaina Whitaker, did well I thought also. These are two girls I have not seen or heard before.

I agree. Ramiele Malubay was the star tonight and will definitely be in the top 5. I also liked Alaina Whitaker, Alexandrea Lushington and Asia'h Epperson.

The one they keep pushing is Carly Smithson, and I thought she was way too "Cabaret" tonight. I thought "The Shadow of Your Smile" was older than the 60's, but apparently, it was released in 1965 according to Wikepedia. Carly can sing, though.

I want to hear someone sing newer songs, I'm bored already
My daughter confessed to watching Jason sing "Daydream" over and over and over today... fascinated by the SONG and his performance. I had to chuckle. But yes - he's very good. Top 3 boys seem to be a hands-down consensus: Michael, David, & Jason. Can we just send the rest home now?

The girls are more of a toss-up for me - they seem more equally talented, but I don't know. I'm not sold on any of them yet. I was impressed with Syesha's Tobacco Road even though I hate the song - in fact several of the songs the producers cleared ought to just die a quiet death, IMO - but I appreciate someone who can take (as Simon said) a terrible song and make you enjoy it anyway. I'm not sold on Carly, although she CAN sing... I'm just not sure I like her. I do like Amanda the Rocker Nurse, but I didn't like her song choice tonight.

Anyway... it'll be interesting to see who goes. Amy needs to go. (Sorry Amy) Her performance was just flat all over. We couldn't even watch it through - had to fast-forward, because it was so off-tune. A note here or there I can deal with.

I'd hate to be one of those judges. Not a fun job.
Simon's most often right though. I tend to agree with him more than anyone.

I miss Melinda Doolittle. We definitely don't have her caliber here this year.

I agree, I wasn't much impressed with the girls either. Even the best - the last two - didn't really reach out and grab me. I've posted my list on my blog... we'll see how the votes go. Hope the 'singers' can pull it together for next week.
I haven't read any of the above comments because I haven't seen the women perform yet and don't want to be biased. But here's my thoughts on the mens performances in week 1:

The best 6:

Jason Castro (He's got the least singing ability of the top 6, but the most natural artistic talent and charisma in his presentation)

Danny Noriega (He actually creeps me out with his over the top persona.. but he can sing amazingly well and from what I've seen (even with his slightly weaker performance tonight) he may be the best singer of all the males).

David Archuleta: It's clear the judges favor him over all others. His charisma is a 10 out of 10, but I think his voice is more limited than the judges are suggesting. He's been so built up (and has a long TV resume to match) that it's a bit unfair to the others. He seems a little too Disney-fied and staged for me, but he's easily in the top competitors.
David Hernandez: He has the least chance of making the top 6 of these guys, but his voice is very strong. He's pretty boring so I wouldn't be surprised if he was voted out week 1, or if he made it into the top half of the finals. He needs a personality fast.

Michael Johns: This JPF Music Award winner is the most seasoned (and oldest) performer of the bunch. I've liked his voice since I first heard it back in 2000. He's got some unfortunate baggage with his former band Film but I've only heard one side of that story.

Robbie Carrico: He's a Disney-fied rocker, but I think he's better than the third rocker David Cook (at least from footage I have seen so far). He's also got looks and Charisma and it will be interesting to see if he can shake the pretty boy face and history opening for Britney Spears in a Boy/Girl band and be accepted as a rocker.

The worst 3:

Garrett Haley: I liked the only other clip I saw of him during auditions, but he was the worst of the night by a large margin. His Leif Garrett look might help him hang on longer than his first performance would deserve.

Luke Menard: I was hoping he'd be good since he's from Indiana (oddly enough 2 of the female finalists are also from Indiana), but his performance had no power and was so timid he was nearly invisible while singing. I doubt he'll get another shot, but if he does, he better blow people away.

Colton Berry: He shouldn't have made the Top 12 guys.. and he proved it with his peformance. It started off okay.. but then went south fast. I would have much rather seen the singer-songwriter kid with the fake british singing accent make it.. at least he was interesting.

The other Also Rans:

Jason Yeager: Moon River.. it was just cheesy... and his weird little blonde patch of hair is really annoying.

Chikezie: He has some potential but his first performance was also cheesy and dated. He needs to find his own thing.

David Cook: I think he's the weakest of the 3 rockers vocal wise. He sang flat in Hollywood week and was shouting tonight. In previous years he could of held down the rocker spot no problem, but I don't see where there's room for him with the Aussie and Disney.. er.. Carrico guys standing in the way. Unless his soul patch wins the day somehow. He should be around a while though, so perhaps one of the other two will slip up or he'll turn it up to 11.

One thing is for sure.. the most deserving 12 rarely actually make the final 12. Every year someone gets hosed by the voters and someone else less deserving slips in. I am looking forward to watching the female artists in the morning when Linda get's home and we watch it on the DVR and reading everyone else's thoughts.

Okay.. I just watched the girls perform. Ack. Based solely on the performance of this one show:

The 6 best:

Alaina Whitaker: Great charisma and very likable. Nice voice especially in the second half of her song. The fact that she's the youngest contestant is amazing. She won't win in the end, but she's the best of the blondes.

Alexandrea Lushington: She didn't sing great, but I actually liked her cool performance style and the arrangement she picked for the Blood Sweat and Tears song which she made sound like a current hit. Hopefully her singing can also match her on stage charisma or she'll fall back in the pack.

Amanda Overmyer: Clearly the most natural performer of the show this season. She doesn't contrive her performance.. it's all instinct and gut reaction.. she just does it.. she's not thinking about it. Her Janis Joplin style might wear thin, but she may be around a while before it does.

Ramiele Mulabay: She didn't have a blow out performance, but she has some serious vocal talent and a nice personality. I think she'll be around a while.

Syesha Mercado: We say her be amazing and be horrible in Hollywood. Tonight she was somewhere in between, but she has the look and feel of a superstar and when she's on vocally, she's good enough to win it all. She had the power vocal that every expected to hear from Carly Smithson.

Asia'h Epperson: I was a little disappointed in her peformance, but she's smart enough in a dumb class so to speak.

The 3 worst:

Amy Davis: the overall worst of guys/gals and one of the worst performances in AI top 24 history.

Joanne Borgella: great in early auditions.. horrible tonight. Perhaps it was being sick, but she didn't claim to be after the song nor did anyone mention it (as they did with others). She simply tanked badly.

Kady Malloy: the most unlikable contestant I can remember seeing on the show in it's history. Her smirk and scour after the performance drove home the fact that she's nothing but a manipulated and overwrought staged performer who has no soul of any kind. I hope she's gone week 1. (By the way, she actually has a good voice.. but who cares when you're that nasty and bitter).

The Also Rans:

Brooke White: massive face time, likable but boring as hell with no real vocal range and a cheesy earth mother vibe that wears thin.. I see better female singer songwriters every time we do a JPF show in any city

Carly Smithson: massive face time, massive hype, connection to Randy?, totally didn't live up to any of it.. and the glowing support given by Randy and Paula reeked of insider manipulation and the most blatant undeserved bias I've ever seen on AI

Kristy Lee Cook: Totally forgettable. Yawn.

The girls were very disappointing. There's only a few with superstar potential and I thought they were weaker as a group than the guys and I was thinking the guys weren't that impressive either.

Between the inconsistent performances, the skeletons in several of their closets and unfair and bogus hyping of undeserving contestants by the judges, it's hard to predict what will happen with the voting. There's a ton of manipulation going on and it's sad to see. Anyone who watched and thought Carly Smithson was the best performance of the entire top 24 either has no clue about music OR they have a specific business agenda to push a contestant through for their own insider reasons. Very sad. Carly is a great singer and could be a star.. BUT.. she wasn't either of those things on the show.

My initial top 8 (based on talent, not who I think will get it due to other reasons)

Amanda Overmyer
David Archuleta
Jason Castro
Michael Johns
Syesha Mercado
Ramiele Malubay
Robbie Carrico
Alaina Whitaker

Sadly.. Carly Smithson and Brooke White may trump some of these based solely on show hype. Carly can do better. Brooke is pretty much what we saw.

I think after next week we'll have a really good idea of actual long term front runners when we get past the supposed "flu" epidemic. I would expect to see big improvements from Carly and Joanne next time around.

Now I am going to go back and read everyone elses thoughts. = )

Okay... so we have this afternoon before the first cut.. though it's a bit of a crapshoot after week one, who does your gut tell you should be voted off this week? Remember, it's not usually the actual worst performers that get the ax.. but more often the most forgettable or unlikable, but here we can say who deserves it most rather than who the fickle fans will pick.

Most deserving to get the boot:

Luke Menard
Garrett Haley
Amy Davis
Kady Malloy

Anyone else?


Note to Linda: I change the title of this post so that we can make this the official discussion for AI this season. Hope you don't mind!

Not at all, Brian, I'm flattered!
I always enjoy your take on this show.

I didn't realize Michael Johns was a JPF award winner - very cool! He impressed me with his Bohemian Rhapsody last week - not easy to win me over on that one, either. smile

Is anyone else in the 24 in JPF that we know of?

Luke Menard
Garrett Haley
Amy Davis
Kady Malloy
I think Joanne or Kristy Lee may go, not Kady----oh and I liked Carly's performance more than you did. I thought she sang the song with alot of emotion and power....

And I agree with Linda, Doolittle is VERY missing this year---Anyone heard anything about her?
I agree that Kady WON'T go.. I just think she deserves to. = )

I checked out the AOL polling which was almost always right last year (perhaps they got 1 or 2 wrong all season) and Brooke and Carly are in the top 6 so the early support they've gotten from judges obviously has already had a big impact. Carly had the second most votes and the biggest vote getter was Ramiele.

I figure Joanne is more likely to actually go based on the performance and the fact that Kady is going to make it because little girls must have been impressed with her Britney impersonation. Ack.

And my apologies to Ande who seems miffed that I changed the title of this post and has added "Original Official" to the other. I actually thought this post WAS that post as well and didn't even realize there were two big posts going. If I could merge them I would. I just didn't want to have a half dozen AI posts spring up and folks were making predictions on this one so it seemed to make sense we'd keep all the predictions together.

I supposed we could recopy all the predictions over to that one, but either way, having 1 post going forward makes more sense.


We need to pick 1 AI post and make it official. Let's quickly resolve it and lock the other two down.

Hey Tammy,

I was surprised to see that Amanda didn't even make the AOL top 6 in women. I am puzzled by why she's getting so little voting support there, which is often pretty accurate to the overall voting trends.

Post deleted by TAMERA64
The only real surprise tonight was when they almost immediately sent home the first guy! It was so quick...they usually drag it out. I guess they're trying to change things up. Keep us watching beyond the 30 seconds where they announce who's going home.

Yeah, there were at least 4 or 5 girls crying. Ramiele was sobbing away and got a fair amount of camera time on that. I don't know if that's good. It might evoke sympathy, but it's certainly not professional. The girls haven't had THAT much time for bonding anyways. Maybe it was just nerves (relief)?

I thought Colton did a decent job on Tuesday, so I was a bit surprised he went this soon, but the other 3 were bound to go pretty quickly. Unless Chikezie modernizes his style, he may not last long either.

Maybe Amanda needs to be a little friendlier to the audience in order to get more votes? I don't know if she'll last unless she warms up a bit and develops a "relationship" with the audience. She can wail, but can she get votes?

Interesting that there were supposedly 30 million viewers but only 28 million votes.

Was Paula's vocal on "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow" grossly overtuned or what? It was probably triple-tracked and definitely had that "Cher" synthetic-tuning effect. I thought the melody and the groove on the tune were both really boring and repetitious. I couldn't really tell where the verse ended and the chorus began - if there WAS a chorus.

"Interesting that there were supposedly 30 million viewers but only 28 million votes."

Well I would say that is a pretty good return even assuming that some idiots voted multiple times. Frankly I am surprised at the gullible folk who waste money on such a thing.
They're toll-free calls. They don't cost anything to the caller. You can also send a text-message as a vote, which MAY cost the cell phone user - depending on the cellular plan. Some people have a flat fee for all text messaging - especially if you have teenagers.

Last year, AI had more votes than viewers generally. If I recall, they had 30-40 million viewers, but over 50 million votes on more than one occasion.

I was right in my standings with the girls - my #11 & #12 got sent home. The guys were harder to pick since most of them were pretty equal. I thought a couple of the guys didn't perform as well as Garret, but he got sent home.

I thought the singing of those going home kinda proved they should be voted off - hardly anyone was on pitch. It was difficult to listen to. And I totally understand that it's emotional, but it's your one chance to prove again that you have what it takes.

As to Paula's song - I thought she looked great, but I was waiting for some power vocals or some contrast or something that wasn't so bubblegummy.

I am very surprised. In the UK they are premium rate calls. Each vote costs about $2 (£1). There was also a huge public outcry when it was discovered that most of these type of phone in comps and vote lines were scams. Even the BBC abused the premium rate phone-in calls. People were entering a competition for something that had already been decided and the votes were not even counted. So you can see why I am so vehemently against such things.
Originally Posted by Lwilliam

Interesting that there were supposedly 30 million viewers but only 28 million votes.

So 30 million people watched and ONLY 28 million voted" That seems rather astonishing because I would think most people would be like me- watching- but not interested in voting. I'll bet most people watching don't vote and that those who do vote, vote 25 times.

There is something interesting that goes on with the "masses". a scientific study discovered that if thousands of people guessed how may jelly beans were in a jar, hardly anyone got it right but the researchers discovered that the statistical average of all the guesses was nearly perfectly correct.
I've never voted I never will
Other interesting scientific studies have proved that if people are told that something is good often enough they actually start to believe it even when it is crap. Also there is the TV mentality that no matter how bad a thing is folk will still watch it, probably because they are too lazy or stupid to turn it off or switch chanels
Well.. all the ones sent home were in my bottom 3 lists. It was a toss up between Colton and Luke... Luke gets a chance to redeem himself probably based on his movie star looks. They sent the two worst girls home too. I'm concerned with all the obvious subtle and not so subtle manipulation going on. I was able to pick even the ones they put at risk and didn't vote off before they did it. If someone you want on the show is underperforming, you put them in a pairing to make it look like they might be going home. But they didn't say it was the bottom two right? They do this often. Sometimes they say it's the bottom, other times they don't and that's when they're manipulating it. So I am guessing Amanda will get a lot more votes next time since folks thought she was almost sent home. And that might help propel her into the final 12. I hope she makes it because she's clearly in the top 6 girls and she's a nice change of pace from the bleached out blonde clones still in the running.

I think after next week we'll have a really good idea of who has a shot to win it all. I think the jury is still out though.. too much inconsistancy across the board to pick clear favorites yet.

I'm thankful for YouTube. In less than a half hour you can catch all the performances of the 12 women without watching the commercials or the vinettes.

Amy Davis and Joanne Borgella both deserved to be sent home. The other girl I thought deserved to go was Amanda Overmyer - just for picking a song that has so much to do with the guitar and so little to do with the vocal. Carly Smithson is probably the performer I most enjoy watching. I think Kady Malloy, Alaina Whitaker and Kristy Lee Cook have more of the package that the producers can sell.

Garrett Haley and Colton Berry both deserved the axe as well. If the girls had gone first, Chikezie would have been in trouble. His version of "more today" was flat enough on its own, but Alaina's version of the same song buried it. Robbie Carrico's version of "One" was the first time I've ever been disappointed by that song. Maybe that's why the judges loved it...

I wasn't in love with Michael John's version of "Light My Fire", but maybe because Jim Morrison's version rings so clearly in my head. But he is the top dog for now on the guys side.
Posted By: Ethan Re: Who's your favorite A.I. Contestant 2008? - 02/22/08 11:10 PM
Amanda has a unique voice; i'd like to hear her sing more before she goes home.

I voted for her, and I also voted for Alexandrea (despite her over-the-top attitude after her performance). She had some really fun personality and enough range to make a lot of memorable stage performances. Sorta reminds me of a young Imani Coppola for fun-factor.
It's clear with the previous business relationship with Carly that AI folks are pushing her and it's impossible to underestimate the effect that will have. I think she's really good, but if you were being fair and only basing it on the first performance, she wasn't the best. Yet Randy raved that she was. It just stunk of insider fixing. It does take a lot of work to spend 3 million promoting an album and only selling 300 copies.. perhaps they want to get that money back on her.

Time to kickstart this thread into gear again... smile

Tonight was the night of "Davids".

1. David Archuleta (very original and moving performance of "Imagine")
2. David Cook (rocked out on "All Right Now")
3. David Hernandez (soulful rendition of "Papa Was a Rolling Stone")

I also thought Jason Castro did fine as well with a solid performance of "Want to be Your Everything". It's kind of a lame disco tune (I used to play it in some 70's band I was in myself), but he did it decently.

Who will go home:
1. Jason Yeager (no question)
2. either Danny Noriega or Luke Menard

Although Danny is being touted as this year's "Sanjaya", I don't think he's getting the votes that Sanjaya did. He's down in almost all the on-line polls as last or near the bottom.

David Archuleta's performance of "Imagine" was one of my favorite AI performances in a couple of years. He is probably the most likely Idol at this point - as long as he doesn't burn out early.

Originally Posted by Brian Austin Whitney
...she wasn't the best. Yet Randy raved that she was. It just stunk of insider fixing. It does take a lot of work to spend 3 million promoting an album and only selling 300 copies.. perhaps they want to get that money back on her.


I agree that Randy WAY over-hyped her last week based on a decent, but not spectacular performance. However, if the label that made her CD back in 2001 is no longer in existence (she said they "imploded" or something), then getting that money back wouldn't be an option. You don't have to pay back a company that doesn't exist.

We'll see how it goes. If Randy continues to "pimp" her, then it will become very obvious quickly. Even if MCA still has a legal hold on her somehow (in violation with the Rules for AI), then someone would have to "buy out" her former contract. Randy is no longer with MCA, so would have to front that money.

IMHO, the main reason Randy might be pushing her is to get her on his own label. Maybe they could even re-release some of her earlier material with some production updates. That would save Randy a LOT of initial recording costs and be a better "business investment" then.

I heard that Carly will be the FIRST performer on Wednesday.

my two cents prediction:

David A takes the title. hands down.
hey Larry!

the great thing about David A. is that you can put his age aside and enjoy whatever he sings. i highly doubt he's going to take the predictable road of what has come of any past winners..

he has a few tricks up his sleve as far as just singing as well, that is my observation. right now he's just following along with things in the American Idolesque style.

when all is said and done, i believe he's going to break new ground as far as age range like-ability. yes, the girls his age like him and he can't help it.. the flip side is that he has a great attitude, he is humble and it comes natural to him.

at this point, i'd be surprised if he gets one bad comment from any of the judges rest of competition. i do predict a "could have a better song" choice factor within the next 3 weeks but that is about it, even then it won't matter.
Well, is there any question? I was moved to tears by Daniel Archuleta. He was my number one last week, and this week he proved that he has a wonderful voice, incredible musicianship, and a beautiful spirit. I also thought that Chikezie proved himself, along with good performances by David Cook and David Hernandez. These were the only singers that seemed to realize that they are in a competition to be a pop or rock Idol and that means perform with every ounce of what you have. Song choice is critical as well, but Daniel showed exactly how to take a song from the 70s and make it your own. For me the worst singer of the night was Danny Noriega. It's up to the public now.

My only other comment is I was very tired of all the talking by the end of the show. Between the commercials & the banter, I felt the show was extended by 30 minutes. I'm going to start taping the Idol show & zipping through to see the performances, as I normally spend my evenings writing music and I don't have an extra hour to waste watching the same commercials over and over again.
Yeah, in the words of Paula, David Archuleta is "destined for superstardom". At 17, he's got a lot of time to get there, too...

He could be a new, younger and slightly more pop version of Josh Grobin if he plays his cards right.

I have no doubt that he WILL get a recording deal out of this even if he doesn't become the AI.

If anyone wants to catch his performance, it's on Youtube:

Well.. I really think it's obvious that there are contestants that are going to get a free ride to the finals already. They're being overhyped by not only the judges, but also by fans and even some here. On pure vocals, David A. wasn't even the best performance of the night, let alone of all time on American Idol. Play it back on your DVR and really be open about it. He's a great tactician, and he's got huge Disney-esque charisma AND he's competing against on of the weakest fields (as opposed to best as they falsely hype it) male fields ever. He'll clearly sail all the way to the final 4 at this point short of complete implosion, which isn't happening. Think about it, what little kids just happen to get to go back stage and hang with the American Idol contestants before the finale? Only those being set up to win later on. This kid has been carefully groomed for this and this season is his coronation.

That said, I thought he wasn't as good vocally as David Hernandez. And he didn't perform (not sing.. perform) as well as Chikezie.. but it doesn't matter. Even David Cook outdid him if people were being honest and ignored the John Lennon song (gosh.. how many strings did they pull to license THAT song?).

There was only one truly awful performance of the night and it was badly sung and creepily performed. Jason Yeager must go.

The Top 4: (Based only on this week's performances, not my prediction of who is best or worst overall).

David Hernandez: Though he has no real shot over the munchkin, he may be the best male vocal talent. He just needs to up the charisma more.
Chikezie: Back from a bad performance the week before. He saved himself, but I don't think he's a real contender in the long run.
David Archulete: Can't be stopped from the top 4.. it's already preordained.
David Cook: Can't hit the power note, was smart enough this week not to try. He won the battle of the Rockers this week.

Bottom 3:

Jason Yeager: The guy gives me the creeps. Ack.
Luke Menard: Sorry.. but he's not going anywhere in this competition.. it's this week or next and he's out, even though he was way better than last week.
Danny Noriega: I agree with Simon he's actually interesting and has a great voice.. but 2 weeks in a row he's under performed and the Sanjaya vote is going to David A. He's pretty exposed and if he slips by this week (which he should over the two above) he needs to hit a grand slam with something way out in front to keep going.

The Also Rans:

Michael Johns: Was pretty bad. But he'll sail through due to previous performances. He was first in the AOL voting last week, but has fallen to 2nd under David A. and likely will stay there a while.
Jason Castro: He actually can't sing as well as any of the other contestants, male or female. He can only perform well. When he steps out from the guitar he's going to be naked. He also has no personality unless you're into stoners. Can style win over substance? Sure.. on American Idol it can.
Robbie Carico: He had an average night. You have to think this guy could turn it up and really compete, or fade into oblivion behind the other two rockers. He's dropped out of the Top 6 on AOL and been replaced by Chikezie.

Again, after the first 2 weeks, though these guys may be able to sing technically the best of the AI seasons, as performers, they're a pretty ho hum bunch. I think David A. is the most charismatic person in the competition and he's one of the better singers, though far from the best. That means he has the best shot early on. The girls usually do better, so it wouldn't be stretch to imagine him with 2 girls in the final 3. Michael Johns pissed away a huge lead in week one pretty fast. But he's still in second place on AOL and not going anywhere. (That poll was VERY accurate to the votes the last several years with only a couple of errors). David Hernandez is the best male singer but he doesn't have the charisma of David A or Michael J (or Jason or David C for that matter). He did step it up this week so hopefully he'll be in the top 12 based on merit.

Bring on the women.


You don't actually think he's in Josh Groban's vocal league do you? I think a better comparison for him is the male Miley Cyrus (aka Hannah Montana).

My wife is crazy about David Archuleta and I see the appeal. He fits the American Idol image perfectly. He has much more depth and maturity in his vocal than you would expect. He has all that Disney like charm and likeability coupled with real talent. I think he is kind of like Leann Rimes in that respect, a bit of a prodigy; and if Disney does High School musical 4 (or where ever they are in that series), guess who is going to be cast as the new kid in town? It would take a smash-up on the freeway to take this kid down. I think he is going all the way because it's called "American Idol" and every girl from 6 to 66 is going to vote for him.

The only one I really disliked was Jason Yeager. I think he needs a dose of humility and I think he will get it next week.
If you want a quick link to their pictures so that you can identify them, try this:

I dunnoooo... we're gonna have to arm wrestle about Chekezie being above David A. vocal on last night's performance. Hernandez was great too.. I agree.

About David A. getting to be backstage years ago with the finalists.. I think he said he was in the hotel lobby, not back stage.

Aside from performing locally and doing the normal kid things to prep for a possible career in the industry, it wouldn't catch me by surprise if he had no vocal training or anything more professional than competing against himself. We'll see I suppose!
Actually he's won major contests including Arsenio Hall's and I've read Star Search as well when he was 11. That part doesn't bother me. Nothing about him does, except that he seems overly manufactured to me in that oh so very Disney like way. He seems nice and is certainly the most charismatic contestant. I think he's very mature in how he vocalizes, but it seems like there's some clear limits in that vocal. He knows exactly how far he can push it and does.. but it's not a big vocal. It's a controlled vocal.

Chekezie Eze is not a better vocalist. He simply performed better I think with more energy during that show. But Chekezie has zero chance of winning and David A. has the most likely chance at this stage. I still haven't seen anyone match up to some of the biggest stars of AI in the past, or even last year's winner or 3rd place finalist who both had huge vocal ability.

David has the charisma of last years winner.. but I don't think he has her vocal range. But it's early... maybe he's show more of that later. He doesn't really need it yet, he's so far out in front of the field right now.

I wonder if the women, who were more disappointing than the men last week, will kick it up a notch? They should be able to use sickness as the excuse 2 weeks in a row.

Post deleted by TAMERA64
I still wish they'd put through that little blonde Singer-Songwriter guy. He was interesting. Even his fake brit accent was fun. These guys actually have good voices.. but they're so generic and uninteresting as performers. Jason Castro is the worst singer, but at least he is interesting to watch.

The girls underwhelmed me last week. They can only (and I expect WILL) get better this time around. Maybe we'll see the Carly Smithson that everyone has raved about. I think, unfortunately, that she's the only early contender (due to the obvious support she's getting from Randy and Paula especially) that may have enough hype to compete with David A. Being Irish makes her unique. According to AOL they have the girls ranked: Ramiele, Carly, Asis'H, Syesha, Brooke and Kady. That leaves Alaina Whitaker and Amanda Overmyer out in the cold. I find them, at least so far, to be two of the most interesting and entertaining. I have no problem with AOL's first four.. but don't much care for Brooke or Kady.. their pre-season hype via lots of screen time have given them a clear and unfair advantage over some others. Carly has no real vocal range and Kady comes off as an A class bitch! = )

Post deleted by TAMERA64
Don't forget everybody that last year at this time Simon told the other 19 they may as well go home because Lakisha had just knocked them out. (or was that Melinda?) Doesn't matter, neither of them won!

I do think they are very careful with their comments because they want to control the flow of eliminations. I hope the audience doesn't listen to them and just goes with their hearts.

I think David Hernandez has more than he's shown and will be a good competitor. At least I hope so. Thought he did a great job. The others - eh.

Originally Posted by Brian Austin Whitney

You don't actually think he's in Josh Groban's vocal league do you? I think a better comparison for him is the male Miley Cyrus (aka Hannah Montana).


Not technically - no, but in potential CD buyer demographics - yes. He will appeal to the pure pop people (yes, Disney-esque) and to the teeniebopper girls and possibly the 20 & 30-somethings as well. I think he has a wide demographic appeal, which is why he's (IMHO) destined for success.

I never considered him a peer to Hannah, but maybe you're right. They could market him the same way...maybe even a duet and tour together?

You do have to admit, the guy IS pretty charming.

Kristi - you reminded me about Simon's comment last year. I do think it was about Melinda Dolittle, about how she was the "one to beat". For whatever reason(s), she peaked too early.

Feb 27th - The Gals

First of all, I think it's tremendously hard to be given 1:30 minutes or whatever it is to make a song work. I think it makes it very difficult to get the song to be what it should be when it is all cut to ribbons. There is a reason for song form, and for build through a song.

Secondly, I really dislike the modern contemporary version of singing, which goes something like... since I don't have much of a range, or my top notes are weak, or since I am scared to go there.... I will take the verse so low that no one can hear me and even if they can they will hear the lack of tone & the pitchy-ness.... and then I will jump up and scream out the chorus with huge wide vowels. It's tremendously hard on the voice to sing down so low you have no support and then suddenly switch to "making the big voice". Everything is off balance.

It would far, far, far better to choose a song that sits well within your middle range and soar up to a few well-chosen high notes. Your support system works better because you never take the energy away from the voice. This is called singing in your tessatura and choosing songs that have a tessatura that suits you.

Thirdly, songs have to chosen because they fit your voice. Not because you love them, and not because your favourite artist sings them. I'm not saying you should choose songs you hate, but you have to pick things that sit correctly in your voice and show it off. Otherwise it's like wearing a dress that's too big or too small. It just doesn't work.

This week my choice for top female performances are Carly Smithson, Syesha Mercado, Christy Lee Cook, and Asiah Epperson. However, I did feel that Carly & Syesha were pitchy on the low notes. The bottom two were Alaina Whitaker (10) & Amanda Overmeyer (9). I think one of those two will go.

I think the judges must have heard a different performance for Brook White, they said it was the perfect song choice for her, etc etc. For me it was way too low and the chorus took her down even lower. Even Simon said it was great, I didn't think so.

However, it's up to the public. We will see what happens.
anyone else have A.D.D. watching the girls on Idol tonight?

.. just. can't. get. into. it (them).

if the Whittaker gal steps up her song choices, a top 4 spot in IMHO.

the homeless dude def should have made it...

then again, he just may still but not in an American Idol contract way.

ultimately, is could be the best thing that ever happened to him just getting the expo and someone else swooping him up under different non-Idol contract agreements.
omg Brian!! class A bitch? what does it take to get into class B and is that class any better? ROFL

The gals were a big disappointment for me tonight (and with the judges I think). All 3 of the top guys were better than even the best of the girls tonight.

I don't know what Simon was listening to, but I sure didn't like the boring rendition of "You're So Vain" by Brooke White. It was nothing special - a good Karaoke vocal, but not idol material. Maybe because she flirts with Simon he cuts her a break?

I think the best two were Carly and Asia'h (first and last in the lineup), and neither knocked me out. At least Randy didn't continue with the "Carly is the one to beat" hype tonight.

The really bad ones:
Amanda was dreadful tonight as was Kady. Those are the two most likely to go tomorrow night if it's based solely on tonight's performance. Personally, I'd like Amanda to hang around for another shot at it because she's unique and just needs to find the right material. I'd rather see Brooke or even Alaina go instead of Amanda.

I sort of agree with Brian about Kady. She seems to be a bit whiney and a spoiled little brat (and resembles Britney). She didn't warm up to anyone that I could tell.

I've heard the blonde contingency called the "bevy of blonde bimbos"...

Kristy should be a soap opera actress or a model, not a singer. She hasn't reached out and grabbed me yet. She's stunningly beautiful (reminds me of Heidi Klum 10 years ago), but only has a slightly better-than-average voice.

If I had to pick the top six now, I'd have to say:

1. Carly Smithson
2. Asia'h Epperson
3. Syesha Mercado
4. Ramiele Malubay
5. Alexandrea Washington
6. Amanda Overmyer (still think she'll hang in there)

Note that no blondes remain in my picks.

omg .. I'm with you. This is the first night I was home to watch the entire show and I found myself terribly distracted. I was not blown away by one performance tonight. I hope to catch the men next week and hope that there is somebody strong enough to be the next American Idol because I did not see it with the ladies.
Hey Larry...I think you're spot on with your top six for the females. And as a brunette!

I also thought that Simon was off in his assessment of Syesha who sang "Mr. Jones." While it wasn't awesome, I thought it was really good. I think that girl will go far.

Yeah, the women didn't shine tonight and I was surprised at some of the mediocore songs they selected. And some of the good songs were songs that features harmonies and guitars like "Wayword Son". Amanda kind of butchered that song.

I am going way out on a limb and predict that the last woman standing will be someone who wasn't even on L Williams's list of the top 6. I think it will be Kristie of Selma Oregon. She was awful last week but she was also on 5 different antibiotics and as sick as a wet cat in a snowstorm. This week was not a stellar performance either but she will get stronger. The main thing she has to learn is to do is to stop strutting around like a diva and act like herself- the tomboy from the farm. Even Simon, who I am sure hated country music until the success of Carrie Underwood started putting money in his pocket, suggested that she pick country songs. She could be as big as Underwood if she will just, in the words of Buck Owens, "Act Naturally".
If Kristy can pull it together and stay until "Country Week", she may pull off being in the top six. I still think if you don't look at her and just listen, you won't hear an "Idol-worthy" performance at any point - but I could be wrong. I thought Carrie Underwood had several "pitchy" performances myself.

I'm pretty sure she's the one who had a deal with Arista Nashville several years ago; and I'm sure Simon knew that so his comment about her doing country was simply for show.

Rumor has it that next week is "Beatles week". They didn't do country.... wink
Originally Posted by Lwilliam

I've heard the blonde contingency called the "bevy of blonde bimbos"...

We're calling them the Barbie triplets in our house.
I was horrified they almost put all three of them together in a row to perform. Who's calling these shots?

I actually liked Brooke's performance of "You're So Vain," although I felt she could have pitched it in a higher key, she did the most all right with the low notes.

I can't figure out why they ALL seemed to be singing in keys too low for their ranges last night (and throughout this season - it's an epidemic). Vikki is 100% right on that. It's great to sing songs you love, but if they're not perfect for YOUR voice, sing them in the shower. What's up with all these low, mumbled verses?

Alexandrea has the largest range of the girls, but she has to learn how to flaunt it to her best advantage.

Sigh... disappointing night for me too. I was really sad to see Amanda butcher "Wayward Son" - she's a real rocker, yes, but she has to choose songs with a rougher, edgier vocal. We're used to that song with a very smooth, pretty vocal on it, and her voice just didn't fit well. I couldn't figure out who put the wig thing on her, either - that was a mistake too. frown I hope she sticks around just on previous merit.

Carly and Brooke were the only memorable performances of the night. I've forgotten the rest already.
I think Danny Norriega and Luke Menard are going home this week. For the ladies its time for Amanda Overmyer and Asia'h Epperson.

I really didn't like David Archuleta's version of Imagine. It was way too overproduced/over the top for my taste. But after seeing all the guys performances from this week, it probably does put him on top of the heap.

I still think Carly's on the track for the top of the ladies.
Why would you pick Asia'h over someone who totally screwed up and has no personality like Kady to go home?

I thought Asia'h was one of the best performances last night (her and Carly).

I think Kady and Jason would make an amusing couple. They could sit in the same room and see which ego would be the first to blast the other out of the room.
None of this matters, the winner at the end of the show will be David Archuleta, or whatever his last name is
no guy or girl come even close to his vocal ability and I'd put him In the top three of idol, with carrie and kelly
I was distracted with the computer failures last night and didn't get to go back and evaluate the show as I usually do. So I am having trouble remembering the performances (which is by itself an issue eh?). From what I remember:

4 Best: (Based only on performance, not who will get voted off)

Ramiele M: She skipped the truly BIG notes and left them to the back ground singers.. pretty weak
Carly S: I thought she was a pale comparison to Ann Wilson though.
Syesha M: I thought Me and Mr. Jones was okay and probably more enjoyable, but not as "big" as the two above.
Kristy Lee Cook: He country tone was evident in the performance of a rock song. She's the lesser of the 3 blondes, but had the upper hand on this night.

The 3 worst:

Alexandrea Lushington: I like her.. but she was awful
Kady Malloy: Deserves to go the most, but won't.
Amanda Overmyer: I like her too.. but I think she might be in trouble. She doesn't do well in any of the online polls and this performance didn't like win any new people over.

The Also rans:

Asia'H Epperson: Underperformed
Alaina Whitaker: Also sucked. But I think she's one of the best potential talents among the girls and would most hate to see her go.

It's clear that due to buzz Carly Smithson is the most safe. Ramiele is also safe. None of the others has clearly demonstrated why they are better than all the others. Brooke is another fan favorite, so she's not going until later in the show, even those she has the least vocal talent of any female contestant left.

I think the ones at the biggest risk are Alexandrea Lushington, Amanda Overmyer and Kristy Lee. If that's true, I hope Amanda stays as she's the most intersting of the 3.

It's clear that the AOL poll isn't in synch with the actual talent and therefore someone who doesn't deserve to go is almost for sure going home this week. That often happens at this point each season. Last time around, I already knew who the top 2 girls and top guy were. This time around, I think it's clear who the fan favorites are, but not so much who the real most talented are. I think several will get a lot better than they are showing right now. And I think several who don't really deserve it will go forward. And that makes it fun TV right?


"And that makes it fun TV right?"

Yep. It's almost pure's really about "audience appeal" more than anything.

I'd bet there are even online casinos that will take bets and issue "odds" for/against the various contestants.

AOL poll:

It looks like to have to vote before you can "see" the results of the polls. click on the boys then the girls and move the faces into the 6 slots.
Okay.. so the results weren't entirely surprising tonight. I was afraid they might knock out Alaina and it happened. She's the first contestant I actually liked that got nuked. It always happens in this round. The other 3 that were removed were going this or next week anyway so no biggie. There wasn't room for 3 blondes and there wasn't room for 3 rockers.

Kady barely slipped by and even she thought she was the one going. Next week should be her turn unless she overwhelms the others. Amanda is also in danger and really needs a great rock performance (will it be 80's week? Not a great decade for rock...). I think on the guys side Luke will be gone for sure and Danny Noriega needs to do something amazing to make it into the final 12.

I'm with you 100% on all your points tonight, Brian.

I knew Amanda would be saved, but was a bit surprised at Alaina over Kady. Yeah, both of them were surprised it wasn't Kady. Alaina is only 17 - she has some time to develop further.

I didn't think Robbie would make it very far, but was surprised he got cut so quickly, especially over Luke.

Jason Yeager was the "favorite" to go this week - and he did. I was a bit surprised to see Alexandrea go so soon, but I could tell she wasn't going to make to the finals.

Well, it does look like Beatles week next week - they finally got clearance on the entire Lennon/McCartney catalog. The rockers can do Back in the U.S.S.R, Birthday, Revolution, Get Back, Drive My Car, and probably a few others I missed.

I just hope that if somebody DOES sing "Yesterday", they do it justice.
I'll miss Alexandrea. She had an outstanding range to her voice, and she could probably learn how to use it. None of the others had her range.

I won't miss Jason Y. (Sorry...)
And if you could help me out, Brian, I'm not getting what was cool and amazing about Alaina. ??? I figured she would go soon. I couldn't really tell her or Kady apart, or remember what she or Kady sound like once they stopped singing - Kristi Lee, I'm working on, she's got the Amazing Grace voice. The other two seem so much alike to me it's been difficult (in my mind) for them to stand out from the crowd.

Wonder if some people voted for the wrong blonde. That wouldn't surprise me, either.

The ENTIRE Beatles catalog?? How on earth would you pick just one - and trim it? And that may not work out well for David A, who just wowed with "Imagine." Can he pick another one?

It'd be cool if somebody knocked the socks off "Twist & Shout."

Well - onward.

I really like the song, "I Will" and hope someone sings it. I wonder if any one will pick a song written by George Harrison? e.g.
"Something", "As my Guitar Gently Weeps", "Here Comes the Sun", etc.
I'm not sure if they got the whole Beatles catalog. They only said the "Lennon/McCartney" catalog.
Ouch - 0 for 4 on my predictions. I can't believe Luke and Danny are both still there. And I liked Alaina's performance in week one. Wonder if I'll be just as bad next week. smile

Rockers can go for Helter Skelter or She's So Heavy.

I think it will be interesting to see who puts their own spin on the tunes. And who does a snippet from a long song versus who just picks a tune that fits into 2 minutes.
Oh - duh - Lennon/McCartney isn't the entire catalog. smile
Predictions for which songs will turn up?
It was a surprise when Daughtry picked "Innuendo" on Queen week, but it was a GREAT song for him to do.

I feel the contestants may not have such an easy time picking the proper song to sing.

I can't see anybody picking a Beatles song from their early collection. Can't see anyone singing, "Love Me Do". I wonder if the contestants can sing a song that the Beatles covered? Someone mentioned "Twist and Shout" which I believe the Isley Brothers sang. "Roll Over Beethoven", "Act Naturally" and "Please Mister Postman" are others that come to mind.

Many of their songs feature guitar hooks such as "Daytripper" but the song would sound silly without the hook. Others feature the fantastic harmonies of John, Paul and George such as "If I Fell" but would be lacking sung as a solo. And some of the songs if not most do not have a wide vocal range to work with.

I guess the safe route would be to pick an uptempo song such as "Got to Get You Into My Life" even though the horns play a major part in making the production sound great.
I think it'll be a deceptively easy thing to flub, actually.
Due to all the reasons just listed.

Well, I guess I was given bad info about this week being Lennon/McCartney week. Maybe next week?

Here's my 1-10 take on the boys tonight - in order of 'em and tell me why I'm wrong! wink

Luke Menard - 6 (Wake Me Up; it wasn't even good Karaoke on that cheesy WHAM tune)

David Archuleta - 9 (Another Day in Paridise; decent, but not spectacular this week)

Danny Noriega - 7 (Tainted Love; Only OK: he's on thin ice here)

David Hernandez - 7 (All Coming Back; a few bum notes, but not bad)

Michael Johns - 9 (Don't You Forget About Me; One of the best performances of the night and a good come back for him)

David Cook - 10 (Hello; This was the sleeper of the night: taking a Lionel Ritchie tune and rocking out on it. I thought it was brilliant myself)

Jason Castro - 8 (Hallelujah; very respectable, but not overwhelming performance)

Chikezie - 8 (She Builds Me Up; His best performance so far. I just don't think he's all that good to start with.)

I'd bet serious money that Luke will go home. He just doesn't have much charisma, is only a mediocre singer, and hasn't had a good performance since the auditions.

The 2nd guy to go home is kind of a toss-up between David H and Chikezie. Based on last week's vote, Chikezie doesn't seem to garner a lot of popularity. However, THIS week he was strategically placed at the end to give him an artificial boost in the ratings, so he will probably be safe for another week.

I think Danny is safe this week because he seems to get votes and people want to keep him on simply because he's "interesting". David has a little scandal going on which (right, wrong, or indifferent) I think will cost him some votes (he was a gay stripper prior to Idol). Personally, I think if the guy can sing better than anyone else, he should still get the votes, but that's getting off the track here...

So my vote for the 2 to go: Luke and David H.
David C, David A, and Chikeze were the top singers this week. Very close in my scoring, but this is how I rated them, from top to bottom.

Sang with good, clear tone that showed quality. Sang with ease. I thought he was excellent.

Overall David has a clean, bright tone which I find pleasurable to listen to. He doesn't push his voice, he sings easily. I think he shows musicality. I thought he hit the pitches clean for most of the song, however, he chose a song that goes down too far, and when we sing too low for our voice, we take the energy out of the tone, and that makes it difficult to stay on pitch. We also run the risk of pushing for volume down low, which also creates pitch problems. It's important to pick songs that fit the voice and show it off.

Good choice of song for him. Showed good tonal quality, flexibility and sang easily, without effort.

Everything he's sung since Bohemian Rapsody has been a little disappointing. Tonight I felt that he fell into the same trap as some others, by picking a song that sits pretty low much of the time. Hanging there too long takes energy from the voice and from the performance. He actually disappeared in the low notes. His voice is begging to sing in a higher tessitura*. So in the low notes, we can barely hear you, and then you punch out the 'top' and the whole thing seems off balance. Not only for us, but for the voice. Gravel around low, and then expect your voice to jump into the high notes with ease? And wonder why it doesn't work.

You know, David actually has a pretty good voice but he doesn't understand how to use it. He sings with his voice at the back of his throat. It can feel really comfortable and powerful to the singer when doing that, but the audience loses something. As I watched him sing, I felt he was opening his mouth enough for the voice to come forward, but I suspect it's tension in the jaw and neck that is creating the constriction. This is why his last note was not off pitch but sounded like it was. The apparatus has the right information, and is trying to vibrate at the right frequency, but the constriction in the throat means they are unable to work freely. I also felt the back-up singers and band overshadowed him in a few spots.

I found his vocals to be a little tight and pitchy. I agree with Simon, who used the word "weak". I feel that Luke sings in an "unattached" way. By that I mean it's like he is disassociated from his voice. I don't know yet if that is nerves or lack of training, perhaps both. He needs some work with a good coach who can teach him how to reach down into his core for depth, and release it. Right now it's like he's singing 'on the surface', and that isn't compelling to listen to.

I disagreed with the judges. I'm not a fan of noisy breath instead of good tone. I would have liked to hear more solid tone, better phrasing, and longer notes on some of the vowels. To me he sounded like someone getting over strep throat who was doing his best to sing a challenging song. He needs to work on understanding how to breathe effectively for singing. I don't know what kind of sound set-up they use but sometimes I wonder if there's too much compression on the voices because every breath stands out so loud. Or maybe it was that the whole thing sounded like unsupported singing.

Please, can he get voted off this week. I don't know why he's still on the show. In my opinion he does not have the voice. I think he is a fair performer, but he isn't a singer. I feel also that he's either outside his comfort zone with the music, or trying to make his voice do something it's not suited for. He's not a rock singer. Light pop, perhaps.

*Tessitura - generally describes the most musically acceptable and comfortable timbre for a given voice
Well.. this week will be a big contrast between who DESERVES to go home and who will ACTUALLY go home.

Based solely on this weeks performance (and not prior good will)

3 Best:

David Cook: He had the best arrangement and most relevant performance of any of the guys so far. And I wasn't initially a fan of his, but he's gotten better each week and this week rose to the very top. It was actually good enough to be a radio hit.

Jason Castro: He was back in his week 1 form. Again, this guy can't really sing much range, but he's the smartest singer (though he comes off as perhaps the dumbest stoner contestant they've ever had in interviews). His arrangement was pretty much the same as Jeff Buckley's and I think in part he was trading off everyone's emotion from that recording, but nevertheless he delivered.

The third best was a toss up between several contestants.. so I am going to go with the very least popular choice possible and say:

Danny Noriega: I realize he's not likable by most here. And he's sort of a loose cannon, but that makes him the most entertaining of all the performers. He just puts it out there like a real artists, rather than a careful tactician (which is how I view Danny A. and Michael Johns who don't have any spontaneity at all.. just focused carefullness). He's also flamboyant and in a season where it's "coming out" that there's several gay contestants, I like that he doesn't shrug from who he is at all. I think if he somehow makes it into the final 12, which is a long shot, he should be over the top because then he'll become the buzz of the final 12. Most of the final 12 are boring boring boring. And in truth, from a pure singing ability point of view, he's one of the strongest singers in the competition. (I can here most of you gagging as you read this).

Bottom 3:

Luke Menard: If you're going to songs in high falsetto style week after week and you can't even come close to the original, it's going to wear thin. And that's where I am at with this guy. He should have been gone each of the last 2 weeks. Hopefully it will be his turn this time.

Micheal Johns: He may have been a JPF Award winner, but he's gotten worse each week since the pre-finals. It's sad because I know he has a big voice and is capable of being a final contender. It's clear he's getting propped up by the judges (what they thought they heard, I have no idea, it certainly wasn't a fair or accurate assessment of that train wreck performance which was probably the very worst of the night by a pretty large margin.. watch it back and see). He's likely safe into the final 12 based solely on looks and cool factor of being an Aussie. But David Cook made him look like a lame pretender. He should concede the straight rock slot to David C. and find some big open vocals to sing on which are his strength. He's not going to win the rocker title this season (especially when you through the girls in the mix).

David Archuleta: Again, a gasp comes over the readers. I think this is the biggest case of "the emperor has no clothes" I've ever seen on American Idol. The kid is all charismas and no substance. He has no range (at least he hasn't shown any so far) and he sings everything in the same breathy style and it's already really old. BUT.. it's clear that everyone on the planet wants to crown him king. He leads the AOL voting. He's clearly being pushed hard by the judges and the media. But if you just listen to the audio without watching him, he's not nearly as good as people make him out to be as a singer. I will grant you he's a cute disney-like figure, and it looks like style is going to win over substance. He'll easily breeze to the final 4 at least based on hype. The only ones with a shot at taking him down are likely on the girls side. But let's be honest, this performance was about as Ho-Hum as it gets. I do give him credit for not choosing the most cheesy Phil Collins song. Thank god for that.

Also Rans:

Danny Hernandez: He's got a great voice.. but he's boring. The controversy probably won't help him much either. He could easily be gone this week as someone who is all substance (i.e. vocal range) and no style. (how's that for irony).

Chikezie Eze: I liked his song choice and he took a song that was written for a female and made it sound like a song made for a male. That's something David Hernandez didn't do (nor did Luke Menard.. though I guess technically Wham was male).

Now, with all that said, here's the reality. This round is never about who are actually the best singers. It's all a popularity contest at this point. And there's 3 candidates to go home, irrelevent of their peformances.

Danny Noriega, Chikezie and Luke Menard. Most likely it will be Luke and Danny N. The show will be less interesting with him gone. I wouldn't be overly shocked for Chikezie or even David Hernandez to fall either. They keep talking about this being the best season ever, but I think it's really the most hyped ever. True, they don't have anyone left who can't sing at all like they have every previous year. But they do have some really boring finalists who sing well but you could care less about them minutes later. And they have some front runners (David A and Jason C.) who have, in truth, no real range on their vocals.

Let's see if the women can step it up some. Or if it will also just come down to popularity. If so, Kristi Lee Cook and Amanda are in big trouble.


After last night I wonder why I thought the guys were so good. I wasn't impressed by anyone. David A was off his game but safe of course. And we had a good preformance by Micheal Johns but he had a weak ending. He sounded good in the lower range and I kept thinking, this guy is about to go up an octave and blast this song into the stratosphere but he never did until the last note and then he struggled to keep it steady.

David Cook has been a strange outsider figure all these weeks. Last night he seemed like a contender for the first time. He appears to be the most "complete" musician in the group. There is something about him that I think will discourage votes but I can't put my finger on it. I think it might be that he is pretty guarded-like he has been told 100 times that he doesn't have "it" when he knows he does. He does.
And what was Simon smoking when he told Jason C that he thought Halleujah was "brilliant". I recently learned to sing that song and I studied the best version ever recorded (KD Lang); and if you compare what she did with it and what he did with it, his version was a car wreck! He even smiled when he blew a note and had to cover up the mistake- Simon didn't even notice.

Now I get to predict a complete dark horse will win, and if I am right, I will seem like a bloody genius in a few weeks. Little Oregon cowgirl Kristie, now barely hanging on at the bottom of the girls, will end up the next American Idol. Ok, I confess, I was born in Oregon. And I now live in Kelly Clarkson's hometown.

if you want to hear what Kristie Lee Cook sounds like recorded, here is her myspace page with a few songs demoed:

If she gets her chance to sing "Blue" for country week, she will be singing her favorite Leann Rhimes song and then it will be like what happened when Hillary won the Texas primary- a new ball game.
Are we the JPF Randy, Paula, and Simon or what? wink

Since I have a lot of R&B background, I'll go "David Cook was the dawg, dude!"

Interesting how we each saw/heard different things...

I think we all agreed that Luke should go home asap.

Danny N seems to be the wildcard with Vicki saying he's really bad, I'm in the middle, and Brian saying he's pretty good.

Chikezie - Vicki thought he was good, Brian thought he was only so-so, and I thought he was consistently below average.

For the girls, we'll see. Kady and Amanda need to show some serious stuff tonight IMHO.

That's the weird thing about this year. In previous years we saw some average singers maxing out their potential and their personalities at least part of the time so it kept things interesting. But this year, we have pretty much all great singers (except Jason Castro who's the most limited in either group) but very weak personalities. These are very boring people for the most part. That's why I like Danny N. Sadly, I doubt he has much of a shot against the crowd favorites. I'd be very surprised if Luke wasn't gone.. and then it will come down to Danny or Chikezie. I'd rather see Chikezie go because we know he's going to schlep out another R&B performance.. but with Danny.. who the hell can predict. And if he ever puts it all together, he'll shock some people. (And he's just as likely to create the biggest train wreck in Idol history.. which makes him fun). And as oppossed to Sanjaya, Danny has BIG vocal upside.

I'm totally blown away by how a little disney charisma can fake so many people out about David A.'s in tune and breathy but very limited vocals. I haven't enjoyed any of his performances so far and he bores me. And I think the more everyone raves about him, the less I like him.

As for Kristi Lee, Joe, I agree she has a big upside, but often doesn't reach it. Right now she is 6th on AOL, but it's going to come down to her, Amanda and Kady most likely. I'd prefer to see Amanda stay because she's interesting, but she's by the most vocally limited of those 2 and the least comfortable with the camera and attention. Since Carly has grabbed the rock slot over her (just as David Cook has on the male side) she's going to have a lot of trouble sticking around. She needs to NAIL it tonight or she's likely gone. I've disliked Kady from the first show, though she can potentially sing well, she's really unlikable. Perhaps the 2 blondes will split the vote and allow Amanda to slip in. We'll see.

Actually - I felt like this was the best week so far for the guys.

David Cook definitely gets some props for taking a Lionel Ritchie ballad and making it his own rock tune. And Jason Castro for not hiding behind the guitar this week.

Luke should pack his bags...
I think they should book Kady as a regular on SNL and she can play the part of all the snotty rich bitchs. She is such a character that it almost seems like she is putting us on. When she is playing somebody else I like her- great imitations. Maybe she should just pretend she is nice. Last week she was so sure she was going to be booted, that she did a double take!
this morning I noticed on youtube one of the most popular videos was an obscene Christmas wish by Danny Noriega
here's my take on the guys, the top guys are:

I think DANNY NORIEGA is going to be this seasons Sanjaya, he's likely to draw the spoiler votes and may last longer than people think he should.
Originally Posted by Lwilliam
Are we the JPF Randy, Paula, and Simon or what? wink

Since I have a lot of R&B background, I'll go "David Cook was the dawg, dude!"

Interesting how we each saw/heard different things...

I think we all agreed that Luke should go home asap.

Danny N seems to be the wildcard with Vicki saying he's really bad, I'm in the middle, and Brian saying he's pretty good.

Chikezie - Vicki thought he was good, Brian thought he was only so-so, and I thought he was consistently below average.

For the girls, we'll see. Kady and Amanda need to show some serious stuff tonight IMHO.

It is interesting how we hear different things, isn't it? I've been trying to listen to vocal quality only but it is hard to assess in the moment without having several performances to watch. I'm more impressed (vocally) with those who use whatever they have well, than those who are pushing & straining to 'be' something.
I agree that folks who know their voices and use them well make better artists. But people act like David A. is the next coming of the musical messiah or something. It's scarily similar to the frenzy over Barak Obama. But when you evaluate his actual voice... it's the same breathy sameness on all his performances so far. Very little actual range. I can't figure out what people think they are hearing.

Jason Castro should be cast in the TV remake of Welcome Back Kotter as Vinnie Barbarino. He has Travolta's eyes and stupified demeanor down pat.

So do you think that David A was a "one hit wonder" with Imagine, or did you not like that one either?

I agree that he better show that he can keep up with the others, and David Cook showed he's going to be a serious competitor last night. I think he is David A's main competition so far. Michael is pretty good, but hasn't blown me away with either his song selection/arrangement brilliance, or with his vocal chops. I think David H is not quite up to Idol performance grade. Certainly none of the others are.

I don't think any of the others have given an "idol-worthy" performance yet.

For the guys, I think it will be down to David A and David C, with Michael running a close 3rd.

I think it's interesting how we see things differently too...

I loved David A's first performances...but I thought last night was so so... I felt..(unlike Simon)..that his start on the piano
made him slightly uncomfortable and that's where I think He lost a bit of his confidence. I loved his first vocals but not last night.

I liked David Cooks...and the Aussie, Michael Johns...I also
Liked David H's...vocals...and I think there is a very genuine
but (shy) likeability with Jason. I liked his performance last night.

Gal wise?..I hope Amanda can stay...but I think she's uncomfortable with all the ....back stage behind the camera goings on. I think she's great when she sings an Amanda song.

Kady?..GRRRRRRRR...I totally agree with Brian there... Her attitude...well her attitude may do her a favor if she sings all songs...where she can use a spoiled brat's attitude.....and let it shine through...

I like the rest of the gals...and I'm not sure who I like best .......still undecided there.

I didn't like the Imagine performance either. In fact, I thought that was his most over-rated performance so far. I didn't feel it at all and couldn't get why everyone is raving about it. He didn't do any justice to it that I could hear.

I really think it's akin to Obama fever. I can't help but compare the two.

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Hey all, just in case you've forgotten about the abuse of the mentally ill on A.I. you can now buy a DVD copy and watch it every day! Oh what fun!!

Worst of A.I.
Well, it's a huge likeability factor as mentioned and bringing something different to a performance.

For guys this week I liked best: David Cook & Jason Castro

It's just something about the emotion they brought to it that made it work for me.

For girls this week I liked best: Amanda and Brooke

Amanda was real. Brooke, I don't know. Just something about it that I enjoyed. She's very likeable, ya know?

It's amazing to me that many of the AI contestants can have great voices, but do nothing to inspire. Maybe it's because they're really not thinking about the song and its message. They're watching themselves from the inside out...

Anyway, it is interesting to read everybody's reactions! Kinda fun! I still like David Hernandez...there's lots of potential there...we all have to have our favorites, no?
All the girls tonight did reasonably well. A couple are safe I guess, but the rest....? I wouldn't be surprised if any of the other 6 go. Who knows?? .....the great unwashed masses are now deciding!
I actually watched the show tonight with my kids instead of catching it the next day on youtube clips. (Wish Virginia had given Duke a better game since that was what I was watching during all the commercials.)

So which two do you think are safe? Nothing would suprise me about who gets voted off for the ladies.

I thought Amanda really rocked tonight - but a Joan Jett tune with no range is kinda wimpy for a singing competition. Hope she stays for a few more weeks anyway. And my daughter called in a vote for her. smile

Carly had a solid performances. I have to agree with Simon when he tells the girls to leave the Celine and Whitney numbers alone. If you don't have a 6 octave range with power from top to bottom and effortless transitions throughout then its going to come off as a lesser copy. If I didn't have the Celine version to compare to I'd probably be impressed.

Kristy was also solid. I don't think a guy could get away with the softer version of the Journey/Steve Perry tune but for Kristy the country lilt works.

Syesha and Asia'h (where do they get these names???) were reasonable but never had that moment where they put the song over - and they were singing tunes that have it built in. But again, they gave you Whitney Houston performances as the benchmark to miss. And Syesha missed big time with the head voice transitions.

Ramiele gave her best performance to date (one more name to wonder about but I understand this one came from the Phillipines) but never kicked the emotion into overdrive on her version of Against All Odds.

Brooke took a real chance with doing a Pat Benetar song and keeping it soft and acoustic. For me it didn't work. But I think it was good enough to make it hers and keep her hanging around.

Kady's version of Forever was awful - nobody really seems to be able to sell a Freddie Mercury performance but this wasn't even close.

So, to summarize: I'd send Kady home, and Syesha gets to go with her (for serving up those grating head voice "for you" notes that only a 20 year old Whitney Houston could do properly.)
The way I do it is score them 1-10 as I watch. Then at the end I may bump each of them 1 point either way, but not often. I give 10's when I don't think they could have done the song much better. Here is tonight's tally for me (in order of appearance):

1. Asiah Epperson - 10 - I thought she did really well on this; maybe her personality is infectious to me. I just like her, even if she's not that popular.

2. Kady Malloy - 6 - worst performance of the night. She's gone.

3. Amanda Overmyer - 9 - strong rocker tonight, back in form; I don't know if she's Idol-quality though. She's lacking a strong personality and connection with the audience at this point. She IS the favorite "underdog", so will be with us a while.

4. Carly Smithson - 10 - not her best performance, but a consistently above average performer

5. Kristy Lee Cook - 7 - I thought it was still pitchy, although better than last week; she hasn't grabbed me yet. Like Simon said, "not memorable".

6. Ramiele Malubay - 8 - I just like this little girl and thought she did good tonight. However, she missed a HUGE opportunity to connect with the audience when Ryan wanted her to talk about how much the tune meant to her and she declined. It showed immaturity, which may hurt her vote count.

7. Brooke White - 7 - I don't see what all the fuss is about this girl; she's pitchy and lacks much vocal technique. She does have a sparkly personality which must be winning fans for her, 'cause she's NOT a great singer.

8. Syesha Mercado - 10 - Except for a couple of notes near the beginning, I thought she nailed the Whitney tune. I thought it was the strongest performance of the night. It was the only one that really grabbed me anyways.

Going home: Kady Malloy for sure, and probably Asia'h Epperson, although I think Ramiele may now be on thin ice.

It'll be interesting to see who wins this year.
Hey Larry, what is it your smoking as you watch? hahahah.

The three strongest (based solely on the performance last night)

Syesha Mercado: Though she's no Whitney, she's as close as any of these AI contestants are going to get. And she's got huge charisma. I've felt she was one of the best from the start and tonight she gave us a peak of what she is capable of. Hopefully she doesn't split votes with Asia'h and get squeezed out early.
Amanda Overmyer: She HAD to nail this performance to have any chance to stay in the game. And she did. But she's also sadly just not good enough to really contend and she could still go home tonight.
Brooke White: I don't really think she's that great, but I have to give her credit for taking a song and making it her own. She's very limited in her range (like Jason Castro is on the guys side) but like him, she knows how to stay in her range. On a weak night, she was third best.

The Three worst of the night

Kady Malloy: Finally this useless nasty woman will be gone.
Kristy Lee Cook: The country lilt was okay, but it just showed us how much better it COULD have been if someone like Carrie Underwood had done the same performance. She's close but not there.
Asia'h Epperson: She also tried Whitney, but unlike Syesha, it was clear she was not even close to being in the league with Whitney OR Syesha. I think there's only room for one or the other and Asia'h is much weaker and less charismatic.

The Also Rans:

Carly Smithson: She's on auto-pilot. She'll be in the final 4 but this performance was weak. She hit the notes, but would any of you really buy that record or want to see that in concert? I sure wouldn't. It's time for her to stop cruising and do something great. She's a big under-achiever.
Ramiele Mulabay: It started off great (she's the only one who can sing in the low range and also hit the high notes) but she totally didn't connect to the song or get across any of the emotion that Phil Collins did. Isn't it funny how much we should all appreciate Phil Collins.. that drummer turned vocalist who all these power divas try to match but can't? It sure makes him look great.

So who should and will go home?

I think we can all agree that Kady is toast finally. The other selection is a crap shoot. On AOL the bottom 2 are Kady and Kristi Lee. Since they're splitting the blonde votes, they could cancel each other out and both be gone. I think Asia'h is another one that is a lesser of a similar match up with Syesha. Sadly, though Amanda did great and moved up on AOL to 6th place for the first time, she's definitely in danger as well. Did anyone else hear Ryan say "be prepared for the biggest shocker ever" or something to that effect? That would imply they know one of the favorite guys is going home. (Hopefully they don't already know which woman is going before the voting starts..) If there was a shocker on the guys side I'd say Michael Johns would be it. He's been pretty lame 2 weeks in a row and with David Cook raising his game, that's possible.

The final 12 is a big career step for these folks. And the top 10 means they stay involved through the end of the season and beyond on the tour. It would suck bad to get cut this particular week if you didn't deserve it. We have a lot of media favorites which are getting unfair attention and unfair boosts by the judges. If we removed that and voted fairly without the hype, this would be one of the most up in the air AI's ever. Sadly, they seem to be fixing and manipulating it to go the way they want. Ah well.. that's television.

Hey Brian, are we really THAT far apart? Points of agreement:

1. Kady & Asia'h will probably go home.
2. 2 of the 3 worst were Kady and Kristy (I added Brooke, you said Asia'h)

(LOL) Here's where I think you're smokin' what I passed on:

1. You say Amanda was one of the best 3, but then say she may go home (I disagree that she'll go home because of the VFTW vote). I think Amanda adds flavor to the competition in the same way that Sanjaya did - entertaining, but not that talented.

2. You say Brooke was one of the top 3, but agree with me that she's not that great. IMHO, she has a bit of that squeaky-clean Disneyesque personality that kind of grates on me. It's TOO much.

Is this fun or what? smile


I am mostly kidding of course. But I do think your perfect 10 rating of Asia'h and Carly is a bit puzzling. Asia'h exposed she's not in Syesha's league and Carly underchieved and put in a performance that no one with an open mind would really want to buy or hear again.

We all know that having the best performance in a given week doesn't mean you won't go home. You have to watch voting trends and know that folks typically lock into their favorite(s) so the favorite usually remain at the top of the vote pile. The only way to gain ground is to win over the voters from the last exile. But that won't usually be enough to catch you up to the top ones. That's why it's clear that David A. and Carly S. are going to sail into the final 4 no matter what they do between now and then. Ramiele is up there as well as Michael Johns on AOL. John's has so underperformed (and the guy can sing.. I've known that for 6 years) but he might slip some with the rise of David Cook. So right now, it's at least 50% likely that David A. and Carly S. make the final 4. And the judges know that and will be only so happy to be on those bandwagons to look as smart as possible near the end. I think Carly has the voice to deserve it.. David only has the charisma.

Are you saying I'm playing fast and loose with my 10's? (LOL!)

We shall see what we shall see....

...all good fun. smile
Top Gals - March 5/08

Here's how I rated them, from top to bottom:

I’ve read the comments that are cynical about Carly being in this competition that say the judges are pushing her to be one of the finalists. I have to say, though, that IMO she is a good singer. I thought the song was set a little low – I don’t like hearing someone gravel around in the low notes so they can sing out on the top, I think we should strive for balance. However, I definitely felt she pulled it off.

I didn’t like the song choice, myself. However, I thought she showed good tone and depth, and a little range. I think she has to be careful not to sing in the throat. Her voice needs to come forward, and show more brightness. This can be achieved by making sure you have rounded shapes on vowels. When you put too much weight in the middle voice, and sing with wide shapes, the colour of the voice gets darker. The extra weight in the middle voice makes it more difficult to go up, or the change is resonance as you go up becomes too obvious. The trick is to sing the low and middle notes lightly, brightly, so that you can negotiate the change in registers more effectively… and sound like you have one voice from top to bottom.

I find it difficult to rate Amanda against the rest of the girls, because it’s like comparing apples and oranges. I think this week she did what she does very well. She doesn’t have a huge range. One thing that bugged me about her performance is that she never looked up at the audience or the camera, so there is a sense that she is disengaged… or so focused on getting through the song that we don’t matter. She sang much better than last week.

I think Kristy has great tone in the middle voice. I didn’t like the song much. I felt she pushed the top notes, singing too wide and cracking because of it. We need to understand that singing wide puts a whole lot of pressure on the vocal chords. You can actually achieve more tone, and more ease, if you have the proper vowel shape. And I know people might say, this is pop/rock, not opera. But there’s a reason why opera singers can sing powerfully on the top and it has to do with technique. I find it hard to compare her to the other girls, however, they made a comment about her throat so perhaps she isn’t 100%. We shall see.

When you get to the singers you are rating as being on the bottom of the pack, they each have their own issues but seem to be almost at the same level. I felt that Syesha’s singing is a little manufactured. It just didn’t move me.

This is another singer who feels unattached to her instrument and her performance. She has a nice tone and negotiated the song okay, but she didn’t thrill me in any way.

I wasn’t very impressed with her performance this week. I found the song to be pitchy, and the voice sat in the back of the throat. This can make us sound off pitch even when we aren’t, because the voice is strangled, we are singing too internally. And it makes the top notes tight because the breath is not moving effectively. I agreed that she needs to sing with more animation. In particular, she needs to be more present on the vowels, thinking round shapes, to help the voice come forward. When we try too hard (and hey, the environment these people have to sing in is full of pressure), we lose it. I agreed with Paula that she shows good quality in the tender soft parts, but she doesn’t understand how to bring that quality into the rest of her voice. She needs some training, IMO.

I thought it was a very weird song choice. She sounded slightly off. I felt the chorus didn’t go anywhere. I feel like she’s out of her depth in this competition and I disagreed with the judges who said it was great. To me it was, unfortunately, forgettable.

As an aside, the banter between judges gets to be too distracting. I wish they'd give the singers more time to sing a proper arrangement of a song and give less time to all the talking after each performance. It gets a bit boring.
No spoilers from me, but the die has been cast!!

Enjoy the show....

Asia'h, Kady, Danny N and Luke are gone. That was the right pick.

I think had Danny just sang and pretended to be a guy, he would still be around because he does have the pipes. Maybe he can come back next year as what he is, a girl.

Asia'h may have done herself in by the song she chose. When you have a whole decade worth of material to choose from, it seems insane to pick such a bland song.

I don't know how Luke lasted so long-probably because he is a nice guy. Resume: nice looking, pleasant, sings a little.

Kady, I loved hating you so I'll miss you. Bye Bye Kady...I said Bye Bye...Kady... you can leave now...Kady...yes, the doors on the left.

No, I'm just messing with you- Kady's just a kid (17 or 18 right?), and a very good actress.

"I think had Danny just sang and pretended to be a guy, he would still be around because he does have the pipes. Maybe he can come back next year as what he is, a girl."

A few days ago, my 14 year old daughter told me she wanted to have a sex change operation. I didn't see that one coming and asked her why.

She said, "I think Danny N. is hot, and that's the only way I would have a chance with him."

A couple of comments about Danny Noriega. First, let me say I wasn't entirely unhappy to see him go, since I'm not a big fan of talking back to the judges. I did, however, enjoy his performances, since he always seemed to get a big kick out of being up on stage.

Having said that, I'm really surprised and disappointed to read some of what has been posted here about him. While I understand some of it has been said tongue-in-cheek, to call someone out for a lifestyle choice is both ignorant and inflammatory.

Everyone has a right to his or her opinion, I get that...and I'm not trying to start any official brouhaha (love that word)... I was just personally offended and wanted to express my opinion. Especially within a community such as this, which embraces all different kinds of people....I didn't feel I could let those comments just slip away.

Anyway, enough said.

Ciao for now,
OK - for once I thought the voters were reasonable in who got kicked off.

Now we get to wait until next Tuesday ... Is it songs of the 90's now or a Lennon McCartney night?

I think everyone knew Luke's time had certainly ended.

At the end there, I thought that Danny would stay and Chikezie was going to go. He was actually a decent, if not great singer. I thought he had garnered more fans (or at least voters). However, he also alienated a few people with his sarcastic/flippant attitude.

I suppose he is entitled to his flaming persona, but that doesn't mean I have to appreciate it, or vote for it. David Hernandez is of the same "lifestyle", but doesn't offend like Danny.

He was (at the least) one of the more colorful and "interesting" performers of the year. He was this year's Sanjaya.

Not sorry to see Kady go, but even as popular as Brooke is, I think Asia'h can out sing her and would have preferred Brooke leaving. She seems to be very popular for some inexplicable reason though so may be in the top five.

I liked Danny exactly because he WAS flamboyant and he WAS willing to be himself. To stand out in the crowd, you're better off being a 10x version of yourself rather than any version of someone else. I thought Danny did exactly that. He wasn't going to win, but he did have a very big voice and probably had one of the very best voices of the guys. It wasn't that people were turned off by him because AI doesn't let people vote AGAINST people.. his problem was he didn't get people interested enough to vote. But I don't really have a huge problem with him going in the end. It certainly wasn't unfair as it was 2 weeks ago when Alaina was voted off. So far she's been the only singer to go who didn't really deserve to be on the chopping block based on talent and performance.

Chikezie and Amanda are on the bubble for next week. Kristi survived the battle of the blondes and if she keeps things "country" she'll hang around a couple more weeks. Amanda has to hit another home run to get over the hump. If it's 90's week, good luck finding a great blues rock song from that decade. Maybe Hard to Handle by the Black Crows. (Or was that late 80's?).

This season is weird to predict going forward because you have the battle of talent versus popularity far more than any previous year. David A., Carly, Michael J. and Brooke are clearly the 4 fan favorites so far even though I don't think they're the 4 best singers (Carly is the best of the 4 followed by Michael). For someone to penetrate that final four, they'll need a combination of consecutive show stopper performances and consecutive horrible performances from a front runner. I don't see that happening to David A. He's far too polished on stage (and he's perhaps the biggest veteran performer of the finalists even though he's the youngest). Jason Castro and Brooke need to keep choosing songs in their narrow ranges and focus on being performers more than singers. Outside that four, my dark horse candidates are Syesha (who I would sign to a deal today no questions... she's a star waiting to happen as an actress, singer, model.. the entire entertainment spectrum) and David Cook who I thought was weak going in, but was so impressive that he might be this seasons Daughtry and could slip into the final 4 over Michael Johns.

I do like that there's a lot of different niches filled by the finalists.. couple pop.. couple R&B.. couple Rock.. couple singer-songwriters... a country singer...couple bluesy singers.. should be fun.

Originally Posted by Beth G. Williams

Having said that, I'm really surprised and disappointed to read some of what has been posted here about him. While I understand some of it has been said tongue-in-cheek, to call someone out for a lifestyle choice is both ignorant and inflammatory.

I certainly hope I did not give the impression that I was calling out Danny (or anyone else for that matter.) My daughter, the same one mentioned in my above post, came to me a year ago and told me that she was bisexual. She knew that she could come to me because I will not condemn anyone for their lifestyle choices, unless that choice causes harm to another.

Incidently, before anyone calls me on it, I am not "outing" my daughter with this post. She is completely comfortable with her orientation, and she will be the first person to say so. (And for many reasons, I could not be more proud of her.)
[[[I'm really surprised and disappointed to read some of what has been posted here about him. While I understand some of it has been said tongue-in-cheek, to call someone out for a lifestyle choice is both ignorant and inflammatory.]]]

Note to Beth: I'm sorry my comments about Danny N offended you. But I didn't say anything out of ignorance. I doubt these comments would offend Danny. He loves being different. The reason he was booted was for exactly the reason you stated- he was confrontational with the judges and that was not attractive to the voters.

I knew a young man like him personally and he was comfortable being "one of the girls"- that was his community- he wouldn't have been out of place at a high school girls slumber party- in fact he would have been the life of the party! I never judged him and I don't judge Danny- he is an original and he does not have to oppologize for it.

Have you ever know someone like Danny personally? It does not mean we are expressing ignorance or intolerance just because we call it like it is. That is pushing political correctness too far. The character who plays Betty's little brother, in the series "Ugly Betty", is a throughly attractive character who shows all the attributes and challenges of being different. I applaud the creators of that series, the actor who plays Betty's brother, and Danny N for having to courage to put who they are right out in the open.
I pretty much agree, Brian. Alaina has been the only real "mistake" IMHO. I hope she gets some sort of offer from someone.

I've heard more pitch problems from Michael than from David C. and David keeps getting better whereas Michael hasn't really had an "Idol-worthy" performance since his Hollywood audition.

He better step up to the plate and give us a home run or he may not even make the top five. In one poll I just checked, he was rated 5th out of the 6 remaining guys - just above David H and below Chikezie.

Also, AOL has changed their poll now, so that you rank the remaining 12 together (Chikezie is at the bottom):

AOL is pretty good on this stage. Last year they only missed 2 time.. the year before they were 100% correct.

I was surprised to see Amanda jump all the way up to the top half on AOL after bottom dwelling most of the year so far. But I think right now we're seeing who has FANS versus who votes on performances. It will change but I'd hate to be in the bottom 4 right now on AOL as it shows you don't have enough fans to really contend and you won't make up for it enough with performances. My biggest disappointment was Syesha in 10th. She's so much better than the bottom half that it's sad to see her bottom dwelling.. but that may already shoot down her shot at making the final 4 as a dark horse.

I also think it's time for Carly to decide what she is. Pop? Rock? Singer-Sonwriter? R&B? She's been all of those things so far. Rock is pretty crowded.. she may be better off becoming the Pop answer to David A.


I remember seeing Ramiele bawling away again last night for Danny. Crying once I can understand, and I really like her, but I hope she shows a bit more backbone and maturity soon. If she cries every week, she's going to lose votes. She needs to be stronger.

This business can chew you up and spit you out - not for a weak personality.
Does anyone have an idea what Beatles song each remaining contestant should choose? For instance what should Amanda pick- Hey Jude? Twist and Shout? Back in the USSR' Helter Skelter?

and does anyone know what Melinda Dolittle is up to these days?
Hey Sam and Kevin,

Sorry to have stirred you up, but please know you both fell quite comfortably into my "tongue-in-cheek" category; that is, you didn't offend me in the least. Apparently, in my attempt to avoid "naming names", it appears I ended up offending as well. Like they say, no good deed goes unpunished. frown

Also, as a point of reference, my aunt is a married lesbian, and two of my male friends are gay. One is still in the closet (I was the first "hetero" he came out to blush), and the other is totally over the top. So yep, I'm pretty familiar with folks like Danny. And like I said, I have no issues with people "telling it like it is"...I'm just uncomfortable when the telling is made in a disparaging manner.

Nevertheless, thank you for your responses. Conversations here can certainly go off in interesting directions....

Re: Danny N, I didn't have issues with his flamboyance or 'lifestyle' either [hey - Freddie Mercury is hands-down my favorite singer of all time], but his attitude and disrespect bothered me - these 3 people sitting there are RESPONSIBLE for you getting to this stage of the competition at all - they deserve your gratitude, and they are pros in the business who are trying, actually, to help you succeed.

Also something about watching him perform grated on me in an odd way. The best I can describe it is to compare him with Boy George - I could LISTEN to Boy George on the radio and really enjoy his voice and music, but I could never stand to look at him. I don't know what it was exactly, because he looks OK... a lot easier on the eyes than Boy George for sure. grin He was true to himself, yes. And there's a lot to be said for that - for being "10x yourself." [side note: I suspect that's what hurt Kady the most - she didn't seem to have a handle on who she was, which was apparent from her 1st audition. Could be Luke's biggest issue too. Confidence, and knowing who you are and what you want.] And Danny's voice is nice. But he was hard to watch, visually. I can't place it better than that.

I felt genuine empathy for him last night when he got the news, and I was sad he'd have to go home. I'm at the point where I don't really have anyone left that I "want" to go home.

My daughter is completely smitten by Jason Castro, BTW... she spent the entire 2 hours voting for him Wednesday! She loves lots of genres of music - and her other favorite artist is Mika - but I have never in her ENTIRE life seen her like this. It's really, really funny. She's not the kind of kid to drop over for any celebrity. She says a bunch of girls at school are the same way. So... say whatever you want about his vocal range or whatever. He's got *something.* I actually like him a whole lot, even though I can see the limitations vocally - but he gets FEEL into what he's singing. He's attached to the song he chooses and he feels it. I loved his version of Hallelujah.

Those of you mystified by Brooke and David A's popularity underestimate the draw they have with 5,000,000 other Mormons living in America (13 mil worldwide) who, like me, really like and want to see 'one of our own' succeed. smile Heehee.

It does scare me that this is the only way a singer thinks they can gain fame at this point. Get out there and do what you do and promote yourself. AI will take advantage of all these singers in the end. It is a sad state of affairs when they show everybody crying just because they know the viewers will watch it for that.
I admit that I only watch the 1st few weeks of AI to see the really bad performances after that they all start to sound the same and it bores me.
What???? Linda, you couldn't POSSIBLY be a little partial here could you? wink

Actually, I had no idea that Brooke was Mormon. That does explain a bit. All I can say is the few Mormons I've worked with over the years have all been very ethical people.


Actually I hope you are wrong that Mormons are voting for other Mormons because they are Mormans, though I am sure you're correct that some people are. Sadly, it's no different than using any other Prejudicial reason to vote for or against someone else. Pretty sad if you ask me.

Should I have voted for Luke because he was from Indiana? Should I vote only for the white males because I am one too? Should I have voted against those who don't share my sexual preference or religion? I certainly wouldn't. I think those who are the most entertaining singers should get the vote. I don't have a problem if someone say's they like a country lilt or a rock edge. That becomes about the music and not the person's characteristics.

Often society starts off doing prejudicial things that won't be offensive so they can later slip into more offensive things. Many wouldn't think twice about your comments.. but had you said something like "I won't vote for someone of this race or that sexual preference" more folks would be offended and take issue. It's very dangerous ground to walk on to vote for things not part of the scope of the competition. It's not "vote for your favorite religion, race, sexual preference or gender" it's supposed to be vote for your favorite singer. I think vocal style, range, approach, technique, mechanics, attitude etc. are certainly in that realm. Religion.. not so much. Sadly people are also all too comfortable to vote on level of attraction, weight... or other acceptable biases we have in every day life. I think when people go to those predictable stereotypes, they hurt themselves as much as those they are biased against. I've met and heard so many cool musicians who do things different than I would initially be interested in simply because I got past the easy biases both pro and con. This wildly different mix of finalists is a good thing. Hopefully some of those with the most actual talent and creativity will succeed going forward based on more that just their religion or lack thereof.

Everything fell exactly as it should've...Danny was too flippant...his arrogance did him in earlier than if he just sang.

I think it's wide open from here...You never know...I agree with Brian, David A's style of singing everything the same way may wear old as the weeks go by. I love the show.

Skyelab- you are entitled to your opinion, BUT...I am really sick of the people that keep saying AI takes advantage of the contestants. I feel that I have really enjoyed every season, and I have NEVER read anything from any contestant where they felt they were "used" and regretted it. As far as the emotion, if it was not genuine...fake...that would be one thing...But I think there is NO doubt that it is completely real. Some of them maybe need to work on controlling it...but they are young kids...could YOU sing in front of the audience, the cameras, and 30 million viewers??? and remember the words?? and hit all the notes?? and handle the pressure??? If that is boring to you, I can't imagine what is exciting..
Hey Herbie,

I also think that AI takes advantage of these people, but it doesn't really bother me. It's their job to exploit these personalities as much as possible - it's commercial TV for cryin' out loud. The contestants knew that when they signed up.

I think most of them realize the camera will take advantage of any opportunity to increase interest in the show; they understand they will all have these "photo shoots", "video clips", and the subsequent tour and all that goes with it - including a gag order to the press for the most part.

Some idiots will sign up for shows that make them eat bugs, go to "fat farms", or do other demeaning antics on camera.

This is simply entertainment of a musical variety. I enjoy it most of the time.

Hi Larry

I agree, maybe I didn't say it perfectly, but I meant "take advantage" in a harmful way. I think it's all in good fun and the contestants are still going to remember it all of their life, even if they didn't win. (as a good thing)
You are well aware of my feelings about AI and it's like.
That aside I agree 100% with your comments about voting.
We had a local Scots lad who recently won The X factor the UK equiv of AI.
He was probably one of the worst of a bad bunch. He had A poor voice, no stage presence was pitchy and very amateurish in every way. No way did he deserve to win.
The Scottish press and local mall where he worked did a huge media hype to encourage voting for him. It worked.
Scottish folk multiple voted for him in their masses.
One of my wife's colleagues summed it up. "He is not the best but I am voting for him cause he is Scottish."
I am sure that the same sort of criteria applies to a lot of these comps. Good looks, personality, race, creed, religion, the actual song rather than performance, locality and M/F all will be reasons why people voted long before talent plays a part.
It is just pot luck given all these variables that the winner is really the best singer.
Hey Big Jim

I'll probably get the unpopular vote for doing this but, I agree I think american idol is a bunch of rubbish. I've watched it quite a lot in the beginning, the underlying theme is always about pushing peoples emotions. The musical side of it is really just a pawn to push looks and sex appeal along with drama. Get a clue people this is no different than a survivor clone! Reality TV had it's day in the sun. Now like disco, please just let it die!
Derek are you feeling OK? Sure you don't need a wee lie down? Have you been drinking again?
I am going to print your last post and frame it.
Wow...I do think I have a clue, Derek. I think most of the posters here also have a clue. Is it the rain in Oregon?

I don't think AI has EVER gotten the best group of 24 singers in America. I'm sure there were fat and/or ugly people who were better singers than Amy, Kady, Colton and Garrett, for instance. It's not about vocal chops, really.

It's simply about being an entertainer. That includes a modicum of singing ability, but more importantly, the ability to get people to vote for you. It's as much a charisma factor as anything else - kind of like politics. Fat, ugly politicians aren't generally successful either. That's life.

Do you really think Cher and Madonna are/were great singers? No, but they can generate INTEREST from people.

I do disagree with you that this is Reality TV like Survivor. It's NOTHING like that. This is much more like a fully-scripted game show than reality TV. It certainly has most scenes fully rehearsed.

Hey L William

Actually the weather here has been rather nice. I used to live in California so yes I do know the difference wink . I think you just made my point. Because this is a peoples choice type show it's not going to be about raw talent. The factors you mentioned entertainment, charisma these are things that have nothing to do with raw talent. If I want someone to tell me a message in song. I want someone who knows what they are doing. Most of the contestants are starry eyed young kids who emulate singers and musicians ok. Let them live and have some life experience and I might want to listen to what they have to say.
Hey Big Jim

Yup feeling just fine. Just can't stand reality tv shows. Survivor, Big brother American Idol it's all the same to me.

Yes feel free to frame this as it might be my last response after the AI faithful get ahold of me. In fact I see it as being a lot like the Rajneesh Bahgwan thing. They'll brain wash me into thinking Simon Cowell has nice teeth wink
That's OK. I was hoping it wasn't dreary up there.

I'm actually glad I helped you make your point. I will grant you that if someone thinks the show is primarily about vocal abilities, they do need to get a clue.

Sometimes the show is hyped on the "great vocal talent", but we all know it's simply entertainment with a musical theme.

IDOL - (#3 from any person or thing regarded with blind admiration, adoration, or devotion

[note the absence of anything requiring talent]

Hey L William

Thanks it's actually it really is quite nice here. Well I for one am relieved. If people are entertained by AI then I guess I have no problems with that. I personaly am not anymore. There was one season that I thought was actually pretty good. What I have seen recently isn't all that entertaining to me.
The only thing that seems odd to me is that folks who really don't like AI and have no interest in it can't possibly resist lecturing the rest of us about it at nearly every chance they can get. You wouldn't find me frequenting discussions on the merits of Soccer. It bores me. A discussion about it would also bore me. = )

And it makes complete sense that people on this forum are interested in American Idol because most of us here are, in one respect, just like the Idol contestants- we are looking for opportunities to express ourselves. That is why we post songs on the forums and participate in the discussions. Who among us are not hoping for a "break" in the music world?

It's not as if we have to endure really horrible singers- these young people are quite good by any standards. Yes, I will admit that the best 16-29 year old singer in the USA probably isn't in the group, but I would also bet that the best song ever written has never been on the radio either. These are kids! These are kids put under a lot of pressure every week, and it creates a lot of drama and emotion. It is much more entertaining to me than most of what passes for reality TV. Sure there is a script and inside favorites and posturing etc. but it is a music show and most of all we love music- don't we?
Hey Brian

Ok I must admit you do have a point. I guess my point was that this thread is seeing so many hits today and there are so many (in my opinion) more worthwhile threads on the board today. I guess I just wanted to see what the big deal was. When I got here I didn't see anything all that worth talking about. So maybe next time I'll just scratch my head in wonder of it all lol. Thanks all enjoy your idols.
Hey Samuel

You had me up until, we all like music don't we? I think we have all come to an agreement that if you want to hear good music it's not on american idol. You yourself said "These are kids put under a lot of pressure every week, and it creates a lot of drama and emotion. It is much more entertaining to me than most of what passes for reality TV. Sure there is a script and inside favorites and posturing"

That is exactly what american idol is about. I don't see music when I see american idol. I see reality TV at it's finest. That's about the best compliment I can give AI.
So now to ease back into a question- What is the best Lennon-McCarthy song for each remaining contestant.

The best possible choice versus the worst possible choice:

I'll start with David A: Think the best choice for him would be "In My Life" and the worst choice would be "I want to hold your hand"

Ahha I knew it Samuel

Your a McCarthyist! rofl "Lennon-McCarthy" Maybe you meant Lenin and McCarthy?
I think Amanda would absolutely rip on "Birthday".

She should definitely stay away from "Hey Jude".... wink

I bet Michael would do a good job on "Back in the USSR".

I'd love to hear a Matchbox 20 version of "Get Back" by David Cook.

I totally missed that Lenin/McCarthyism "open door"... wink

That's pretty funny!

28 million votes
fans can vote up to ten times in one night
per email address
fans can also text some number of votes

Originally Posted by Samuel (joe) Harris
Originally Posted by Lwilliam

Interesting that there were supposedly 30 million viewers but only 28 million votes.

So 30 million people watched and ONLY 28 million voted" That seems rather astonishing because I would think most people would be like me- watching- but not interested in voting. I'll bet most people watching don't vote and that those who do vote, vote 25 times.

There is something interesting that goes on with the "masses". a scientific study discovered that if thousands of people guessed how may jelly beans were in a jar, hardly anyone got it right but the researchers discovered that the statistical average of all the guesses was nearly perfectly correct.
I wanted David A. to win even before I found out he is mormon (I am mormon myself), but the mormon factor is not why I think he has a winning shot.

Even though his range may be limited, he does have a certain "x-factor" that is marketable and that will win with the girls.

Also, it seems like there are quite a few mormons showing up on tv reality shows lately.

On Bruno vs Carrie Anns' DANCE WAR competition that was aired on ABC, I know of at least one member of Brunos' team that was mormon and 2 members from Carrie Anns' team that was mormon. Also, the shows' vocal coach Mauli B. is a mormon.

And then you had last seasons' Dancing With the Stars with Marie Osmond as a contestant.

Makes one wonder......
I will not watch that show.
Because of that stupid show everyone thinks they can sing.
Because of that show kareoke is in every little bar instead of live music.
It is hard enough to get steady,decent payin' gigs in a depressed economy without wannabe singers singin' for free.
If they want to make that a REAL talent show they should make all these "singers" back themselves up on guitar or piano.
I think that show is the worst thing that's happened to live music since ASCAP !

Hey KeeponJammin'

You and me both brother. It's all glitz and drama, no substance can be found. They potray it as a musical contest, then they start the season with some of the worst singers imaginable. Why include footage of the pathetic? It's entertaining in some way I guess. Do I want to watch highlight reels of the worst teams worst moments in any sport? HELL NO. Yet somehow that is how it all starts. Then slowly they boil out the ones who have too much attitude or very little talent (most of the crop) down to the ones who might actually get some applause at karoke nights. The winner is usually someone who could possibly (with some work) be an ok musician. No one legendary has potential of being found from that contest. In the end it's just another reality show. I think there is a country song that speaks about this I'll see if I can find the lyrics.

Edit ok here's the song. Tell me this doesn't sound like AI!

Brad Paisley "Celebrity"

Someday, I'm gonna be famous,
Do I have talent? Well, no.
These days you don't really need it,
Thanks to reality shows.

Can't wait to date a supermodel,
Can't wait to sue my Dad.
Can't wait to wreck a Ferrari,
On my way to rehab.

'Cause when you're a celebrity, it's adios reality.
You can act just like a fool;
People think you're cool just 'cause you're on TV.

I can throw a major fit,
When my latte isn't just how I like it.
When they say I've gone insane,
I'll blame it on the fame,
And the pressures that go with bein' a celebrity.

I'll get to cry to Barbara Walters,
When things don't go my way.
and not get community service,
No matter which law I break.

I'll make the supermarket tabloids,
They'll write some awful stuff.
But the more they run my name down,
The more my price goes up.

'cause when you're a celebrity, it's adios reality.
No matter what you do,
People think you're cool just 'cause you're on TV.
I can fall in and out of love,
Have marriages that barely last a month.
When they go down the drain,
I'll blame it on the fame,
And say: "It's just so tough bein' a celebrity."

let's hitch up the wagons and head out west,
To the land of fun in the sun.
We'll be real world bachelor, jackass millionaires.
Hey, hey Hollywood, here we come.

Yea when you're a celebrity, it's adios reality.
No matter what you do,
People think you're cool just 'cause you're on TV.

I can throw a major fit,
When my latte isn't just how I like it.
When they say I've gone insane,
I'll blame it on the fame,
And the pressures that go with bein' a celebrity.

Yea celebrity.
Uh huh.
Aw wheres my coffee.
Hey Derek watch your step I got into big trouble for calling the contestants mediocre Karaoke singers last year. Everybody was up in arms. What a stushy!!! Mind you I would have thought that a forum full of great songwriters and musicians would have agreed with me but there you go. I am dumbstruck that this crap demands so much attention. I am about as interested in this show as brian is watching or discussing soccer. LOL

Karaoke was actually more popular BEFORE AI came out than it is now. So your premise is not supported by reality.

As for it taking away your gigs, it's the same argument people makle that illegal aliens are taking away their job. If you aren't compelling enough to bring in more business from your performance than a Karaoke machine does, who is really to blame? The owners who are in business to make a living (not to be promoters of the arts) or you, the artist who can't justify taking up the commercial space and making it pay off for the owners? If untrained workers who can't even speak the local language can take away a job from a trained American, then perhaps that American needs to be doing a job that is more in line with their actual talent and abilities. And to be clear, I am against illegal immigration.. but I am also against bogus arguments that blame others for their own shortcomings.

Great artists can build followings and fill rooms. If they haven't developed their trade enough to do so, it's up to them to lift their game and gain fans and experience enough to make it a good financial decision for a venue owner to give you the stage and keys to their commercial enterprise. If you can put butts in seats for an evening of drinking and listening to your music, you'll get gigs. If you can't, you aren't ready yet in the first place. No one on the commerce side "owes" the artist community anything. If you want to play ball commercially, then you have to produce like a commercial entity.

AI actually does a pretty good job showing the average person CAN'T sing rather than the opposite. And if it gets more kids excited to try singing instead of something else in life, that's not a bad thing that should be discouraged. Music should be for EVERYONE.. it's part of the human existence.. and we should encourage MORE people to play music and sing and write and be creative and express themselves. And if the amateurs do a better job of entertaining people in a commercial setting than the "pros" then the "pros" need to lift their game or find another way to make money. In the meantime, get up on stage and take your turn at the Karoke mic and blow people away and then sell them your CD and get them out to your next gig. THAT'S how you compete with Karaoke.

Well said Brian.
Greg, you beat me to it!
Well said.


Originally Posted by Brian Austin Whitney

AI actually does a pretty good job showing the average person CAN'T sing rather than the opposite. And if it gets more kids excited to try singing instead of something else in life, that's not a bad thing that should be discouraged. Music should be for EVERYONE.. it's part of the human existence.. and we should encourage MORE people to play music and sing and write and be creative and express themselves. And if the amateurs do a better job of entertaining people in a commercial setting than the "pros" then the "pros" need to lift their game or find another way to make money. In the meantime, get up on stage and take your turn at the Karoke mic and blow people away and then sell them your CD and get them out to your next gig. THAT'S how you compete with Karaoke.

I need to add my $0.02 as well...

If many of you would have had an opportunity like this when you were 21, I'm sure you'd have jumped all over it. I think there's a little bit of sour grapes going on here.

I don't venture into the several dozen threads currently that are of no interest to me (or that I think are stupid) simply to berate and belittle the posters and the topic there, I would ask you simply to grant the Idol fans the same courtesy.

It's kind of like if I went into one of the "Joe Blow died last night" threads and said the guy sucked anyways, no great loss. That's kind of how you're coming across here...

This thread is called "Who is your favorite A.I. Contestant 2008?", not "I hate American Idol". The negative comments are really OT.

Hey, why don't you start your own "I hate American Idol" thread. You can rant all you want and I promise I won't post there putting any of YOU down. wink

Originally Posted by Derek Hines
Then slowly they boil out the ones who have too much attitude or very little talent (most of the crop) down to the ones who might actually get some applause at karoke nights. The winner is usually someone who could possibly (with some work) be an ok musician.

Like Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry?

I guess they could possibly (with some work) be *okay* musicians.
Hi Michelle

You listed the exact ones I don't have respect for as artists. I'm sorry if that hurts you, but it's my opinion. There are some far greater people who were let go early on in their competition, who are doing far greater work in my opinion.
Who are they Derek?
Uh Herbie

Clay Aiken be one of them. Nuff said.

Here is a link to some others who have made it. Who didn't "Win"
Idol losers?
Originally Posted by Lwilliam
What???? Linda, you couldn't POSSIBLY be a little partial here could you? wink

Actually, I had no idea that Brooke was Mormon. That does explain a bit. All I can say is the few Mormons I've worked with over the years have all been very ethical people.

Larry -
A little partial. smile Yeah. But, no, I wouldn't vote for someone "just" because we shared the same faith. Not in AI or in politics or anywhere else. Glad to hear we've been good examples. Thanks!

Brian - it's hard to explain unless you're part of it. (You're welcome to disagree - but there is such a thing as a Mormon culture, just like there are many other subcultures based on religions, ethnicity, political persuasions, what-have-you).

I feel you may have misinterpreted my statement somewhat, so I'd like to try again. I said the contestants have a "draw" with other Mormons, "who, like me, really like and want to see 'one of our own' succeed."
You replied:
"I hope you are wrong that Mormons are voting for other Mormons because they are Mormans, though I am sure you're correct that some people are."

With all due respect... that's not quite what I said, or meant to imply. I apologize if I wasn't clear.

I said there is a draw. There may be some voting JUST on that (which would be sad, if they didn't actually like them as singers), but what I *meant* is that we tend to have a big, positive "Go Team!" mentality. Therefore - more Mormons may be drawn into watching the show this year than would be otherwise. More might pick up the phone and actually call in a vote. That sort of thing. There are still, surely, Mormons who hate AI and will never watch it no matter what. And so on.

Thing is, we're a minority - a minority with a history of being persecuted, maligned in the press, made fun of, and having all sorts of weird, false, and ridiculous things said about us, which no one (except us) seems to think is unfair (including this one - "you guys have horns, right?" - I mean, come on).

As a result, it's perfectly natural for us to stand up and CHEER when one of us is recognized for doing something GOOD. That's all. You've heard Adam Sandler's "Hannukah Song," right? We do the same thing. "Look who's Mormon!" (In fact, there's even a website: ) More than that, it's like being in a big huge extended family. There is a togetherness we have, that as I said, is difficult to explain outside of being immersed in it.

I did not mean that religion would be the only criteria any member of our church would use to vote for a contestant.

Nothing to be terribly upset about. It was... supposed to be funny. (I used a smiley!)

It's really no worse than voting for Michael Johns because he's a JPF award winner - right? And besides which, he can sing. grin

I also mentioned my daughter is voting madly for Jason Castro (and not David A. - we like him, but he's not the house favorite). If Sanjaya had been Mormon he STILL wouldn't have gotten a single vote from me - I'd have been embarrassed. We've voted for Brooke this year because we like her performances. I know you're not a fan of hers - and that's OK - but I've enjoyed her voice and her performances and the angles she's taken with her songs. I like her as a musician. I like that she's stepped out and taken risks - for me, they worked.

I didn't mean to imply in any way shape or form that we're some kind of subversive sleeping giant ready to take over the competition or something. LOL. (You've gotta be kidding me - if that was even remotely true, Mitt Romney would still be running for President. grin <---Note: THAT IS A JOKE... thanks people...)

One of the fundamental facets of our beliefs is in freedom of choice and making your own decisions based on studying things out for yourself. Nobody's out there telling us what to do or who to vote for (in any situation) or anything of the sort.

We just all tend to like each other. smile

Peace, man -
And you wouldn't know who any of them were if it weren't for the show giving them a kick-start in the first place.

(boy I'm just pushin' buttons on this thread today!)

Originally Posted by Derek Hines
Uh Herbie
Clay Aiken be one of them. Nuff said.
Here is a link to some others who have made it. Who didn't "Win"
Idol losers?
Originally Posted by Lwilliam

If many of you would have had an opportunity like this when you were 21, I'm sure you'd have jumped all over it.

Man, I wish.
I wouldn't have been ready at 21.
No guts then. Way too shy.

I suspect there are some GREAT singers and entertainers outside the age bracket. I'd love to see a talent show that auditioned solo acts, bands, singer/songwriters with original material, the whole range of music, regardless of age.

Won't happen.

And wouldn't it be fabulous if they had "write your own song" week. HA. HA. HA. THAT would be a twist! (I get tired of all the cover songs, really.) It would be fascinating to see who can *really* cut it. Most artists tend to or want to write at least some of their own material. Why shouldn't they test that skill?

That'll never happen either.

Ok fine.

I'll admit that's true; however, I'm not certain they wouldn't have made it had they never been on idol either. My point is that those who lost still ended up being winners. Which I am sure the show is very proud of; however, in my opinion the show did not make them winners... they did it for themselves.

It's ok if you push my button grin . Just don't call me late to supper wink
grin No prob, Derek! I'll remember that.

Blake Lewis most likely would've made it on his own too, IMO.
But a headstart never hurts.

For the record, I *LIKE* Daughtry. Man. A lot.
His album's the first one I'm buying once I've caught up my Queen collection. hehe

Originally Posted by Derek Hines
Hi Michelle

You listed the exact ones I don't have respect for as artists. I'm sorry if that hurts you, but it's my opinion. There are some far greater people who were let go early on in their competition, who are doing far greater work in my opinion.

That's okay, Derek. We're all entitled to our own opinions. That doesn't hurt me. smile I don't get my feelings hurt that easily. I happen to like Chris Daughtry a lot, though.

Curious, though, why you don't respect them as artists (?)
Hi Linda.
We already have a show that features under 25s over25s and bands (well a group of non player pop singers if you count that as a band) It is called X factor. Simon Cowell, Sharon Osborne and Lou Walsh are the panelists. They do not perform any original songs just sing Karaoke covers just like AI. The sad fact is that most of the mature singers are streets ahead of the under 25s. They tend to get voted off early probably because they are considered to old to be a popstar. AI is the exported to America version of Pop Idol another Simon Cowell show. It is probably only a matter of time till you get X factor or similar.
I doubt if they will want original music however. S Cowell has his reasons.
Hey Linda,

My first visit to this thread.

Yes, I enjoy Americam Idol. I do not believe they are necessarily the best (you choose a number) young singers in the country, although some of them are pretty darned good. I view the show in the context of what it is....who is the best (better when down to two) singer(s) of the ones selected to go forward from the previous week's competition. That is what it more no less. But, accepting it as such, I enjoy it quite a bit.

As many of the naysayers have commenyed, it is a bit kareoke, although most of us would mind having Ricky Minor and his band doing the music for us! But, that is OK, too. That's the type of show it is.

I'm not sure whom my favorite is yet. I believe that Archuleta and Hernandez are probably the best singers. But I am not sure that they are the best entertainers.

My biggest heartburn with the show is that at no point are the contestants permitted to sing songs of their choice, with no restructions, for the entire show. Doing so would, I think, allow them to have the opportunity to showcase themselves in the way that they each think is their best and strongest element.

Okay, I've rambled enough. Yes, I like it and I watch it. But I accept it in the context of what is is.

They're definitely advertising Beatles songs this week. Should be interesting to see what they choose.

...and I heard only EARLY Beatles (1962-1966).

That makes it much harder to choose. I think Revolver was the 1966 release. No White Album, Abbey Road, Sgt Pepper, etc.

Post deleted by TAMERA64
Hey Tammy,

I don't want to perpetuate the politics of homosexuality on this thread, either...and though I disagree with you, I respect your right to your beliefs and opinions. The only teensy little problem I still have is: why do you have to be nasty about it? For instance, why would you be offended by Danny having a purple streak in his hair :o? Amanda has blonde streak...Jason Yeager had a blonde streak...

Anyway, enough said from this gal on the subject.

Hope your recordings went well in Nashville....was that for the AI song you were going to re-record? Regardless, looking forward to hearing what you do with that vs. the new one you were talking about...

Hi Tammy. I wanted Danny to go for the same reason that you did. He was disrespectful. And it is interesting that you bring up the "gay' issue because I didn't assume he was gay even when I said he was "one of the girls". I have known so many men whose persona was similar to Danny's and they were not gay. I don't even know how to classify them except to say that they acted like women. The principle of my kid's Elementary school was so effeminate that at first it shocked me. After a few months of observing him, it was apparent he was an outstanding principle and his school was rated (Texas standard) "Exemplary". He was married and he had a great rapport with children. Several months ago all of us parents got a letter telling us he had been put on administrative leave- no explaination. Then something was leaked about his attempt to get funding for a blind child in special education. Apparently he broke some kind of administative protocol and he was finally fired. No on knows the whole story yet but I am almost certain it had more to do with his persona because a group of parents were behind the dismissal. Fair? I don't have the facts. I just have my suspicions.

Why even use the term "Gay"? I have caught my own kids saying stuff, "Oh that's so gay" or "your so gay". I call them on it and they get a lecture. I guess I liked it better back in the 60's when nobody talked about it or flaunted it. I know for a fact that the so called gay men community was outrageously promiscuous in the seventies when I was in college. I don't know how many times I was approached by men in bathrooms or at night on the track field (I use to run the 800 meters and often practiced after dark). I was always shocked and offended by their boldness. So my stand today is that I am skeptical of the "gay agenda". I think at its core, it is hedonic- but I will defend their civil rights.

I got into a lot of trouble once in the ninties when the people in my department at the University of Oregon started handing out pink buttons with the phrase "practice diversity" on them. When I refused to wear the hutton, I was singled out as being intolerant and I defended my stand with a joke when I said in a small group, "Maybe it should say "practice perversity". A woman in that group heard the comment and other comments in that group and wrote a letter to the president of the University and filed a harrasssment grievance- not against me but my boss who was present and clearly sympathized with my position and had stated even more vigorously than me his position. He was later fired. I was protected by "free speech". The woman claimed that the converstation had made her uncomfortable.

So here you had a case of activist actually trying to coerce a department (a whole campus really) into endorsing not just tolerance, but the "practice" of something some of us personally felt was intrusive if not immoral. Tell me what is worse, to state that you don't approve of a behavior or actually being approached by someone who is trying to get you to DO the behavior? Clearly, something is out of whack with this picture. Having said that, and what probably kept me from getting fired, was that in the same conversation the woman cited, I stated that while I didn't condone homosexuality, I would defend a homosexual against agressive physical or verbal attacks just as I would any other human being whose civil rights have been violated. I still feel that way today but today I don't ask and I don't want to know- and, as in the case of Danny, I don't even assume he is gay because he may not be and if he is, it is none of my business.
Was not a fan of David A's performance
surprised me that no one did yesterday

Post deleted by TAMERA64
Just wonderin' if anyone saw the show tonight. I was trying to catch up on even though I know it was taped so we can watch it with my kiddos tomorrow commercial-free, I've been quite curious how things went. Did Paul McCartney show up or anything???

I don't watch the show enough to know the contestants but I caught some of it tonight because I knew they were doing Lennon-McCartney songs. In my opinion, the ladies who performed "Let It Be" and "Come Together" gave stand-out performances. The guys who did "Saw Her Standing There" and "We Can Work It out" were not very impressive. (Please keep in mind that I mean relative to the other contestants).

The young lady who did "Eight Days A Week" can sing but that was a really bizarre arrangement.

Wasn't familiar with the biker chick's (Amanda?) song but liked her delivery. Performances of "Eleanor Rigby" and "Across the Universe" were somewhere in the middle, in my opinion...

Didn't see the first hour....

I enjoyed watching - might do it again smile


Thanks Scott...

Unable to wait, I went over to the AI website (I'm a member, NATCH cool )...and there's actually a whole play-by-play thread. Probably shouldn't have read it, b/c now know judges perception of performances, and that might at some level taint my own perceptions. At any rate, it'll be fun. Pretty amazing, what these people do....

Ciao for now,
No surprise It was interesting though...especially David Archuleta, the last performance of the night. I won't spoil it for you Beth, but let's just say even Superman is human.

My fav performances of the night:
Chikeze (She's a Woman), Brooke (Let it Be), Amanda (You Can't Do That)

I really like Brooke. I never get the "vote for me cuz I'm hitting this note right now" vibe from her...she feels the music, what does it matter if her range isn't as wide as some of the others?

My other favorites didn't do so hot. Oh well. Maybe next week?! Maybe not...
It does say "We're all in this together" at the top of this page. And therefore I expect tolerance and compassion from the artists, musicians & writers who are members here.

My results are posted on my blog at

No big surprise appearances of any kind tonight. But some pretty decent performances from surprise artists and one immense tank job by the paper lion.. er I mean.. judge favorite David A.

tonight's 3 best performances:

Chikezie: He came completely out of nowhere and likely saved his own butt from going home. It was passionate, convincing, hip, original and it was so nice to see someone go 100% to their max with excellent results.

Amanda Overmyer: Another excellent performance from someone on the brink of going home. This was another case of doing her own arrangement of the Beatles and making it work out big time.

David Cook: He was pretty good.. but what he did was 100% predictable. He's definitely this season's Daughtry and unless he tanks somewhere along the way, he'll take Michael Johns out first.

3 Worst of the night:

David Archuleta: Finally.. the curtain is pulled back on this poser. Seriously.. he's been so horribly overated and even when he had clearly the worst performance of the night, they propped him up. (Compare what they said to him versus Ramiele who was WAY better than him). He has no range and now can't even remember the lyrics. Ack! But of course they'll keep proping him up and giving him the prime performance slots (last of the night is always the place of honor and makes you the easiest to remember for voting purposes). It was interesting that Simon had to qualify and say something to the effect of ..well.. there ARE 12 other people competing, so I guess we have to be fair and tell the truth... blah blah blah.. even HE knows the fix has been in from the start.

David Hernandez: It was a battle with David A. for the worst of the night. The only reason he wasn't worst is that he at least remembered the lyrics. That was about the only thing he did right. Unlike David, his stock wasn't high enough to live through a performance like that for very long.

Kristy Lee Cook: This was a tougher one because she sang fine and her version of Hard Days Night was very similar to Alison Kraus. But it still came off weird. It was really a toss up between her and Michael Johns ho-hum performance for 3rd worse. Ramiele also didn't light anything on fire. Any of those would fit into the bottom 3.

Also Rans:

Brooke White: Again, she finds a way to show no vocal range and play it as safe as possible. Yawn.

Carly Smithson: She's got some serious pipes, but she hasn't found a song that really works, regardless of what the judges said. With the right song she may have the most powerful voice left in the competition.

Jason Castro: Just so-so. One of these days he's have to sing something with range and he's screwed.

Syesha Mercado: Hated the cheezy version and song choice, but she can really sing and has great charisma.

Ramiele and Michael J.: Both underachieved. Both are capable of much better.

It's hard to predict who will finish last this week. The safest bet would be Kristy Lee Cook, but since she's the only country singer in the Top 12, she might have enough genre fans to keep her going. Chikezie was definitely on the chopping block this week along with Amanda, but both had excellent performances and it would be really sad and unfair for either to go home after back to back strong performances. David A. DESERVES to go but won't. Or for a surprise victim Syesha may go which would be sad.

My 3 most likely (not most deserving) to go:

Kristy Lee Cook
Syesha Mercado (least deserving to go)
Amanda Overmyer (also doesn't deserve to go after 2 excellent back to back weeks)

I'd appreciate it if folks would stay on topic and refrain from religious and sexual preference discussion as this is not the place or post for it. I try to be tolerant to all sides, relgious and non religious as well as all other divisive topics, but this is coming very close to crossing an acceptable line of intolerance. Please use reasonable discretion and show some tolerance to those who are different.

First of all, I noticed there is a special forum called "American Idol Songwriter" on the AI site now.

Standouts tonight:

Chikezie - surprised everyone with the "split style" arrangement of "She's A Woman" beginning with a acoustic rural version and jumping into a rocked out second section. I gave him a 10 tonight. I think the judges did, too.

Carly Smithson - Even if you don't like this girl, think she should be kicked off for previously having a label deal or whatever, it's pretty hard to deny she rocked the house tonight with "Come Together". It could've been a Heart performance of the song. I gave her a 10 as well.

David Cook - Maybe it wasn't totally unique as a rock arrangement of "Eleanor Rigby", but I really couldn't fault it for sheer impact or delivery. Chris Daughtry couldn't have done a better job. He was my 3rd and final 10 of the evening.

Dismal or abysmal:

The Shocker: David Archuleta trying to sing "We Can Work It Out". He flubbed or forgot at least 2 lines that I heard. If he didn't have such a huge fan base, I'd say he was destined for the street this week, but he'll probably be safe. He has now shown weakness and has been "wounded", so I'll bet several of the others can smell the blood now. I think this screw up will actually inspire others that they could win.

Kristy Lee Cook - Truly abysmal tonight. The band performed a really BAD (hokey) country arrangement of "Eight Days A Week". Normally, the band is smokin', but not on this song tonight. Interestingly, I felt Kristy was more on pitch tonight than usual, but the arrangement was so bad for that song, that it just overshadowed the not-bad vocals.

Ramiele Malubay - I wanted to get a snack during her very boring rendition of "In My Life". She just couldn't hold my attention tonight and I don't have A.D.D. or anything. She's in a dangerous spot now.

Syesha Mercato - It was a kind of funky version of "Gotta Get You Into My Life", and was an OK performance, but it just reminded me of a Las Vegas night club act in the hotel barroom. It wasn't received well by the audience, who were very lukewarm about it even if it was the opening number.

David Hernandez - He did "I Saw Her Standing There" in an almost parody of the song. It was way fake with his stage movements looking too rehearsed (or actually not rehearsed enough to make them look natural). I don't think he'll last much longer unless he really comes out of a shell. He just doesn't come across as genuinely believable although he's a pretty good singer technically.

Amanda Overmyer - "You Can't Do That". She rocked out predictably. I think she'll hang in there, but I don't see her as lasting to the top 5.

Michael Johns - "Across The Universe". This was never one of my favorite Beatles tunes anyways, but he didn't really do anything special with it. I'm surprised Simon didn't nail him for not showing that all these performances need to be "special" each time they get on stage now.

Jason Castro - he'd getting pretty predictable now, and did a decent version of "If I Fell".

Brooke White - I'm not a fan, but liked her better this week than last. I think it was an unimaginative arrangment (very Karaoke for the music side) of "Let It Be", but it seemed heartfelt, and that's probably her strongest point because it sure isn't her vocal chops. She's still very pitchy to me.

So...get to the point already....

David A has way too many fans to have one mistake cost him a continuance.

Kristy Lee also has a pretty big fan base, and if there were any country fans voting, she was the clear choice, so I think she's on thin ice, but safe this week.

Ramiele - She also seems to have a lot of fans (at least on the AI site); however, she's on thin ice.

Syesha - She just hasn't developed a fan base for some reason, even though she's technically a better female singer than all but possibly Carly. My guess is that she's most likely to go this week.

I missed the ending of Idol last night. Chikezie was the best of what I saw last night. Chikezie:

I just watched the video of David Archuleta doing We Can Work It Out. Except for the couple of flubbed lines, it was actually pretty decent.


I hope the voters are smart enough to send David A home after that disaster last night. David H should join him - leaving all the high note accents to the backup singers is no way to sell a song. Now maybe we'll be down to only one David on the show.

Carly owned the place from the fan reaction. The audience was over the top for her. I don't think we've seen the best she can do but she's definitely a front runner.

I definitely think Chikezie should get props for picking a song and taking it somewhere. Amanda as well for getting the most out of a limited vocal range/style.

In the middle:

I enjoyed Ramiele's performance this week more than any I've seen from her so far.

David Cook had me feeling I was listening to a Dishwalla song rather than Eleanor Rigby - it worked reasonable well but at times felt like he was just masking his range.

Kristy's country version of 8 Days a Week did nothing for me, and I wasn't all that impressed with Brooke's Let It Be. Both were competent, just not impressive.

Jason needs to do something that shows he's not a one dimensional folk singer. If he fell we wouldn't care ...

Michael Johns version of Across the Universe personalized it a bit but never really kicked in. Same for Syesha's Got to Get You into My Life.

Sometimes I wonder if the performers ever think about the 1:40 minute formula in picking their song and arrangement. Because of the show format, you have less than two verse/chorus shots at selling the song and making a vocal impression. Playing it safe is not gonna do it.

So - to summarize - hopefully we lose David A and David H this week. And Carly is my current front runner to win it all.
I'll go ahead and say it myself. David A *should* go home this week.
They are rough on the competitors during HOLLYWOOD WEEK, saying "this is too far into the competition to forget your lyrics."
You just can't.
In fact I'm not sure that's happened before in the Top 12 ever.
I'm sorry, David, but the judges were waaaaaaaay too nice.

I was most impressed with Chiekeze last night. Where did that come from? He's been holding back! I also liked Amanda, Brooke, Carly, and David Cook. The rest didn't sparkle much for me.

There's something to the way Brooke's voice sounds that I really like. She reminds me of Carly Simon, who's one of my all-time favorite artists.

Our unanimous feeling with Kristi Lee's song is that she didn't MATCH her vocal to the style she was singing. The words needed to be tighter and more clipped. You can't sing long flowing notes over that kind of arrangement.

Amanda was VERY, very smart to choose a song that wasn't a giant hit that not everybody knows - so she could make it her own and sound like it.

And if you noticed from the interviews, she wasn't familiar with the song much before this week either - just like 2 or 3 others who performed LESS well (including David A) and mentioned not really knowing the song/s. One week IS long enough to learn a song, even a song you've never heard before. It sounds like they kept them busy this week - but I'm sure they had rehearsal time. If you're in a competition like that, you take the lyrics and an MP3 with you everywhere you go, you sing it in the shower, in the bathroom, in line, EVERYWHERE until you're so saturated with it you can't lose it. This is a BIG competition, and there's no excuse for not being dead sure of the song before you go out there to perform.

PLUS they had what, 2? 3? weeks' lead time on this one to start choosing the song... which is not something you can just pick willy-nilly. Hop out to MP3 sites, listen to 30-second clips, FIND SOMETHING. My bet is that's what Amanda did. A couple of them sounded like they just picked the only Beatles song they knew. Others picked for sentimental reasons - again, not the greatest reason to choose a song.

Kind of a rough night. I was gritting my teeth a lot as they announced the songs. Happily surprised with a few of them. Especially Chiekeze!! All right!


There is zero chance David A. is going home. He's first in the public polls and they're not going to be that far off. Syesha may be this weeks sacrificial lamb even though she was solidly in the middle of the pack. Ramiele was the leader, even over Carly, for a long time in the earlier rounds, but her stock seems to be falling as well. And everyone thinks Kristy should go that I've talked to. (She should have gone earlier really.. and Alaina should still be on the show).

I think you all need to watch David A's video clip. Some pretty good singing going on for a really "bad" performance (and yes he stumbled). I wish my best days were anywhere close to his worst days.


Compared to the others his entire performance was the worst, but only slightly (and by way of his forgetting the lyrics twice and not covering well) worse than David Hernandez who was truly awful but at least learned the lyrics.

The issue with David missing some lines goes back to how viciously and unceremoniously Simon and other judges cut ANYONE who forgot a single lyric during the Hollywood auditions. There was no acceptable excuse at that point in the competition.

Certainly there isn't now. David simply didn't do his homework. I don't know if it was a time element because of the photo shoots, or whether he simply got over-confident, but even if he doesn't go home, that mistake MAY have cost him the "title". It sure dampened my enthusiasm for him.

Compared to the others his entire performance was the worst, but only slightly ...

I believe I watched 10 performances. Even with his flubs, David A. was better than 1/2 the performers I saw. Since I had wandered off, my wife and daughter voted for Chikeezie and Carly 3 times each. So, David A. didn't get a vote from us.

I think Simon said to David Cook, "If this was a talent contest instead of a popularity contest, you might just take the whole thing". If that was the case then the Irish gal with the tattooed arm, Carly, would win it all. Week after week she breaks it open but not always with the right song and she is not particularly attractive. Who was that gal last season that was heads above all the rest but was too quite, too humble, too serious?

Biker girl Amanda and Chikezie were the most fun to watch last night- both big surprises.

I hated Cristy's version of 8 days a week. It is not that great a song anyway. They wrote in like 20 minutes because they had to get a title song for their movie. Like Paul said, she has a huge fan base so she will probably not go yet.
Regarding tonight's results: cry

But I have a new favorite...
Who's your new favorite, Kristi?

I was surprised with the results tonight.

They're doing Lennon/McCartney again next week. And they said they'd be announcing the mentors, but they didn't.
Whaddaya think? Mentor list isn't firmed up yet?

What do you think of having them sing before they know if they're done or not? And is it Ryan that's so cruel about how he announces things - or the writers??

I think it'll be a tough week for a bunch of these kids... the ones who only knew one Beatles song and sang it - them especially. At least they've done a medley, so they know a few more now. LOL.

My daughter defended David A's lyric moment saying it wasn't forgetting, it was stress, and flubbing lines happens to everybody. Sure it does - but you cover so nobody knows what happened. (I like live albums, and a few of those show up once in a while) But you can't afford it at this stage of the game. Part of the win comes in beating the STRESS.

(who knows if I could handle that sort of stress anyway... so I'm just armchair quarterbacking here... sigh)

Surprise ending for me...He wasn't even in my bottom 3.

Me too. I thought it should be Brook or Kristy. But David H probably doesn't thrill the teeny-boppers the way some of the other guys do. Maybe he should get dreads.
He was the worst of the night (David A. aside) so the only thing that was surprising is that they voted the weakest performer of the most recent show off. I wish it was like that every week.. that would be fair and make the show far more exciting to watch if there really was a lot riding on it each week for ALL the contestants and not just the bottom 3. It was also nice that Chikezie and Amanda, after back to back great performances, rose above the bottom. Perhaps this will be a fair season before it's all over. Though David A. slid past with a train wreck.

I just spent the last hour reviewing some youtube videos of seasons 1-6 and although we can complain about the medicre talent we see, the earlier seasons - especially 1-3, had some really bad performers. I do think that the bottom 3 tonight were better than the bottom 3 in the past several years.

Boy, does Ryan look YOUNG in those early seasons...well, they all do look about 6 or 7 years younger...

OK - so are we only going to lose one per week from now on? Guess that means 10 more weeks of this....

Yep, one per week. I do wish the "Results" show was brought down to 1/2 hour.

I really don't like listening to the worst performers - we JUST got through voting to tell them we DON'T want to hear them sing any more, and then they make us listen to them again...Sheesh.... wink

Last night my DVR somehow didn't record the show and I just caught the last 10 minutes of the show live (Ramiele and David H were on stage). I'm very glad I didn't get to hear all three of the worst performances, only David Hernandez - which was just as painful as Tuesday. It was right up there with last year's (?) Copacabana.

I do find that they drag the shows out - now we have calls from the public asking silly questions as well as performances of the bottom 3, plus ridiculous chats with the judges.
Tivo cures all the time issues...We record the performances on Tues...the show Wed....and then watch the whole thing in an hour and half at the most...skipping all the crap...the two Davids were to me by FAR the worst of the night...and David H didn't have any goodwill in his tank left, unlike David A...but a major chink in his armor appeared this week...Remember when everyone thought Lakesha was gonna run away with it last year? Chikezie had the most entertaining song of the night, who woulda thunk it?
Not everyone thought Lakesha was going to run away with it! = )

They got rid of the right guy. AOL had the right bottom 3 on their poll, but not the right one at the bottom (They had Syesha followed by Kristi followed by David). I sometimes wonder if there's a producers stipulation that they can remove someone of their choice from the bottom 3. We'll never know that of course, but it wouldn't surprise me and if that was the case, its no surprise they got rid of the infamous male dancer first. After all, they want to appeal to the Horton Hears a Who crowd.


Yeah, I normally do that with my DVR and take 1.5 hrs to watch the 2 hr show and 40 minutes for the 1 hr show. I am totally spoiled in fast-forwarding through all the commercials.

I'll have to check youtube to see if they put last night's show up there. I heard Katherine McPhee performed. How was she? (she used to be a fave of mine).

McPhee was McAwful. And don't forget, David Foster is the slime that was behind and many of us remember all the BS that went on there.

I'm hooked on watching the performances the day after on YouTube. A quick search under the performers name and look for the two minute video that only includes the actual performance. No intro vinette, no judging pablum ....

Originally Posted by Brian Austin Whitney
...David Foster is the slime that was behind and many of us remember all the BS that went on there.


I don't remember the specifics about it except it was a kind of collaboration site like the defunct Rocket Network, but doesn't even have a placeholder page any more... new favorite? I'm in the minority, but I like far to me she interprets the songs, rather than just sings them.

Originally Posted by Hummingbird
I do find that they drag the shows out - now we have calls from the public asking silly questions as well as performances of the bottom 3, plus ridiculous chats with the judges.

Yes, we have TIVO too...a lifesaver... smile

Oh, and yeah, I didn't get much from Katharine McPhee's performance....and she was my pick to win! I'd like to see Melinda Doolittle guest sing one week...
First, Hey Larry,

About the old shows you were I going cuckoo (don't answer that) or earlier had you said "BRIAN" looks so young? I thought of course you were referring to the first-season-only co-host Brian Dunkleman (Dunkledorf? don't remember exactly...which is telling in its own right...). Anyhoo, I bring it up only because I saw a commercial last night for the new season of "Celebrity Fit Club"...and guess who happens to be one of the "LOSERS"? Yup, dear old Bri.

Then, Different Brian:

You mentioned David Foster and the trouble surrounding him in the past. I know nothing about that, but again, was it my imagination or did he say to the camera, after Katherine sang "Oh Katherine's wonderful, blah blah blah...and AMERICA, YOU GOT IT RIGHT!" ? And I'm thinking, does he know that TAYLOR HICKS won that season? Maybe he'd have done a better job with the song (though in truth, I thought she did a pretty rendition...I just don't like all her contrived facial mannerisms).

Anyhoo, daughter Samantha (9) is over the moon because her BEST FRIEND Kristy didn't go home last night. She loves her because she loves horses. Sounds like just as reasonable a rationale as others I've heard!!

Ciao for now,

P.S. Try not to be too two weeks time, we'll be going to attend our THIRD Bucky Covington concert (Same daughter's country boy from Season 5...not great on show, now very very good. His video for his song "A Different World" is up for breakthrough video of the year on CMT....) we are in the virtual THROES of American Idol these days. My biggest concern has been what country-ish fashions go with an orthopedic boot, splint and crutches???
Aha, clever girl! You caught me in an edit! LOL! wink

My post DID originally say "Brian", and then I realized I meant "Ryan" so I changed it. It couldn't have been on-line for more than a couple of minutes, so you must have caught it right after I posted it.

Yes, you ARE paying attention - and not going crazy! If it had been up longer, I would probably have left the "Mark as Edited?" checkbox alone.

I caught it too - because I'm watching this topic.
When you "watch a topic" the ORIGINAL POST is emailed to your Inbox... so all you edit-happy-posters (like me...) beware.

...big, sister is watching? grin


I heard that Simon went on Oprah today and announced his top 4:

David A.
David C
Jason C

Interesting that Carly used to be his favorite, but isn't even on the top 4 list now.

I think I like David Cook best out of those 4, but David Archuleta will probably win - unless he messes up again this week.

Interesting that Carly is not on his short list- she is the best pure singer. I saw Simon's little British diva preform on Opry's stage. I couldn't help wondering if she is his new girlfriend. She was pretty good I guess, but I couldn't understand a word she said.
Yes, Simon was very anxious to plug her to American audiences. After Oprah, I listened to several of her youtube performances on x-factor. I thought she was absolutely amazing and will be the next Mariah Carey, Whitney and will possibly give Celine Dion a run for her money. I was very impressed: she can wail, she can be heartfelt, and she can do the Mariah Carey vocal "calisthetics" in her upper register and still reach way down.

I don't know if she's his new girlfriend or not, but Simon and Clive Davis have signed her. I think she'll be a goldmine. Her name is Leona Lewis. If you want to hear an amazing voice, do a search on youtube and listen to her rendition of "Over the Rainbow". I will probably buy her CD when it comes out in the U.S. in April.

Simon hasn't been the one pushing Carly non stop since day 1. That's been Randy and Paula and Randy was the one whose label signed her way back when. Simon has been reasonably straight up with all the contestants with a couple of exceptions. It's very interesting, when you're watching for it, to see all the subtle and not so subtle manipulation they do with contestants they like and don't like. From the body language of Ryan Seacrest to the amount of stage discussion and interaction to the placement in the performance order to the pre-written commentary written before they even perform on stage and now even comments made to the press and on Oprah.

Oh my! We have been through 5 performances and 4 of them were bordering on awful. It is all about song selection, song selection, song selection (and arrangement). Everybody, except David A, has picked a song that didn't work for them or they didn't do it well. I hope it gets better.

I wished the last one who have done Richie Havens' arrangement of "Here Comes the Sun".

Tuesday March 18 th 2008:

Carly (Blackbird) and and David A (The long and winding road) picked the right song tonight and delivered outstanding performances. Nobody else came close. The ones who deserve to be on the bottom are Jason for his throw away version of Michelle, Amanda the rocker chick for screaming her way through "Back in the USSR", and Kaley the country gal from Oregon who sang decent but wouldn't stick with the melody and ruined a song that wasn't very challenging anyway. Jason is still too cute to cut; Amanda has a hard rock following and Kaley still has a country following so probably someone who does not deserve to go- will go.

David Cook rocked the house with Day Tripper. He has a concert career no matter what he does from here on out.
Ho-Hum. Yawn. I was bored.

"Here Comes The Sun"?? Thought George wrote that one.
My take tonight:

Amanda Overmyer - Back in the USSR - I was trying to find a couple of notes that were actually on pitch and had a hard time with that. Although she had great energy, I'm sorry, the girl couldn't hit middle "C" if you gave her 25 tries. I can't remember hearing a bar band singer ever do it worse. She has to go...

Kristy Lee Cook - You've Got to Hide Your Love Away - typical Kristy performance being a bit pitchy. Until I heard Amanda's performance, I thought Kristy was the one who needed to go. At this point I think Kristy should stay and Amanda should go. Kristy made a funny comment to Simon about wanting to "blow his socks off" before she realized how that could be interpreted and became embarassed. I actually think the genuine embarassed look enamered her with some votes.

David Archuleta - Long and Winding Road; well, you either like the guy or you don't. I think he did a bang-up job and am absolutely certain he's very safe. He didn't forget any words.

Michael Johns - A Day in the Life. This was a non-memorable performance. He's kind of in the middle of the pack at this point, but I can't see him as "the" idol...not now.

Brooke White - Here Comes the Sun. Dressed in her sunshine yellow dress, I thought she came off Disneyesque and fake. Maybe she wants some of those David A votes? I was glad to see that Simon finally ripped into her tonight for such a mediocre performance. Maybe she'll work harder now....I mean, she's a sweet girl, but she's been playing it pretty safe in her song choices, and I've never been impressed with her vocal ability.

David Cook - Day Tripper. IMHO, he could have practically put that arrangement out as a single. Except for the terrible HEIL "voice box" guitar solo, one of the best 2 or 3 performances of the night.

Carly Smithson - Blackbird. Very unusual arrangement and therefore risky, but I think she pulled it off. I got goose bumps myself. I think she would get more votes if she covered up her tattoo.

David Castro - Michelle. Nice story from him about learning the french words. However, I think it was very predictable: an excellent karaoke version. Simon summed it up when he said that his "face" sold the song, not his voice. I guess the girls really think he's cute.

Syesha Mercado - Yesterday. I heard that this song is the most played and covered song in the history of keeping records of that kind of stuff, so it's always a risky choice. I think she did a very respectable job and had a few good "money notes" in the song that made it memorable. I hope she stays a while.

Chikezie - I've Just Seen A Face. I really like this guy and think he should stay for a while. I don't know if he's idol quality in his vocals, but he's certainly entertaining. He should leave the harmonica at home.

Ramiele Malubay - I Should Have Known Better. This was probably her best performance, but it was still only decent. It didn't blow me away. She was given the best spot and still didn't knock anyone over.

Top 3 tonight:

1. David Cook
2. David Archuleta
3. Carly Smithson

..with Syesha and Chikezie putting in respectable performances as well.

Who will go? Personally, I hope Amanda goes, she is by far the least talented singer at this point, but it still could be Kristy, Syesha, or even Chikezie based on some of the on-line polls I've seen.

My take -

Order of comments goes with how I'd rank the contestants this week:

Carly finally picked a song (Blackbird) that shows off her voice and with the exception of a couple notes right after the third verse key change, she delivered. I think she could have sounded even better if she'd taken the key up a step from the beginning.

Chikezie (I've Just Seen A Face) is an entertainer and his voice is solid. He's really stepped it up. He also seems to be the only one who has keyed into using arrangements that fit the 1:40 format in a way that shows more than one side of himself in a performance. Only downside was he should've skipped the harmonica.

David Cook (Day Tripper) was strong. I agree the talk box solo wasn't needed - this is a singing competition after all. He is a rocker but it was a rocking performance that still showed off vocal talent.

David Archuletta impressed me tonight after his disaster last week. It was an overly sweet and syrupy TV/lounge delivery of a classic tune (Long and Winding Road) but he was effortlessly on pitch/time throughout. Maybe after last week he put in the extra homework time to deliver a polished performance.

Syesha Mercado did a lovely version of a classic.(Yesterday) I felt like she hurt her entertainment value, and possibly the strength of her vocal, by remaining seated with some poor posture throughout the performance.

Brooke White was utterly forgettable in her performance (Here Comes the Sun) Even her choice of yellow dress in front of a yellow sunshine backdrop made her disappear. The only good thing about this performance was that there weren't any disasters that would put her on the chopping block.

Ramielle Mullaby (I Should Have Known Better) seemed like she didn't feel the right key until she was going through the bridge for the second time at the ending. If it weren't for some of the folks I'm listing below I'd be ready to send her home.

Amanda Overmyer (Back In the USSR) again showed she can rock but did nothing to show you she could sing. She needs to leave but possibly not this week.

Jason Castro (Michelle) delivered a totally uninspired teeny bopper version of this song. No energy, no range, no emotion. The 13 year old girls screaming through his performance may disagree with me but when you take a love song like this there has to be something in the delivery to make you feel it.

So that brings me to the two worst performances of the night and one of these two should go home NOW!

Michael Johns (A day In the Life) picked a song that could have been a great choice. The song itself goes through changes that let you go from slow to uptempo to soft to over the top. He croaked the high notes, screwed up some of the lyrics, then didn't kick in the energy when the song gave him the opportunity.

Kristy Lee Cook (Hide Your Love Away) also picked a song that could have been a great choice. She seemed to be singing it in a key that was too low for her voice. If she weren't so good to look at and the only one who appeals to the country audience then Michael Johns would be safe.
Hi Folks,

Well, the week 2 doldrums attack again (it's happened before.. last year week 2 was horrible as well). This was pretty weak all around.

Top 3 performers of the night (not of the competition)

David Cook: He sounded like a current artist. But keep in mind, it wasn't his arrangement and he does the same thing every week. At least he did it well which is more than can be said for the others.

Carly Smithson: It started out rough but then she kicked it up a notch. She's clearly the most powerful voice in the competition this year. I still don't think she's even come close to her best performance. She needs a home run soon to challenge at the end.

Chekezie Eze: The funny this about this performance is that he was way more country than most previous year country performers. He can do R&B, Pop, Funk, Roots and Country. And if you listen, his vocals were really strong, aside from just the performance and arrangement. He never should have mentioned the Harmonica or that he'd just learned it before the performance, it set him up to look bad playing it.

The Bottom 3:

This is a toss up because everyone else was pretty weak.

Kristy Lee Cook: Her time has come to go. Oddly enough, she's got a great voice and easily could be a country singer with a great album. Her weakness is connecting with the audience and live performance. But on a country record with really strong songs, her voice is actually outstanding. But she's tanking on this show week after week. Bye Bye.

Brooke White: Her one trick pony style is wearing thin. The whole "I'm going to twirl around like an earth mother in the sun" schtick was vomitous. No range, no dynamics. But she's the most popular female contestant, so she's not going anywhere.

Ramiele Mulabay: She's the biggest underachiever in the contest. I just don't think she can handle the big stage and the bright lights. If she doesn't bring it on soon, she'll be gone.

Also Rans:

Jason Castro: He should have done the Ritchie Haven's-esque version of Here Comes The Sun. For the first time he blew the song selection and he was exposed. He has John Travolta eyes and a John Travolta stoner-dumb personality that apparently little girls find attractice just like their moms did when they were little girls with John Travolta.

Michael Johns: He's got a huge voice. Why he doesn't choose to use it I don't know. But he's gotten worse every week since Hollywood week. His luck will run out in about 5 weeks at this rate.

Amanda Overmyer: I thought she was really weak at the start of the show.. until I SAW the rest of the show and then played her back and she was clearly not in the bottom 3. She's become very comfortable on stage. I know she's on the chopping block however. I kind of hope she can hang on at least 1 more week so she'll make the AI tour this year as I think that would be a wonderful opportunity for her. She's clearly not going to win, but I still find I look forward to her performance each week and last week she was in the top 2 clearly.

Syesha Mercado: She ALMOST made the top 3. Unlike Ramiele, she crept closer to her potential. But it may be too little too late for her. If she can crank it up another notch next week, she might hang around past Ramiele and Kristy and Amanda and Chikeze and even Michael Johns. We'll see.

David Archuleta: Once again, he did EXACTLY the same thing vocally he's done every week. Limited range. Breathy. Ho Hum. His mass hysteria support makes him annoying. After having the worst performance of the week last week, he was still the leading vote getter on every poll I saw. That means, as Simon lamented, this is a popularity contest this year rather than a singing contest. We may have our first truly undeserving winner. And if it's such a forgone conclusion.. it won't be much fun watching this all season. I can't possibly imagine running out to buy an album from him. But I am sure the Disney/Miley Cyrus crowd will .

Let's hope next week isn't such drudgery. Week 2 is always a downer year after year.

Deserves to go: Kristy Lee Cook

At real risk of going: Kristy, Amanda and Chikeze with a slight risk of Ramiele being a surprise.

Checked that AOL poll for the first time today. If the ranking they have is really the way the voting is going - it's really sad. And also makes it obvious that teeny bopper girls are the ones who take the time to vote.

<<He never should have mentioned the Harmonica or that he'd just learned it before the performance, it set him up to look bad playing it.>> I didn't see the interview/vinette before the song. He just looked bad/played it poorly anyway.
Yeah, they can speed-vote using text voting and get a few hundred votes in for their "fave" during the 2-hour window.

I don't think that AOL has been as accurate this year as in the past, but I could be wrong. They weren't right about David Hernandez.

Another interesting site is They at least use a system somewhat related to the actual votes being called in. They put Kristi and Amanda at the bottom. Their rankings are totally different than AOL. USA Today also has comments as does Entertainment weekly.

USA Today thought David Cook was terrible, that Michael was the best and that Ramiele was totally entertaining. It just shows that their writer can't hear.

EW had it much closer to our assessments above: a boring Michael and Ramiele, and that Kristy needs to go home this week.

Another interesting site is They at least use a system somewhat related to the actual votes being called in. They put Kristi and Amanda at the bottom.
That nails it for me...with Kristi going home this week...she was truly terrible this week...she made up her own melody to the song and did a BAD job of it...Back in the USSR---the same thing, I could hardly even recognize the melody...Amanda is a one trick pony. But Kristi is uncomfortable in her own skin
I'm all for the tatoo girl! She's gotta win it:)
I am more and more convinced the thing is rigged.
Call me a conspiracy theorist...
I just wouldn't be surprised.

Last night was so boring we didn't vote for anybody.
My 17-yr-old didn't even vote for Castro!

Idol had the right bottom 3 last week, but not the correct bottom (they had Syesha on the bottom). I think it's more accurate simply in who is near the top and near the bottom. When David A. sticks at the top no matter how lousy he is, you know it's less about talent or that weeks performance. One thing that effect AOL is they aren't clear on whether they reset the totals after the vote results or not. That could make a big difference.

As for Chikezie, sure, a musician would easily notice, but the average viewer only did because he (and later Simon) called attention to it. Why call attention to your biggest weakness? That's just stupid. It's the same as acknowledging you blow a line, like Dave A. did twice during his first week performance. That's a rank amateur move. It's the same thing when someone starts making excuses about the bad recording or performance on their demo before you hear it.. it's already over at that point.

Something else that was interesting was how little knowledge these kids had of the Beatles music. I think it's a telling indicator of how they've lost a generation of fans by not being available for sale on the digital services. A couple of them clearly had reverance still for the Beatles, but many didn't know them from Tony Bennett. (In fact, some may actually know Tony Bennett better since he's still active). I'm sure it's all about power and control and waiting for the ultimate huge payday in the marketplace, but do these guys need the money still? Heather Mills aside, you'd think they'd want their music out there like all other artists and frankly I don't hear it on the radio as much anymore and few kids are listening to it on their ipods.

They say the graveyards are filled with irreplaceable men (that's paraphrased), and I wonder if 100 years from now the Beatles will be quite as known still as we assume they will be. This generation gap goes a long way to shooting that down. By the time they ARE available, they may be as unhip as Elvis has also become to many.


I looked at my watch at the end of no. 7's song and realized it was 9:15. Ridiculous. A two hour show for 11 singers, who each sing 1:30 minutes. Calculate that out. That means about 17 minutes of singing, and 103 minutes of judging, inane chit chat and a million endless commercials. It's funny, in past years I've always enjoyed watching the show, but this year, after an hour, I feel so impatient. I feel this way with a lot of television, after the 3rd commercial break, I'm thinking -- I could be spending this time writing music. If I spend 2 hours every Tuesday night watching AI and another hour on Wednesday night watching the results -- that's a piece of music for film/TV. It's just not worth it. I'm interested in hearing the singers and seeing their progress. But the show itself is dragged out so long, it is, in Simon's words, incredibly boring. And yes, I can tape the show and zip through everything, but I really would rather watch a jam packed one-hour show and go on other things having enjoyed myself.

In addition, I don't understand the logic of doing two weeks of Beatles songs. Surely there must be a whole host of songs that people could sing. I was not that impressed with the songs this week.

Here are my results:

DAVID ARCHULETA (Long & Winding Road) - I don't care what other people say, this young man has a lovely voice with nice tone, and he does interesting things with it. I think he's a pop singer, not a rock singer, but if Josh Groban and Michael Buble can find their niche, I don't see why David can't. He was the tops this week in my book.

SYESHA (Yesterday) - Clear tone, good power & range, sings with her heart but also with skill. Very good.

CARLY SMITHSON (Blackbird) - Well, we knew someone was going to do this one. You have to agree, she has the chops.

DAVID COOK (Day Tripper) - Lots of talent, has some range too. Good job.

AMANDA OVERMEYER (Back in the USSR) - She sang well, rocked it up, was okay but didn't thrill me. I thought the timing was off a little and I wasn't sure if she was always on pitch.

REMIELLE (I Should Have known Better) - This girl definitely has a voice but I don't think the songs she chooses show it off. I think she needs to 'go for it' more.

CHIKEZIE (I've Just Seen a Face) - He has a very nice tone, but I think he was trying too hard to rock it up or sing a bluesy style. It was a bit messy.

MICHAEL JOHNS (A Day in the Life) - He sings his high notes by lifting his head and stretching his neck, and he keeps his mouth closed. This is not good for the voice, you lose energy & support when you stretch up, and when you have your mouth closed the energy of the voice hits a wall. It's like the voice gets 'choked'. He has a good voice - that's why he's made it this far - but he needs some training to bring it out. If he could do that he would be a real contender. But I think he's not going to make the top 3 with this approach to singing. I think he knows it too, he doesn't understand why it isn't working for him the way he wants it to.

BROOK WHITE (Here Comes the Sun) - Well, sorry to say the performance didn't do much for me. The song sat low in whatever key was chosen, so her voice didn't have the bright tone / aliveness. When we play it too safe vocally we take the edge away from what we do.

JASON CASTRO (Michelle) - I did think he sang with more tone this week. I still find his phrasing mechanical and a bit pitchy. I really don't know why he got into the top 12, I don't think he belongs there. I think he will be going home soon.

KRISTY LEE COOK (You've Got to Hide Your Love Away) - I like Kristy, she's a great person, but unfortunately I felt she should have been voted off last week, her performance last week and this week were the weakest of the lot. She tries too hard, therefore that means she sings with too much pressure against the vocal chords. What she thinks singing is, is not singing. In addition, I feel that her performance is 'lifeless'. I think she needs some good coaching. Because what she focuses on when performing is the wrong thing, so it comes across as though she isn't all there. I think she has potential, but it would be best if she was voted off, and went away and worked on her voice & performance skills for another year.
"AMANDA OVERMEYER (Back in the USSR) - She sang well, rocked it up, was okay but didn't thrill me. I thought the timing was off a little and I wasn't sure if she was always on pitch."

I reviewed her video performance on youtube just to be sure. I think she hit about 50% of the notes...mostly the ONE note and didn't venture far from that one. Really, really bad.

As bad as Kristy was, I thought Amanda was worse.

Hey Brian,

I've had more than one teen say, "Paul McCartney? Wasn't he in a band called Wings?"

Well, we don't keep track of the trials and tribulations of the Tommy Dorsey Band or sing the songs of Cole Porter much anymore either, do we?

Ya Brian

Kristy said the way she picked the song was she liked the name of it, and then heard it for the first time when they filmed her intro (I guess a few days before the show)
You have a good point about the Beatles...although my 20 something nephews know every word to every song
David C - I didn't like him at first, but he's since done a few things to impress. This week was a tad overkill to me, but still not a bad performance.

David A - Was spot on this week. This young man has an amazing ability to give chills when he’s “on.” I love the fact that he has a firm hold of the Hannah Montana/Jonas Brothers crowd, but unlike many other young stare he has the talent to impress a more mature music buying audience. The breathy inhalation he was left with (post partial vocal paralysis) is a wee bit annoying, but still I adore this kid. He’s got great control and I knew him to have amazing range before his illness, so I’d love for him to stretch his wings a bit one week, if he still has the ability tear it up. I definitely feel he emotes really well (hence my goose bumps). I definitely believe he is a superstar.

Syesha - Better, but I'm not a huge fan. Either or Ramie will be next to go I'd imagine.

Kristy Lee Hook - Very so so. Hope she gets her act together.

Brooke - This is twice now that she seemed quite lost without an instrument. I still love her vocals. She's got the kind of voice that will easily keep her there into the top 3 of this season. I really feel like she'd have staying power in the industry based on her unique tone and classic singer/songwriter vibe.

Chikezie - He's got a great voice, but he suffers from LaKisha-itus...great vocals, but little star quality.

Jason Castro - I think Jason could be very good. Last night wasn't my favorite performance, but I really think doing his own thing he could make a career out of this. He's in my top 4.

Amanda - She was a little off key again last night. I'm not a musician, but seems to me she's always sharp. I do get a feeling that she's rock right to her soul, but I don't think she has an ability to do anything else or even just change shades within the rock.

Michael - For some reason he bores me stiff. His sound is so generic. Seems like a lovely guy, but I'm just not feelin' it. Although it was for a great reason, he still picked the wrong song last night. It was just everywhere.

Ramiele - Adorable, but she doesn’t have it. Last night was better, but still so "so what" to me. I loved her at first so I've been a bit disappointed.

Carly – Excellent instrument, but I just don’t get superstar from her. Her tone is so generic she’d fade into the wallpaper. To me it’s like she would need earth-shaking, great songs to have a career. A mediocre song as a lead single and it’d be the end for her.

Predicted top three this season: David A, Brooke White, and David C. Archuleta wins over Brooke to become the 7th Idol.

Tonight I believe Syesha will go home. Although she had one of her best performances, she just doesn’t have anything that makes her stand out and gives her a strong following. I was thinking Ramiele might go, but I think people will give her another chance as they probably will with Kristy.
Wednesday March 19 2008

I wanted Amanda to stay long enough to tour because she probably would have gotten much better traveling but shes gone tonight. How did the best singer in the whole group, Carly, end up with the bottom three? Kristy hangs around another week. She had better get a personality coach or she is next. She does have two things going for her- looks and a good voice.
Results 19Mar08

So the botton three were


and Amanda went home. Obviously this is not a singing competition.

You're right, it's not a singing contest, it's an "idol" contest: Who can be interesting enough to get the votes? Sometimes being able to sing well helps get more votes and sometimes it's simply who is the most likeable.

I have to say I was REALLY surprised that Carly was in the bottom 3. Kristi has been in the bottom 3 for the past 2 weeks, so that was no surprise.

I think Kristy will "fit in" with the other 9 on tour better than Amanda. She will also have a chance to get better by touring, but I don't think she'll last more than 2 more weeks in the current show.

On a side note, I thought Kelly Pickler did a very decent performance tonight. I wasn't expecting that she had improved as much as she did.

While I know the fan voting has little to do with who is the best vocalist, still find it hard to believe Carly is in the bottom 3.

Now that they're done with the Lennon McCartney weeks, what's next?

It would be interesting if they had some way of analyzing the voting. Are there 100,000 teens out there with unlimited text packages on their phones speed dialing 200 times comprising the bulk of the votes actually cast while 8 million other folks vote once each?

vicki -

I've only watched the show on television once this year. Catching the performances on youtube takes about 2 minutes each and since I'm on my computer during that time I can usually get some other things done as well.

I think it's interesting to note that the 2 contestants with the least "industry" connections or experience were David Hernandez and Amanda Overmyer. Amanda in particular was 100% indie with zero industry connections or experience of any kind. Most of the others have either been signed to major labels, on tour with major label artists, on major broadcast TV shows, winners of large TV awards shows for younger artists and so on. Even Kristy was signed to a major label. Just an interesting observation. I was hoping Amanda could hang on one more week so she could do the tour and get the year long attention. It's far less likely she'll attract any industry interest finishing 11th. I don't recall ever hearing from someone who finished that low again, unless it was controversy.

Ah well. Obviously Carly didn't belong in the bottom 3. But she's just not getting the votes and it looks like aside from Brooke, this is going to be a sausage fest between David A and David C and Jason C.

Hey Marty, you ever find any critters in that underbrush? = )

Hi Linda,

I gotta go with Brooke or the Rocker dude. That David guy is just way to David Cassidy for me. No substance.

Take care,
FINALLY figured out who Brooke looks like: the actress Cate Blanchett!

But BOY, was she goofy the other night. And while she got blasted for it (rightly so), Jason Castro was commended in some ways for his "yukkity-yuk" performance. Hmmm. I like them both..but I think my favorite at the moment is David Cook...

As an aside, friends saw Carrie Underwood last night in concert up here....said she was fantabulous and drop-dead gorgeous! We will be jumping ahead to Season 5 when hubby and the kids and I go see Bucky Covington next Saturday. Should be a blast.

Anyway, off to beddy bye!!

Ciao for now,
Ah...yes. You're right. She could be Cate Blanchett's little sister.

Agreed on a goofy performance as well. She lost some supporters on that one.

Jason has a lot of teeniebopper votes. The 13-year-old girls seem to think he's "SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE" and say he has "John Travolta eyes".

Well, I don't know that we've had too many AI's where the best singer actually won. Certainly Taylor wasn't the best singer in Season 5 against Katherine McPhee and Chris Daughtry, and Jordin Sparks certainly couldn't keep up with Melinda Dolittle, but there are other factors involved in making a winner - obviously. I just hope it isn't mainly the teen vote this year.

I ALMOST (I said 'almost') miss the Sanjaya's and Chicken Little's of the past years. It made for an interesting show if nothing else.

I have heard that next week is when they have to do a song that was a hit the year of their birth. Most were born in the 80's.

That was possibly my favorite decade. I just did a quick google on 80's hits and there should be some great music.

Big names back then:

George Michael
Flock of Seagulls
Steve Miller
Men At Work
Michael Jackson
Duran Duran
Hall & Oates
Phil Collins
Lionel Ritchie
Kenny Loggins
Bruce Springsteen
Billy Idol
Billy Joel
Dire Straits
Huey Lewis and the News
Billy Ocean
Pat Benetar
Whitney Houston
Gloria Estefan/Miami Sound Machine
Def Leppard
Robert Palmer
Richard Marx
Janet Jackson
Anita Baker
Bon Jovi
and....Paula Abdul wink
I've noticed they've never done a Paula Abdul song.. not that they're great vocal songs of course.. but I wonder if there's an embargo against doing it?


This is a REALLY great blog on AI - she's very funny and hits the nail on the head. Steve (my hubby) found this one.

Yeah, I wonder about not doing Paula songs... although a few have been done as audition pieces, from someone smitten with her. smile

What I think is strange is that they announced they were going to announce the season Mentors - THEN, instead, they announced one more Beatles week.... and we STILL have NO announcement.

I think something went screwy with their lineup and now they're scrambling to cover it. That's what I think. grin

I heard last week - and this is just hearsay but here I go anyway - that Clive Davis allegedly told a Big-Name Star who told her contact who told the music connection I was talking to (how's that for convoluted) that "Yeah we already know who the winner is. We're working with them on their album before the season's even over."

I hope there are enough "allegedly's" in the above paragraph...
And granted, this came to me a loooooooong way from the original source.... it's just a thought. It wouldn't surprise me in the least, though... in fact, it would sort of explain a lot.

Is it a law anywhere that in a contest like this they MUST count and tally all the votes recieved, AND honor the count? Where is that written out? Are there any legal loopholes? (C'mon... when are there not?)

I suspect that they really, REALLY want to make good television out of it, which means pitting those toward the bottom who shouldn't be (to increase popular interest), voting off those they don't think are all that marketable, and promoting those they want to win, all so it doesn't "look" as fixed as it may actually be.

I hope I'm wrong.

Re song choice -- I think it has something to do with royalties and licencing and copyright. That's why they do all these old songs, even though they are looking for a hot, contemporary, youthful performer.

The Academy Awards and Grammys, Junos, etc., all results are tabulated by an independent firm. Should be the same for Idol.
I think there have been "conspiracy theories" about AI every year.

No one has been able to prove any vote juggling, and to my knowledge, Fox has not come forth and denied it either.

It's simply good entertainment for me. Winning or losing on AI does NOT necessarily mean success in the music business: witness Taylor Hicks poor sales performance, and Chris Daughtry's steller sales, and the surprise sales of Kellie Pickler.

Josiah (remember the kid living in his car who got cut right before the Top 24?) allegedly now has a record deal with one of the majors...who knows how he'll do.

What it DOES do is give a group of about 10-12 singers HUGE exposure that they would not normally be able to get on a "test" audience. Personally, I think that's it's biggest value - not whether the voters can select the best singer.

I agree. It's still a very good shot at getting your name in lights.

Didn't William Hung get some sort of deal?

And I sorta liked the "He is My Brother" song that guy did this year in auditions... the one Simon said he had a terrible feeling it would become a hit record. smile

From American Idol suggestions for submitting a song before the March 31st deadline.

{{A simple vocal recording accompanied by a guitar or piano will be enough for us to hear if your song could work for American Idol. Our skilled production team can then work their magic and complete the musical arrangement around your song if you make it through to our finale.

I don’t have access to a professional recording studio. What do you suggest?

We’re not listening to the quality of the recording, just the quality of the song. Recording a basic vocal and instrument performance at home on your computer is good enough for us. If you need help creating a song file, follow our simple steps here.
My songwriting is a lot better than my singing. Will this hurt my chances?

Remember, we’re not judging your performance, just the song. Perhaps you know a friend who is more confident in front of a microphone and can help you out. If not, don’t worry, as a great song will always shine through.}}

If you believe all that advice, I have some ocean Front property in Arizona for sale that might interest you. sjh
I'm not betting my $10 entry fee on it...

What I thought would happen last year is that the judges would take the 20 top songs and have "the band" record them all so that we would be listening to the all the song interpreted by the AI team. What we actually got was the original demos and all of them except one (One Night) was a full blown produced demo. "One Night" was a voice/piano arrangement. There was no "skilled production team" working "their magic" on rough demos. I don't think they wanted to work that hard and what Brian has said still holds true- they are not going to consider a great song poorly produced.
That was what I had mistakenly thought too. For instance, I thought they could edit out my kids chatting in the background, the phone ringing, my voice sounding like the teacher on Charlie Brown....

Oh well, lesson learned.

Nevertheless, I LOVED listening to the top 20....

Ciao for now,

The too-little-too-late-this-year-contender Beth
Well, tonight was not's my blow-by-blow

1. Ramiele Malubay - "Alone" by Heart. She should NOT have tried a Heart tune even at her best, but especially if her voice is not up to par (the judges commented that she was ill). This was easily the worst performance of the night. It was pitchy most of the way through, and strident when she tried to belt. I don't think she has the chops to keep up with everyone else at this point and based solely on performance, she would be the most likely contestent to go home tomorrow.

2. Jason Castro - "Fragile" by Sting. This was a ho-hum, boring performance. I think the lack of dynamics in his vocals are starting to catch up to him. His main strength seems to be that the girls think he has gorgeous eyes. His singing is average at best. He has a nice voice, just not a great voice. He also doesn't have any imagination in his arrangements.

3. Syesha Mercado - "If I Was Your Woman" by Stephanie Mills. This was a very respectable performance and possibly her best to date. I hope it's enough to keep her in the competition a while longer. I think she has a very good (not great) voice.

4. Chikezie - "If Only For One Night" by Luther Vandross. I think he may have blown his chance. He is not a good ballad singer; he does great with the uptempo stuff, but he is not in the same league as Luther and it came off corny and pitchy. This was probably the 2nd worst performance tonight.

5. Brooke White - "Every Breath You Take" by the Police. Personally, I really liked Brooke tonight. She wasn't as pitchy as usual but still gave a very heartfelt performance. I do think the arrangement wasn't so hot. Once the band came in, she got pitchier and less interesting, but I think she's solid for another week or three.

6. Michael Johns - "We Are The Champions" by Queen. Finally, the guy picked a decent song for his voice and did a very nice job. This was probably the 2nd best performance tonight and secured another week for him.

7. Carly Smithson - "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler. This was IMHO the worst performance I've heard from Carly. I normally like her performances, but not tonight. She had some pitchiness and the song didn't fit her style of singing. Based on the fact that she was in the bottom three last week, she could be in real danger here.

8. David Archuletta - "You're the Voice" by David Foster. I only vaguely even remember this song, but maybe I'm simply burning out on the guy, but he didn't knock me out tonight. He's certainly safe, but I think he's slipping in his appeal. Simon even commented that it was a "Theme Park" performance and expected to see little animated creatures around him.

9. Kristy Lee Cook - "God Bless The USA" by Lee Greenwood. Well, I've never been a fan of hers and don't think she can sing all that well, but this particular song selection may just have saved her from a farewell performance tomorrow night. She did a so-so job of it, but every redneck in America will probably vote for her. She also seems to have some family who is a player in the AFL, so she may also be getting a bunch of AFL votes. I don't think she's going home THIS week...

10. David Cook - "Billy Jean" by Michael Jackson. First of all, he did a Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) version in 6/8 time, not a 4/4 dance version, but it was absolutely brilliant. I was simply mesmerized and was thinking, "I would buy tickets to see this guy perform". Technically, there were a few pitchy notes (not many), but he has such charisma that you hardly notice. He could be the next idol, and IMHO is further along in his performance skills than Chris Daughtry was at this point in Season 5.

My rankings this week:

1. David Cook
2. Michael Johns
3. Syesha Mercado
4. Brooke White
5. David Archuletta
6. Carly Smithson
7. Jason Castro
8. Chikezie
9. Kristy Lee Cook
10. Ramielle Malubay

Since Ramielle has a loyal fan base and Kristy will get the patriot and super-jock votes, my guess is that Chikezie will go home tomorrow. Let's see if my bottom three match the votes...

Who else wants to take a shot at who will go home tomorrow?

My top 3 were:

David Cook: I am getting a bit tired of him stealing everyone else's unique arrangements. He's done it 3 of the last 4 weeks at least. The first time was at the end of the last round of auditions and it caused a bit of a scandal when the band he ripped it off from raised a stink. Now they've been clearly announcing whose version he's doing each week. But he's getting credit for being "original" when he's anything but. And the judges know better, but praised him for it nonetheless. That said, the second half of the song raised him up to the best of the night.

Syesha Mercado: She was really fantastic. What I liked most is she didn't take the easy "let's sing over the top" approach and instead gave a very heartfelt and down to earth performance. I like it when someone sings a song, rather than performing vocal gymnastics. If I had a lable, I'd totally sign this girl.

Carly Smithson: I am not a big fan of her's, but in a very week collections, she's the third smartest kid in this dumb class. I thought it was a bad song choice since it's so well known for the gravel vocals and Carly is such a powerful but clean singer.

My bottom 3 were:

Ramielle Malubay: Sick or not, she sucked.

David Archuleta: If not for Ramielle's total trainwreck, he'd have been the worst of the night. This guy is SOOOO over rated it's baffling. Apparently being a cute little Disney character is all you need these days. Yawn. His breathy rasp is so tiresome. And that song was hideous. It's the first song I can ever remember on American Idol I'd never heard and for good reason. It was weak weak weak.

Chikezie Eze: He probably just packed his bags up for the road on this lame old school R&B drivel. Ack.

The Also Rans:

Brooke White: She's an above average female singer-songwriter. But I can think of a dozen off the top of my head who blow her away. In fact, I see at least 1 or 2 better female singer songwriters at nearly every JPF Roadtrip show we do. This was a decent performance.. but so what in the end.

Michael Johns: This guy can sing. Seriously. I've heard him. I ever gave him an award. But he sure hasn't done much of it on the show yet. This wasn't that great. It wasn't as good as his Hollywood round performance of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Jason Castro: We've seen it before.. we'll see it again. And he hasn't lived up to his first performance of the last round. That was his peak. He's been living off those fumes ever since.

Kristy Lee Cook: She was very nearly in the bottom 3. Great song choice for sure. But imagine Carrie Underwood doing that same song. Nuff said. She's no Carrie Underwood.

Likely Going home: Chikezie. Who deserves to go home? Ramiele has been a total underachiever all season. So has Kristy. Kristy is a wooden performer. All 3 of them could go and I wouldn't think twice.

I don't have cable tv, and my home computer is way too slow to get any online clips of it. But sometimes my friends will burn tapes and show me the "funny" highlights of the show...but this is very rare.
Here is the way I evaluated last nights preformances: Who did I want to listen to again? Who did I bother to rewind the hard drive for? When Cook started singing Billy Jean, I thought he was crazy but by the end, I wanted to hear it again. Best thing all night or for several weeks.

Second, and I don't expect anyone to agree with me, but I loved the Lee Greenwood song by Kriste Lee Cook. OK I admit I like the song but I have never heard a woman sing it before and I could hear the quality coming back in her voice that has been missing since the auditions. She got a little pitchy here and there by she didn't strut around with that phony diva step that makes my eyes roll; and because she is very green, she will get stronger on tour. She still could make the top 5.

David A, Chikezie and Jason Castro all picked weak songs- were they born under a bad songwriting year or what? They have voice coaches- don't they have song advisors?
Running short on time today so I'll just rank them ...

1. David Cook
2. Michael Johns
3. Kristy Lee Cook
4. Syesha Mercado
5. Chikezie
6. Carly Smithson
7. Brooke White
8. David Archuletta
9. Jason Castro
10.Ramielle Malubay

Based on past results (not past performances), I'd say Carly and chikezie are in danger. I bet Ramielle gets the sickness sympathy vote and sticks around.
I was so bad at this last week...I'm not gonna even attempt guessing who's leaving tonight! lol
25Mar08 - Top 10

In this week's show some singers showed vocal stress. I do respect the vocal coaches that work with the kids, but I also think that a knowledge of technique needs to be part of what they do. I also notice that many of the singers are approaching high notes by lifting their heads and singing to the ceiling, and opening their mouths really wide. This works against the voice, as the neck is stretched, and the breath thins out. They would do better to sing focussed forward with the head in a neutral position and the jaw relaxed down, while the corners of the lips are rounded. It's crucial to sing with some technical application, not only so that the vocal tone is good during today's performance, but so that you don't tire out the voice so it can't perform tomorrow.


REMIELE: According to what was said, she is not sick, but she lost her voice. This doesn't surprise me. These kids have been singing more in the last month than they have in a year. Besides the pressure of being in the public eye, consistently learning new music & choreography, there is also a lot of pressure to be "big". In Remiele's case, the strain showed. She has a lovely voice, but she pushed it. It was very tight. I felt that she yelled some of the song. She sings with wide, big vowels, which is very hard on the vocal chords. She would do better to sing with round shapes, and if she needs space, to go long (tall). In particular, on the big wide vowels, she was off pitch. I am concerned for her vocal health.

JASON: Jason finally impressed me a little this week. I thought he sang with more tone in his voice. However, I still say his kind of singing is not what is required for this competition. He is a folk singer, and there's nothing wrong with that, but there's a big divide between folk and pop a la Kelly C. I was disappointed in the song itself, as I was waiting for a payoff to a good chorus what would show some vocal skill and tone... and it went nowhere. For me I think Jason is one of the weaker singers. I know the girls like him, and I think he has a good heart, but vocally he doesn't do it for me.

SYESHA: I thought Syesha sang the best she ever has. She looked and sounded like a total professional. Great tone, great performance, beautiful top notes. Well arranged. Excellent.

CHIKEZIE: Poor Chikezie, he doesn't get what's going on. I thought he sang with good tone. He needs better vowel shapes on the bottom to help keep the tone consistent, otherwise he runs the risk of sounding pitchy. He's got that bluesy sound - which came in towards the end - that actually makes him sound deep and mature. Sure, it's a bit sweet and old fashioned. But if Michael Buble can do it, why not Chikezie?

BROOK WHITE: Brook has not impressed me as a singer throughout the competition. As she played the piano, I felt the combination of dealing with the instrument, a stationery mic, and the performance, caused a lot of tension in her neck and shoulders. You could see it. Sitting down is not always the best position for singing. So, between the tension, and the lack of centered breathing, the voice was not supported effectively. She needs to work on singing with her entire instrument -- which is all of her. The piano in this case was a distraction that made her disconnect from her body.

MICHAEL JOHNS: Finally! Finally he showed his potential. Unlike Brook, he put his whole self into what he was doing, and it paid off. That being said, he's a great example of what I said in my opening remarks. When he goes up, he lifts up his head, and he sings with his mouth shaped wide and flat. This compresses the voice. I wish I could spend 30 minutes with him and show him a different way of doing it. Because I think he's got one of the top voices in this competition, but he doesn't have the tools to understand how to make that voice really work in the top.

CARLY: Another vocal strain candidate. She's always sung her upper notes wide, and now we are starting to hear the results of that approach. The voice gets tight, it sounds stressed, there is no vibrato. I felt it was the wrong choice to try to push the voice to sing Pat Benetar. I felt that she was trying too hard. I am concerned that she is going too far. When you saw her face and the look in her eyes at the end, she knew she hadn't sung it the way she wanted to. But I'm not sure if she knew what had happened. The voice is a delicate instrument. With the right support, you can do amazing things, if your voice is well-developed and healthy. But vocal strain will do you in very quickly in this competition.

DAVID ARCHULETA: Here's another singer with a very good voice, who has always impressed me with his tone... who didn't impress me this week. On some of the vowels, the voice was sitting at the back, this makes the tone sound hollow, dull. It also saps energy from the voice. It's a sutble form of holding back. Again, another singer starting to lift his head when he goes up - this is totally wrong, it means we lose quality, and QUALITY *not* quantity, should always be the goal. I think his voice shows some fatigue, probably because the chosen song was too big for him - he is not a rock singer, and he should push himself to try to imulate the rock singers in the competition. However, I always have and still do appreciate his spirit.

KRISTY: Again Kristy sang in a way that doesn't impress me. What she thinks singing is, is not singing. She pushes the voice, she opens wide, she lifts her head, and in result you hear tightness, pitchiness. It's not that she doesn't have some potential, but I really it would be best for her to be voted off, go away and work with a coach for a year, and come back.

DAVID COOK: Along with Syesha, the clear winner of the night. Original, skilled, professional... and hopefully humble. Very interesting - and brave - way of doing the song, and it paid off big time. It showed his range & ability. Well sung.

If this was a singing competition, then Kristy should go, or possibly Brook. Likely it will be Chickezie, though.

I'll have to watch for the head position when a singer is pushing a note. I have never had a formal singing lesson. The day I knew I had a lot to learn form a professional vocal coach was the day I walked into a Fort Worth bar and heard a guy singing "Walk on by". I was marveling at his ability to hit the high notes without straining. At break I talked to him and he told me it was all about technique that he had learned from a vocal coach. He said, "If you can hit the note at all, you can learn to hit the note without straining". I never forgot that comment because he was proving it with every high note he hit.
Originally Posted by Hummingbird

If this was a singing competition, then Kristy should go, or possibly Brook. Likely it will be Chickezie, though.


I called it.
I just read an old interview (2004) with Debra Byrd, she says "I encourage the singers that if they are having technical problems, they should consult a voice instructor who specializes in correcting technical deficiencies in the singing voice. They are allowed to do this, as my job is to ensure that the performing elements are in place when the show goes live. There is not enough time, during the course of the week, to work on technique in addition to my work in developing their performance skills, charting song arrangements, etc." and "At times it is frustrating for me as a voice coach as I have to correct many bad habits in a short period of time."

Exactly what I wondered about. The difficulty with technique - like any skill - is that it takes time to practice it and integrate into what you are doing.

anyway, there's suppose to be a video of the singers coaching, but I can't get it to come up -
David Cook
Michael Johns
Carly Smithson

These 3 are the only ones with a chance of not being forgettable. Would be hard to find a marketplace as a stand alone artist for any.Better in a band scenario. Not a stand out year; but I'm just a guy from Jersey...........

Elimination night....

Well, Chikezie seemed to know he was a goner when he was first called out. I wonder if they told him ahead of time?

He had a very likeable personality, he just didn't have the vocal chops to carry it through. He also stumbled when he changed what was keeping him in the competition (uptempo, with creative arrangements).

The fact that Ramiele was NOT in the bottom 3 shows how strong her fan base is.

I don't get why Syesha is not more popular. That was probably the biggest surprise for me: her in the bottom 3 (instead of Kristy).

Next week is Dolly Parton night. Kristy will probably make it through that week as well. I think Kristy is becoming the new Sanjaya (everyone wondering how long before she gets voted off)?

She's a pretty weak live performer.. but she has that label background and it's clear that in the studio she'd be great as she has a really nice tone. But man she sucks on stage badly.

Chikezie had zero chance of winning. So it's not a big deal to see him go. Until someone is voted off that could actually win, the next several weeks are going to be boring boring boring.

I agree that Syesha should be much more popular. I would still choose her over the other female artists to sign to a record deal. David Cook has surprised me.. but I'd like to see him do something actually original some week (instead of ripping off everyone elses creative renditions). And he's kind of a one trick pony. But then, all the finalists are. Does anyone left have any flexibility? Maybe Carly.. And Michael Johns is still under performing. He can take it up a notch.. or fall flat.. the jury is still out I think.

I can't figure Syesha being down that low either. Makes no sense whatsoever!

I'm still wondering why they haven't announced any mentors!

They announced them 2 weeks ago actually. You must have missed it. Mariah Carey is one one of them as is Dolly Parton.

Other than this show, most won't see these performers live on stage again. I know they do some sort of "Idol review" tour thing which I'm sure is wonderful(ha!). So in the studio any can be a "darling" of the airwaves. Especially with a jump start marketing campaign like Idol. Funny how last year's "losers" are doing better than the winner! They all need songs though....start writing!
I don't think we've really heard from anyone from last year except Kellie Pickler.. who else has had airplay?

I haven't heard anything except Pickler either Brian. Is it because they are played on younger hip hoppy stations? I know you don't really like her, I thought Mcfever would make some waves after her year...but I haven't heard anything...Doolittle is releasing a CD in June
That's good news about Melinda! Yay.

Yep, I must've missed the mentor announcement. smile Sounds cool.
I've heard Kelly Clarkson on the air and Daughtry and that's about it. Blake and Jordin both put a CD out, but I haven't heard any airplay so far.

Could be on different stations than I'm tuned to, I suppose...

Hey Guys,

Kelly was actually from Season 5 (two years ago), the year Taylor Hick won -- and I only know that because of the often-mentioned love and affection my 9 year old has for her co-Idol Bucky Covington (whom we are going to see tomorrow night). He's actually doing really well, having made some breakthroughs on the country charts, and he's up now for a CMT award next month. That was also the season of Chris Daughtry, who has obviously gone on and done super well...

I'd say that is probably the best all-around season they had. Entertainment-wise DURING the show, and after the contestants moved on with their lives.

Do I watch AI a lot? Yup. Um, am I a registered user over there...? Um, yup!

Ciao for now,

P.S. Just learned, coincidentally, that Bucky is going to be appearing on this coming week's elimination night on A.I....guess it's a little feature on the several idols who have settled down in the Nashville area....
April 1st 2008 Tuesday 9 contestants left:

David A is probably back on top after a bad song choice last week.
Kristie Lee Cook had her chance shoot a couple of notches singing one of Dolly's songs, but she picked a rather tired and played out "Coat of many colors". It didn't help her. She did better last week. David Cook picked an interesting song and he did some nice vocal things that I didn't know he had in him- but the song, "Sparrow", wasn't exactly electrifying. Not a very exciting night in general. AI should have bumped the show up to 1 hr 30 minutes, slowed the pace a bit, and let the kids sing a little longer because the pace was too frantic. 1 hour is too little and 2 hours is too much for 9 contestants.
Well, my favorites were David Cook, Michael Johns and Carly. It seemed to me that Simon was a bit biased in that he only gave good comments to males tonight. I am wondering if they are trying to influence the voters toward a male winner. Hmmmmmm.

I thought Carly was particularly moving tonight but Simon didn't like it. Oh well. We'll just have to see what the public thought.

I thought tonight was a very ho-hum night. Nobody really bowled me over. I think the best performances were David Cook, Carly Smithson, David Archuletta, and Syesha Mercato.

I don't know why Syesha isn't getting a better response. Even Randy didn't particularly like her. I thought Carly did great, too. I did agree with Simon's comment about her wardrobe - and her look. From the comments on the AI boards, she really needs to cover her tats. She's losing MANY votes because of that.

Brooke White and Ramiele were the really boring, weak performers tonight. Ramiele was at least pretty on-pitch, but is a forgetable performer. I think Brooke only hit about 1/3 of the notes on pitch - really, really bad.

Jason was OK, but strained on a few notes. Kristy actually was decent, but not outstanding.

I thought Michael did very good tonight, but it seemed a bit contrived in that I saw him looking for the "red light" camera a couple of times and then switching to look at the active camera. That made it seem like he wasn't really feeling the bluesy notes, but just putting on an act.

Here are who I think will be in the bottom three:

Ramiele, Syesha, Brooke

Who will go home tomorrow? Based strickly on tonight's performance, it should be Brooke, but she has been very popular lately. Ramiele has not had ONE outstanding performance, and is losing her loyal fan base, so I hope it will be Ramiele.

Top 3 of the night:

Michael Johns: His best performance since Hollywood week.
Syesha Mercado: She did a great job of NOT oversinging, but still perfectly hitting every note and nuance of the arrangement. It's sucks bad that obviously the judges don't want her to win. They've struck out with R&B singers so far as winners and don't want another one.
David Archuletta: For the first time of the entire competition, I thought he was in the top 3. He actually did a nice job.

Bottom 3:

Ramiele Mulabay: She was totally awful. She's been the worst the entire season and hasn't had a single good performance.
Brooke White: Yawn Yawn Yawn. She was very awkward and ho-hum. She's so vanilla I may start calling her Lily White from now on.
Kristy Lee Cook: This should have been her week. She was pretty average. If she can't nail Dolly Parton, she needs to move on.

Also Rans:

Carly Smithson: She wasn't bad at all, but not good enough to be in the top 3.
David Cook: He also wasn't bad, but his one trick pony act is getting a bit tired.
Jason Castro: Barely stayed out of my bottom 3. He seemed to connect with the song more than Brooke or Kristy Lee so I put him in the middle.

Who SHOULD go: Ramiele and Kristy should be the next two, in either order. Neither has had a great week. Heck, Chikezie and Amanda both had outstanding performances but were still nuked from the show. Why these two pretenders keep sticking around is beyond me.

Who most likely WILL go: I think Kristy might finally go, but I am very worried that they'll boot off Syesha who is probably, along with Carly, the strongest voice in the competition. Carly or Ramiele will likely be the 3rd in the bottom 3.

This season is weird. Not many horrible performances, as previous years, but not even close to as many show stoppers either. None of the artists so far have shown any diversity at all. They all do 1 thing, fairly well, and stick with it. It's boring.

I agree with you Brian, except that I liked Carly and David C better than you did. Kristy and Ramielle need to go, followed by Jason C and Brooke
Seems like everyone missed a chance to show they could "do" country. It was more of a finding a Dolly song they could mold to themselves. Except of course Kristy who is country. She should have been THE standout this week but she was just good.

Michael Johns was the only standout performance this week.

Ramielle was just bad.

Jason and Brooke were boring.

Syesha did well. Didn't realize Dolly had written that one.
The judges have consistently panned anyone trying a Whitney or Celine song and I assume they did it to her last night as well.

Carly was good but has been showing she is not a performer. She sings well but doesn't win you over.

David A was also good in his vocal performance, but he took a southern tearjerker and made me feel like it was a holiday inn lounge song.

David C was good at turning a Dolly song into a male alternative rock song but he's worn out the formula.

I think you guys are too hard on Kristy if you place her in the bottom 3 performances this week. She's belonged there before and probably will again soon, but if you base it just on last night she was in the top half.
Elimination Wednesday April 2

Ramielle is gone. That was the right choice but she took it hard and is probably still crying. I hope the American Idol song winner is written for a guy because it looks like all the girls may be gone in a few weeks- the bottom three were girls this week and I don't think that is likely to change for the next couple of weeks.

The real surprise tonight was how bad the song was that Dolly Parson sang. The corniest hook I have heard in years. "Jesus and gravity"? It is as if she wrote it yesterday for tonights performance. Maybe she should have stuck to 9 to 5.
I had it down to Ramiele or Kristy leaving tonight. Someone has to go and they were the weaker two. Unfortunately I feel that Ramiele was a perfect example of having bad song choice. That song did absolutely nothing for me. I am sure that is why that happened to her. No one was moved and you have to move people. It was just blah and that crucified her chances of staying any longer. It is very likely that a guy will win it this year. I think Carly will be in there until the end. I had her as the winner but Dave Cook and Michael will give her a run. My American Idol song is definately suited for a girl. Not sure how all that will pan out. It is once again shocking that they have only spent a couple of weeks sorting through all those songs. I see they will post on April 10th. Good luck to all!

I had two of the bottom three correct, substituting Syesha for Jason. I do agree that they had the correct bottom three and America got it right: Ramiele needed to go home this week.

This was Brooke's first week in the bottom three. She didn't take it very well.

I was glad to see that Carly made it out of that group this week. She still has some growing to do as a performer, but hopefully, she will take Simon's advice about her wardrobe.

Hey, did anyone else notice how NICE Simon was tonight? He actually apologized a couple of times! After last night's foul mood, I was very surprised - and impressed.

My song submission is probably a better song for a girl singer, but could be done by either sex. It was demoed by a female singer, so we'll see...

Larry -

Think that was a mental slip there. Jason did belong in the bottom three but it was Kristy who was the third member last night. Even with his long hair you can't mistake the two. wink

Carly did have her shoulder covered last night. It'll be interesting to see what she shows up in next week.

Kristy has now been in the bottom 3 so many times she's gotten used to it, was able to joke about it and handle it well. Be interesting to see if she can keep getting there and keep hanging on.

Is there a normal show next week with the "Idol Gives Back" thing going on or do they take a week off the normal competition?
Marty, you're right: dreadlocks are not blonde locks wink . Definitely a finger slip or a "duh!" moment.

There were some interesting comments on the AI site last night about Kristy's "seat marker" joke. Some people felt it wasn't appropriate; others thought it was a joke that wasn't funny. However, my respect for Kristy went up a notch when she said that being in the bottom three was better than not being there at all. I thought that was a very mature statement and it seemed to be genuine.

Another interesting set of opinions was brooding about Brooke always talking back to the judges and interrupting them. Quite a few people thought it was inappropriate for her to talk back to Simon about his comments to the violin player and to Carly. Personally, I thought it was kind of tacky for her to bring up. Most of the contestants just nod or simply thank the judges for their opinions without getting cocky, correcting them, or otherwise justifying their performance. I think Brooke lost her "sweet and innocent" affectations last night - and no doubt some fans. She did not seem to handle being in the bottom 3 very well at all.

Next week is "Inspirational Songs".

This was posted by the moderator on the AI site regarding next week (3 nights next week):

On Tuesday, April 8 (8:00-9:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed), the Top 8 finalists (Brooke White, Carly Smithson, David Archuleta, David Cook, Jason Castro, Kristy Lee Cook, Michael Johns and Syesha Mercado) will return to the Idol stage for a special performance show that features inspirational songs.

The following night, Wednesday, April 9 (7:30-10:00 PM ET/PT), the Emmy Award-winning IDOL GIVES BACK returns with an illustrious group of celebrity participants to help raise awareness and funds to benefit various U.S. and international charities. The one-of-a-kind philanthropic special will feature appearances by incredible international artists and sports figures including Bono, Brad Pitt, Reese Witherspoon, Miley Cyrus, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Mariah Carey, Robin Williams, Celine Dion, Forest Whitaker, Billy Crystal, Dane Cook, Kiefer Sutherland, Fergie, Chris Daughtry, Carrie Underwood, Annie Lennox, John Legend, Snoop Dogg, Maroon 5, Heart, Gloria Estefan, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Jennifer Connolly, Elliott Yamin, Fantasia and Amy Adams.

One more finalist will go home and IDOL winner Jordin Sparks and recording sensation Chris Brown will perform "No Air" on a special results show, Thursday, April 10 (8:00-9:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed).

I was just so frustrated watching Ramiele sing. She was my early favorite of the girls. She has such a great voice, but as mentioned, she didn't move people with the way she sang. That's what separates them...gotta make that connection.
Apr 2nd - Top Nine

BROOK WHITE (Jolene) - I'm afraid I am still not a fan of Brook's singing. The song seemed set too low, meaning there was no life in the voice until the very end. Sitting down with the guitar (like sitting at the piano) put her in a physically awkward position. Her shoulders were up, head forward, and mic placed slightly too low so she was curving down into it. You can hear the lack of support in the way she breaths, and the breathiness of the tone. Because she doesn't connect to the core, her vocal tone lacks energy and yet at the same time loses energy. Either she is, week to week, too nervous, or too distracted by playing an instrument, but she always seems vocally uncomfortable to me. I'd like to see her stand, perferably with a hand held mike that allows some physical movement, as that might help her get into her body more.

DAVID COOK (Little Sparrow) - Note how David holds his guitar - standing up, shoulders straight, not curved over, neck well positioned. He definitely knows his voice, knows how to use it, with confidence.

REMIELLE (Do I ever Cross Your Mind) - I thought it was an odd song choice, or an odd arrangement, as there seemed to be no clear chorus. She was pitchy, and I didn't think she performed it very well. She is a sweet girl, and she has a big voice, but I don't think she has the knowledge to use it well - yet.

JASON CASTRO (Travel Thru) - I thought Jason picked a good song that worked for him, because of the lightness & folkiness of the piece. Vocally I think he's very tight and needs development. But I wonder, is an okay folk singer good enough to win AI? I hope not. More talented people have been voted off, or in the bottom 3. Seems strange he's made it thru this far.

CARLY (Here You Come Again) - She's definitely the strongest female voice, she's a very confident performer, has good tone. She still sings a little wide on the vowels but I felt she was more grounded when going up this week. Kinda a safe song but good.

DAVID A (Smokey Mtn Memories) - Good tone, a little lifting of the head on high notes. Definitely has a voice. I felt he picked a good song with a good chorus and sang it well.

KRISTY LEE (Coat of Many Colours) - Kristy actually sang better than Brook this week. She had some tone in her voice, the song sat in the right tessatura for her voice... until she went up - then she pushed/tried - and the voice got tight & pitchy. Good example of what happens when we don't understand how to support the voice effectively. I still find that her performance is stiff, and I wonder if she has the capactity to go much further.

SYESHA (I will always love you) - I was waiting for someone to do this one. I hoped Syesha would pull it off as she definitely has the range & depth to do it. I felt it was a great song choice for her, and that it did show off her range, tone and power... she drew you in. She pushed a tad at the end, but managed to pull it out - she needed to trust that a sweet tone is enough, instead of trying to create something more.

MICHAEL J - see how he lifts his head when he's going up the scale? And at the same time, his mouth goes flat & wide. This places the voice in the back of the throat. You could hear this dullness clearly on words like "love", which sounds like "ugh" instead of "ah". By placing the voice back there you lose energy and bright tone. I thought it was a wierd arrangement, but vocally I thought he did well, despite his need for technical skill.


Remielle went home. I know it was very difficult for her to leave the show, but I think the experience of being on the show, and touring with the top ten, will do a lot to help her with performance skills. She is very young. She definitely has a great voice but needs some help in understanding how it works. Some solid, technically based vocal coaching would help her achieve more vocal confidence and that would create a better foundation for performance. I'd also recommend some dance lessons for a sense of grace and fluidity.
I'm curious...what does this mean?

"...a little wide on the vowels..."

Vowel shape. Most untrained singers sing with wide, flat shapes.

This is what I said in my Mar 25th review:

"REMIELE: According to what was said, she is not sick, but she lost her voice. This doesn't surprise me. These kids have been singing more in the last month than they have in a year. Besides the pressure of being in the public eye, consistently learning new music & choreography, there is also a lot of pressure to be "big". In Remiele's case, the strain showed. She has a lovely voice, but she pushed it. It was very tight. I felt that she yelled some of the song. She sings with wide, big vowels, which is very hard on the vocal chords. She would do better to sing with round shapes, and if she needs space, to go long (tall). In particular, on the big wide vowels, she was off pitch. I am concerned for her vocal health."

I have no doubt that a lack of technical instruction led to her vocal fatigue & this week's result.
Hey everyone,

I know rumors are abounding about "The Call" coming in for Top 20 status, but I sort of remembered last year hearing about someone who had to pull over on the side of the rode on the Friday before? Wasn't that someone from here?

Anyhoo, in lurking around today, stumbled upon this post over on

BTW - I received an email earlier in the week from one of the Top 20 from last year who basically confirmed that the "calls" went out about 5 days before the songs were posted on Idol's website last year. They had to sign an additional royalty and usage agreement (which 19Entertainment eventually released 19 of them from once the contest was over).

Again, this could just be adding fuel to the fire, but thought I'd pass it along, for those keeping tabs....

Should be interesting!!

Ciao for now,
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Tuesday, April 8 2008

Jason and Kristie Lee Cook were impressive. I am going to look like a bloody genius if Kristie is the last girl standing- I said that in a post when everybody wanted her out. Her song "Anyway", originally done by Martina McBride, was the best "song" of the night followed by Jason's "Over the rainbow" Everything else was forgettable. How do I know? Because my wife will only rewind the hard drive to watch something if it moves her and she watched Kristie twice and Jason three times. I liked Jason's version but the "Hawaiian guy's" song Jason mentioned is on my daughters wedding video and that guy tore up that song good- amazing recording.

Right now, my top three are Jason, Kristie and David A. The bottom three are- the rest of the girls. I think the judges nailed the problem. Two of the girl at the bottom are technically superior singers but they are trying to impress instead of "feel". Brook's problem is that she "feels" too much and sings too weakly.

I saw the judges and Ryan on the Larry King show. Simon said something very interesting about Kriste Lee Cook. He said she "has less than one chance in a million of being the next American Idol". But when asked who he would sign to a record deal, he said Kristie Lee Cook. My question is: How can he be sure she is going to lose unless they also rig the voting like they do the song contest?
Top This Week:

Syesha Mercado: She was the only truly good one of the night in what has to be the worst week of idol performances I can remember.

Kristi Lee Cook: She seemed a lot better than she actually was for 2 reasons-1 it was a horrible night and 2-she was better than most of her other performances and thus it seemed even greater

Michael Johns: When he first went, I thought he'd be at the bottom this week. But sometimes when you're the 3rd smartest kid in a really dumb class, you do well.

Worst 3: This was competitive.. because everyone sucked so bad

David Cook: He gets it for doing one of the most awkward performances I've ever seen by someone who otherwise can actually sing well. What the hell was he thinking? It was putrid!

David Archuletta: He sang worse than anyone, but he picked the best song, so he gets a boost over David Cook. But come on.. this kid gets worse every week. The emperor has no clothes.

Brooke White: She took the easiest song of the night to sing and sang it poorly.. not much else to say.. other than she also looked awkward doing it.

Also Rans:

Carly Smithson: She can sing.. someday she'll find a good song and do it well.. or maybe not..

Jason Castro: Only because he was reasonably in key was he out of the bottom 3. But his lame ass rip off of Over The Rainbow was a travesty. It was like putting ketchup on white bread and calling it gourmet pizza. And he has zero range. Ack.

All I can say about this week is thank god it's over.

I also remember last year their Idol Gives Back performances were bad. Annie Lennox, one of my all time favorites, was horrible. Hopefully this will be better.

You know Brian, you and I are tracking pretty closely on this one. I thought this was the worst overall night in at least several weeks.

I loved your comment: "Worst 3: This was competitive.. because everyone sucked so bad"

The only stand-out performance was by Syesha and I think the judges had cotton in their ears tonight. I disagreed strongly with a couple of their comments. How they can lay into David Cook because he had one bad song choice, but let yet another boring and geeky-looking performance by Brooke slip by with hardly a negative comment. It simply shows who they're trying to push. Here's my blow by blow:

1. Michael Johns - one of the better (least sucky?) performances of the night. I do agree with the judges on this one: he has an "authenticity" issue. Although he sang the notes and walked the walk, he just didn't seem genuine to me. He simply wasn't believable. I think he needs to look directly at the camera more or something...

2. Syesha Mercato - my fave of the night. The judges just don't like her and thought she was pitchy - but totally missed David A.'s pitchiness tonight? I thought she did a very good job and only heard one or two notes that were slightly pitchy.

3. Jason Castro - I actually thought this was one of HIS best performances. However, since I don't think he's got much of a range and hardly any dynamics, it only means that he did a decent job. I will say that he has a pretty good sense of pitch, but I don't see him as an Idol.

4. Kristy Lee Cook - everyone's favorite underdog. She is very nice to look at, and with autotune, she could sound pretty good on a record. She's been pitchy on every single song I've heard her do live except for Amazing Grace. She's the only performer left that has that "cringe" factor with pitch - especially in her lower register.

5. David Cook - probably his worst performance in several weeks (maybe since the auditions). It was simply not a good song for him.

6. Carly Smithson - she took Simon's advice and improved her wardrobe and had good makeup tonight. Unfortunately, she forgot to smile at all during her Queen song and it came off as angry, not as inspirational. She also had some big pitch problems in the middle - probably the worst I've heard her sound since the auditions. She still won't cover her tats. It may cost her dearly this week.

7. David Archuletta - This was so boring I wanted to get up and get a snack in the middle of it. Usually it takes Brooke to get me that bored. He also had some pitch problems. It was obvious to me that playing the piano distracts him from concentrating on his voice. He should stick to singing without an instrument.

8. Brooke White - She picked the "sing-along" song of the evening, "You've got a Friend". She still is pitchy and looks awkward on stage. I just don't get her. She's sweet, but has zip, zero, na-da stage presence. I hear better performers than her every time I go into a local singer/songwriter cafe or pub.

There will be a plethora of superstars on Idol Gives Back tomorrow. We'll see...

I think either Carly or Syesha will go home this week. Syesha has been low on the polls for several weeks even though she's one of the best singers, and Carly has been losing ground over the past several weeks. I find it curious that the two best TECHNICAL singers (Syesha & Carly) are not getting higher ratings and mediocre (at best) singers like Kristy, Brooke and Jason get better poll scores.

Kristi has gotten to do a country song all but 1 week this season and she's still terrible. Imagine if she was forced out of her genre a few times? She should go. But AI voting is rarely fair until the end.

Anybody watch Idol Gives Back? I did, and donated as well.

Memorable performances:

1. An amazing performance by Fergie with Ann Wilson and Heart doing "Barracuda". Fergie rocked out! Ann can still wail!

2. I have to admit, Miley Cyrus is a heck of an entertainer. She's not a virtuoso singer (she's only 15), but the gal has more charisma in her left hand...She has a LONG career ahead of her.

3. Terri Hatcher actually did a decent job on "Before He Cheats".

4. Loved Gloria Estefan's "Get On Your Feet"

5. Annie Lennox's "Many Rivers To Cross". I don't like how serious she always seems, but it was a fine performance.

6. Carrie Underwood's "Praying for Time". This was the absolute best I have ever heard Carrie sing. I was really knocked out.

I did not like Mariah Carey's song or performance of "Fly Like a Bird". As Simon probably would have said, it was self-indulgent and pompous. I have heard stories that she is not the nicest person to work with and she didn't come across as someone particularly warm and/or caring. However, Randy sounded great on bass... wink

I was very surprised to have the finale song be a gospel arrangement of a Christian Rock song called "Shout to the Lord" - where all the Idol contestants sang it.

By the way, if you download any of the "Idol Gives Back" performances from iTunes, the money goes to a charity. "Barracuda" was the only one I didn't see there. It will probably be on youtube in a day or so.

I agree.. that performance by Heart and Fergie was the best thing I've ever seen on American Idol. It wasn't that Heart was their best ever, I've seen them a dozen times live, but Fergie blew the entire roof off the place and you frankly couldn't tell she wasn't Ann Wilson in her prime. I have an entirely new respect for Fergie.. that girls can sing her ass off.. and ROCK no less.. she should re-release that as a duo with Ann. Heart's always been my favorite group (Bruce Hornsby is my favorite solo artist) so it was a thrill to see them in such good form.

The rest of the show was surprisingly well done and I agree 100% that the only real let down was Mariah Carey... the song was horrible.. her performance was limp and she even looked terrible. It was also nice to see Annie Lennox back in true form after her disastrous performance last year.

Well, after seeing 3 of the 4 best singers left in the bottom 3, I think any question about singing having much to do with this seasons eventual winner is answered. If you added up the entire season's performances Syesha has been the best most consistently. But everyone is waiting for David A. coronation.. yawn. It seems even when he's exposed for lying on TV (He's sung that "inspirational song" many times before, it wasn't a tough decision or a discovery for him) and sings with the same breathy lameness week after week, little girls and grandmas can't get enough of him. At least with Michael John's gone, Cook will get all his votes most likely. Perhaps generic college rock will beat out generic disney pop still...

As you might have guessed, I am pulling for "generic college rock"!!!
TOP 8 - 8APR08 - Overall I think everyone tried too hard this week, and the voices are giving a little under the strain. No one really blew me away.

DAVID A (Angels) - what I liked best about David's performance is I felt that overall he did not stress his voice in order to deliver the song. We lost him a little on the low notes, but he negotiated it well & sang it easily, with feeling.

SYESHA (When You Believe) Overall, good performance & good vocal. However, a little bit pushed in some notes. The top note was a bit weak. Still I thought she sang it smoothly and she has good stage presence.

MICHAEL J (Dream On) - I felt Michael did better with the not-so-great vocal habits this week. He kept his head down more. I thought he sang it pretty well but I was a little worried about the falsetto shouting, that could cause nodes or even permanent damage. He's got such a lovely voice but really needs some technical instruction.

DAVID COOK (We are all innocent) - I'm afraid the song didn't thrill me. Still, I thought it was an okay performance with nice vocals.

CARLY (Show Must Go On) - Great song choice, good tessatura for her, the beginning was powerfully done. Again, she tends to sing very wide on the upper notes, which causes a lot of strain. Think of it like this. If you are watering the lawn, and you want more power, you put your finger over the end of the hose to make the stream more powerful. If you take your finger away, the water falls out more slowly. Apply that to singing. If you sing an upper note very wide, you lose focus, you lose power, and therefore you are tempted to push to get more sound. Make the right kind of shape for the vowel you are singing, smaller, rounder and you focus the sound. You get more power with less effort. And it's healthier.

JASON CASTRO (Somewhere Over the Rainbow) - I do get disappointed when I hear what I think is a new arrangement of a song by an Idol contestant, and find out later they borrowed it from someone else. This is the case here. I thought Jason did a nice job, his whispy folky sound suited the song. to me I think he'd be a great children's entertainer. IMO he really can't sing like an "Idol" but he knows how to entertain.

KRISTY (Anyway) - bad song choice, IMO. Martina can sing the heck out of this, Kristy can't. Very low and pitchy on the bottom, which is what happens when you choose a song with a high tessatura you can't support & therefore set the key too low. I did hear more good tone in the middle voice, and I thought it was the best performance I've heard from Kristy to date. However, I really don't think she will be in the top 4 or 5.

BROOK -- I find that Brook sings with the vowels far back in the throat, which makes the tone dull & also kind of strangles the voice a little since there is no flow out the aperature. She also tends to sing hunched over - I mentioned that last week, but attributed it to her playing of the guitar. But even standing with a mic her posture is not great. I found the song pitchy but I thought she pulled it out at the end.



Okay, so the worst singers get voted through. Uh huh.

Bottom three:
Michael J

Pretty shocking result. As I said before, this is obviously not a singing competition. However, I think Michael will be okay career wise, if he gets some technical help to fully develop the great voice he has.

I think if Michael gets some training on stage presence, he's got a decent enough voice to continue his career. I still think his failing was that his performances often seemed contrived and not genuine. He seemed a bit too introverted rather than reaching out to people. Whether that is true or not, managing that perception is part of the job.

It WAS a big surprise. If you caught Carly's expression when she was told she was safe, you can tell she fully expected to go home.

Next week will be interesting...Mariah Carey week. Hmmm, guys singing Mariah songs? What will the gals who can't sing do?

I guess this is as close to an "R&B" night as AI has.

Here are her #1 pop hits over the years:

1990 - "Vision Of Love"
1990 - "Love Takes Time"
1991 - "Someday"
1991 - "I Don't Wanna Cry"
1991 - "Emotions"
1992 - "I'll Be There"
1993 - "Hero"
1993 - "Dream Lover"
1995 - "Fantasy"
1995 - "One Sweet Day" (w/ Boyz II Men)
1996 - "Always Be My Baby"
1997 - "Honey"
1998 - "My All"
1999 - "Heartbreaker"
1999 - "Thank God I Found You"
2005 - "We Belong Together"
2005 - "Don't Forget About Us"
2008 - "Touch My Body"
Just to remind all the experts out there, this contest is called American "Idol". Of course it's going to be about popularity! Why would you expect anything else? I, apparently just like all the unwashed masses, enjoyed "Anyway" and I think if Kristi is still singing when she is Martina's age, she will sound as good. I know Israel does it better but I liked what Jason did with Over the Rainbow too. I think the three last standing will be Jason, Kristi and David A. They are all fun to watch, cute as puppies and guess what, they are "Idol" material. It isn't an audience of voice coaches who are voting but people like my 14 year old boy who happens to be in choir and has watched High School Musical so may times, I thought it was a series.
Big surprise....I thought Michael Johns would have at least made the top again, the best singer didn't win last year either. I can't really even see any of them in that #1 slot...maybe over the next few weeks we'll see more depth in some of them....who knows...

Btw, yes, I agree, Fergie, she can SING...Heart is great..I also enjoyed Annie Lennox and Gloria Estefan. smile
I am ruding for David Archuelleta. He's a really talented musician and singer.
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Just to remind all the experts out there, this contest is called American "Idol". Of course it's going to be about popularity! Why would you expect anything else? I, apparently just like all the unwashed masses, enjoyed "Anyway" and I think if Kristi is still singing when she is Martina's age, she will sound as good. I know Israel does it better but I liked what Jason did with Over the Rainbow too. I think the three last standing will be Jason, Kristi and David A. They are all fun to watch, cute as puppies and guess what, they are "Idol" material. It isn't an audience of voice coaches who are voting but people like my 14 year old boy who happens to be in choir and has watched High School Musical so may times, I thought it was a series.

I am using the performances of the contestants as a sort of 'master class' in talking about the human voice and how it works best. David A will likely take it because he has both ease in singing and appeal to the masses.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on each performance at AI's last vocal session. You've given us some food for thought as some of us attempt to sing our demos.

I was shocked at Michael's rude departure but Kristi and Joe have spoken yards of truth... it's a popularity contest and most of the phone-line-cloggers are teeny boppers. I predict that Carly will be one of the next to go... merely because of her age.
Kristi's precisely correct (IMHO) in stating that the best performer did not win last year, either.

Last year, I stated that I would not endure this show again this year... however, my "Better-Half" has threatened to remove my "clicker-finger" if I "engage" to another channel. LOL!

...and well she SHOULD! wink

Remember, it's JUST entertainment. Musically related, of course, but entertainment nontheless.

I don't know if you also watched Idol Gives Back, but c'mon, wasn't Jimmy Kimmel roasting Simon funny? Wasn't it funny when Robin Williams hugged Simon? Simon DID turn 4 shades of scarlet.

Yeah, there's been a big stink on the AI site about how they led Michael on a bit before clarifying that he was going home.

There was also a big controversy over whether it was appropriate to have all the contestants sing the Christian song, "Shout to the Lord", as a finale to Idol Gives Back, and then again as the show opener on Thursday.

It does seem like there are more songs of faith on Idol this year than any previous year. Maybe it has to do with the economy?

Fergie not only sang her tail off, but did you see her do those back to back cartwheels on ONE HAND holding the mike in the other????? Are you kidding me, she blew us away !! Michael Johns sang better than alot of people still standing. I can't even imagine most of the remaining idol wannabes trying to sing Mariah...should be humorous.
Who came up with the idea of singing Mariah Carey songs? That has got to be an ignorant idea, unless the goal is to humiliate the male contestants. It may be humorous for the listeners, but...?
David Cook will do a college rock version.. I think Brooke and Jason might be the two who will be most exposed.. they better do very different arrangements or ultra low energy ballads. The Mariah thing is simply a promotional opp for her and the show.. it has little to do with whether the kids can sing it or not.

This should play into Syesha's hads as well as Carly's. They can both handle that type of song at least. And I guess we'll get to hear what a Mariah song sounds like in a limited range breathy style when David A does it.

On the AI site, they've been calling him "Cookie" (David Cook). If he does a rocked out version of one of her R&B tunes, he will own the night.

I agree that this will be Syesha and Carly's night to shine as well. I think the guys even more so than the gals have an opportunity to do something totally different with Mariah's songs arrangement-wise. If they were smart, they'd change them all around instead of trying to sound like a low-pitched Mariah.

I'm just waiting for Randy to state the obvious: "Yo dawg, you're doin' a Mariah song and you aren't Mariah." wink

On a related note, I saw the 3 judges and Ryan on Larry King Live. They were doing a plug for Idol Gives Back. Larry asked Simon if he really didn't like Ryan. He said sometimes he likes him and sometimes he doesn't - and said especially on the show he gets "irritating". He said it wasn't a matter of "liking", he was like a mosquito that you just wanted to swat. Ryan said he was glad he was thick-skinned and turned around and complimented Simon on Simon being very good at what he does. He handled it pretty well, I thought. Then Randy asked Ryan what about "all those magazine covers?". Apparently, there is a bit of jealously there with Ryan doing magazine articles and getting fashion magazines to put him on the cover. He's probably been in People mag more than the judges, too. Anyway, he's a wiz at marketing himself, no doubt about that. He's already begun replacing Dick Clark on New Years....

I think it will be an interesting Tuesday...
I don't have high hopes for this years Idol
Particularly because they won't have a strong single
Can't wait to see a lot of people screw up though this week!
Been waiting to see whats his name go past few weeks?
Hey I even forget his name LOL, he had a lot of fans though
Michael Johns
Have you listened to the top 20 songs? Did you know you can vote for the single yourself from their top 20 songs?

We have at least 3 JPF members in that top 20 song list. Noel Cohen, Perry Smith and Fran Lucci.

I've listened to all the top 20 songs, best I heard was overcome the rest either dont fit the requirement or are garbage
The difference is that one of those songwriters is likely going to have a high charting Billboard hit and probably make well over a million bucks... and you'll still be here without the hit, without the money and only left with your opinion of them.

It's easy to take shots at people actually doing something with their talent, but a lot harder to actually compete and take their place.

I just watched AI for the first time this season. I know nothing of the past events, but it seems to me that almost everyone has some problem at one point or another with their pitches.

Doing Mariah songs, I thought the guys (ALL OF THEM) did fantastic, and I wasn't impressed with any of the women.

David Cook was the best, how can anyone beat this guy?
I'm tired of the same old sound from archuleta
What was with all those runs (nails on a chalkboard)

Was a better show than I thought it might be. Nobody was really really awful.

DAVID COOK (Always Be My Baby) - I thought David really put himself out there and proved once again what a great musician & singer he is. Songwise - and it's hard to judge a song in 1.50 minutes, but I kept waiting for it to go somewhere. But when it did, he nailed it.

SYESHA (Vanishing) - Syesha proved once again that she has a great voice. I thought she negotiated the song well and did a good job. She's not scared to challenge herself.

CARLY (All By Myself) - I really appreciated that Carly did not oversing this week. I thought she negotiated it well. Still I think her issue is not understanding how to support the big notes and the top notes. You don't do it by going wide and pushing. Unfortunately I don't think she's going to last much longer - she may even go this week - she looks 'mature' and probably doesn't have the same appeal as David A & Jason & Kristy.

DAVID A (When You Believe) - I certainly did NOT like the breathy wispy falsetto and I would recommend that David NOT sing in falsetto at all at this point. Otherwise, it was a heartfelt rendition and yes, he does all those runs that thrill the tweenies.

KRISTY (Forever) - Kristy really surprised me this week, this was the best I ever heard her sing, she had some clear tone and her top notes were solid. I liked how she opened more and sang with less twang. She actually SANG.

JASON (I Don't Wanna Cry) - well, Jason, the least talented singer, actually managed to kinda survive Maria Carey week. I liked the Latin-folk vibe of the song and I thought he sang it fairly okay.

BROOK (Hero) - unfortunately for Brook I think her nerves continue to get the better of her. I thought her breathing was slightly better this week, but she really needs to work with a good technical voice teacher so she begins to understand how to breathe effectively for singing. Shallow breathing makes us feel off balance and creates insecurity. She was very pitchy on the bridge, up til then I thought it was okay. However, she does sing from the heart.

Although Brook didn't sing her song as well as the others, I predict that Carly will go this week. There's something about her energy, I think she is tired, and I think that the pressure of trying to prove herself is getting to her. IMO she needs to stop thinking 'this is my last chance' cause that's BS. I do think she needs a) some rest, and b) some good vocal coaching to help her break free of where she is.

It was an okay week.

Top 3:

Syesha: She's in a league of her own this week. The judges clearly have been told to trash her no matter what happens and so of course even though it was clear she was really good, they had to qualify their compliments. It's blatant manipulation of the voting because they obviously don't want another R&B style winner.

Jason: It was nice to hear him not simply rip off someone elses arrangement this week. He had the most enjoyable performance, though he didn't sing particularly well, he did manage to make it work with his limited voice.

David Cook: I though the end of his song, when he went into typical college rock mode was good as expected.. the start was very weak for me and awkward... his lower register just didn't feel right at all.

3 Worst:

Brooke: She was clearly the worst of the night. And she's got an attitude that gets more annoying each week.

Carly: Sad but true. She's likely gone this week. Though she can sing well, she really seems out of her realm somehow and rarely connects with the songs or the audience. I saw her video for her major label album where she performed some of the all time worst songs I've ever heard from a major artist... and she was overbearing and unlikable. She's not making much headway on AI either.

Kristy: She was okay and totally forgettable. Yawn.

Also Ran:

David A.: His same old breathy boring cheezy performance. He has 1 gear and 1 dimension and even that is limited. But it's clear the PR machine is out in full force to make sure he wins. The only possible alternative is David Cook. Let's hope he pulls it out somehow.

Most Likely to Go: Carly. Likely bottom 3: Carly, Brooke, Syesha. Most deserves to go: Kristy.
I think Simon hit the nail on the head when he said the guys would have an easier time than the girls this week. Its much too easy to feel the girls fall short by comparing their voice to Mariah. The guys out of necessity are doing a much different version of each of the songs.

I'd put Jason, Brooke and David A in the bottom three this week but I'm sure that's not where the voting will go. I'm guessing that they'll send Syesha home because she took on the tune that required perfect pitch gymnastics over a very wide range to sell. Degree of difficulty bonus points don't exist in this competition.

I'm not as cynical as Brian in thinking they are intentionally trashing Syesha's performances. I do think she keeps picking diva songs that have an incredibly high comparison bar. Yes she has the voice to sing tunes Whitney, Celine, and Mariah have done. but the judges and the audience seem to react better to a performance that shoots for 70 and hits 75 than one that shoots for 100 and hits 98.
David A: Missed his performance, but watched the video. I disagreed with Brian in the beginning (really enjoyed that Imagine performance), but he's right: breathy, one-dimensional. Was a decent performance (video wasn't the best).

Seyesha: I thought she had a very solid performance. Was surprised the judges seem to dislike her. She may have the best singing voice of the top 12. But, my wife mentioned we still haven't had a Fantasia, Melinda or even Jordin Sparks type "moment" yet.

David Cook: Stumbled along in the beginning, but found his range in the 2nd half. I have to assume he is the favorite.

Carly: One of our early favorites that just hasn't bought into the AI thing. Just seems like she is ready to go home. I noticed that she (finally) covered up her tattoos, so they showed her husband (the Maori warrior) a couple of times to make up for it. Those tattoos should have been covered up 100% since day 1, you have to know your audience.

Kristy: I thought she had a very good performance tonight -- my wife and daughter gave her the majority of our phone call votes tonight.

Brook: She has got to be the one to go this week. Someone must have told them to be feisty with the judges in the beginning and then forgot to tell that to win that you gotta go with the flow. My wife said she looked super nervous and missed an entire chord in the chorus (or bridge?). She should have let the band do the playing and concentrate on singing.

Jason: I was getting bored by this time, so I didn't pay too much attention. But I guess he did OK. hard to believe he made it into the top 12.

Overall: When the top 12 was announced, I thought that this was the strongest top 12 from top to bottom in any season that I have watched. Unfortunately, they all seemed bunched in the middle. I can't see any stars popping through. David Cook can be a front man in a rock band, though. After that, not much happening for me.


It was a much better night than I expected. The guys had an easier time since it was harder to directly compare them to Mariah.

David A - One of his better performances. He's still a favorite with the younger girls even though he's not an incredible singer. His falsetto was kind of weird - too whispery.

Carly - She finally covered her tats! I also noticed she smiled a LOT more than usual. It may be too little, too late for her, though. Decent performance, but I didn't like the liberties she took with the melody.

Syesha - I don't think the judges are "told" to vote a certain way, but I think they're all in cahoots as far as AGREEING that another above-average R&B singer won't sell CDs like someone who is more unique. For that reason, they continue to undermine this pretty girl who can sing AND work the camera.

Brooke - Wow, was this a trainwreck of the season or what? Once the bridge started, the tempo jumped about 10 bpm, her pitch went from bad to worse, and after she missed a couple of chords on the piano near the end, she was literally shaking. She knew how badly she messed up. She is only capable of getting the sympathy vote at this point and is out of her league. Let her go home, please.

Kristy - I have not been a Kristy fan and still am not, BUT she did a way better job this week than Brooke. She didn't take any chances, but had a "safe" performance. She'll last another week - she's a VERY smart girl in her planning. I would not want to play chess against her... wink

David Cook - Although he had some seriously pitchy moments during the first 1/3 of the song, the 2nd half made up for it. It was a cool arrangement. The guy deserves a record deal even if he ends up as #2. He's my current fave.

Jason - I can't think of a single performance of his where I wasn't bored. This didn't change my mind at all. I agreed with Randy in that it was a "campfire" performance - not idol-worthy. I thought the musicians over-played the arrangment. They should have played a bit sparser and it would have been more effective.

Best: David C and Syesha

Bottom 3 (prediction): Brooke, Carly, Syesha

My guess is that Carly will go home this week. The AI site still has a few detractors that think someone who doesn't speak with an accent should win (that prejudice may also have affected MJ). I think she is coming around both with her smiling and covering her tats, but she hasn't got the fan base that Brooke does and Syesha is prettier and at least as good a singer. The producers clearly want Carly off the show: Even though SHE's now covering up her tats, they got the cameras on her totally-tatted hubby to make sure nobody forgot.

Well, Syesha did really well I thought. I liked Jason’s performance also, something sincere there… I judge it by whether or not I am entertained or feel anything throughout the performance. David Cook’s took a long while to go anywhere, but when it did, it did.

I can’t believe Simon said David A. is the one to beat! What?! Why do they want him to win so much? I just don’t get that at all...or him (David's appeal), I should say...

I miss Melinda Doolittle... frown
Originally Posted by Lwilliam
It was a much better night than I expected. The guys had an easier time since it was harder to directly compare them to Mariah.

David A - One of his better performances. He's still a favorite with the younger girls even though he's not an incredible singer. His falsetto was kind of weird - too whispery.

Carly - She finally covered her tats! I also noticed she smiled a LOT more than usual. It may be too little, too late for her, though. Decent performance, but I didn't like the liberties she took with the melody.

Syesha - I don't think the judges are "told" to vote a certain way, but I think they're all in cahoots as far as AGREEING that another above-average R&B singer won't sell CDs like someone who is more unique. For that reason, they continue to undermine this pretty girl who can sing AND work the camera.

Brooke - Wow, was this a trainwreck of the season or what? Once the bridge started, the tempo jumped about 10 bpm, her pitch went from bad to worse, and after she missed a couple of chords on the piano near the end, she was literally shaking. She knew how badly she messed up. She is only capable of getting the sympathy vote at this point and is out of her league. Let her go home, please.

Kristy - I have not been a Kristy fan and still am not, BUT she did a way better job this week than Brooke. She didn't take any chances, but had a "safe" performance. She'll last another week - she's a VERY smart girl in her planning. I would not want to play chess against her... wink

David Cook - Although he had some seriously pitchy moments during the first 1/3 of the song, the 2nd half made up for it. It was a cool arrangement. The guy deserves a record deal even if he ends up as #2. He's my current fave.

Jason - I can't think of a single performance of his where I wasn't bored. This didn't change my mind at all. I agreed with Randy in that it was a "campfire" performance - not idol-worthy. I thought the musicians over-played the arrangment. They should have played a bit sparser and it would have been more effective.

Best: David C and Syesha

Bottom 3 (prediction): Brooke, Carly, Syesha

My guess is that Carly will go home this week. The AI site still has a few detractors that think someone who doesn't speak with an accent should win (that prejudice may also have affected MJ). I think she is coming around both with her smiling and covering her tats, but she hasn't got the fan base that Brooke does and Syesha is prettier and at least as good a singer. The producers clearly want Carly off the show: Even though SHE's now covering up her tats, they got the cameras on her totally-tatted hubby to make sure nobody forgot.

Yep, I pretty much agree with your assessment. The best SINGER is Syesha, the best ROCKER is David C, the get-the-tweenie-hearts-with-my-heart is David A, and the get-the-teen-hearts-but-can't-sing is Jason.
16Apr08 - Results

Bottom 3:

I do recall saying almost every week that I felt Kristy & Jason were the weakest singers. However, I thought Kristy did a credible job this week. I think Brook was lucky to stay, given that she kinda fell apart at the end of her song. Kristy at least sang on key this week. It must be very tough, because someone is going to go home, no matter how talented, and as a contestant one must be torn between wanting desperately to stay and feeling bad because if you're the one who stays, someone else you care about, goes. I do agree with Carly's comments that the judges have been very tough on her. And I don't know why on earth Syesha would be rated lower than Jason as a singer, people. But I do understand that he is cute - I used to be a teenage girl myself with crushes on various young men & papered my bedroom with their pictures.

I've read a lot of comments about AI this year, and I have to say one thing. I am singer, I've been training for 18 years & teaching for 11, and while I have tried to use this season's singing as a way to perhaps offer some enlightenment about the act of singing, I hope that I haven't dispensed a large amount of negative energy. These kids are working harder at singing & being in the public eye than they ever have before in their lives. They spend every day rehearsing, recording, with media, etc. And they are expected, no matter what, to pick the right song and pull out all the stops and perform brilliantly in front of 30 million or more people every week knowing that if they blow it, they will go home. Knowing that whatever they do or say will be broadcast around the world and discussed ad nauseum by everyone. It ain't that easy folks. It's not that easy at all.
Ugly people don't become idols. I like ugly people music.

Most ugly bands are wise enough not to put their photos on the covers of their projects. I'm thinking Pink Floyd, Yes, Robin Trower the music that was really creative years ago.

OK, sorry for the diversion - back to the cute world of AI.
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16Apr08 - Results

I've been training for 18 years & teaching for 11, and while I have tried to use this season's singing as a way to perhaps offer some enlightenment about the act of singing, I hope that I haven't dispensed a large amount of negative energy.

Not at all Vikki. In fact, I enjoy reading your comments. I'm not a singer, so it's very interesting reading your take on performance/singing skills. Keep 'em coming! smile

No surprise that the three girls Syesha, Brook and Kristy were in the bottom 3. Also no surprise they gave David A the center stage for the elimination. Having David C and Syesha switch places after the split was obnoxious - but it's television. Simon got to be the bad boy telling Kristy it was her time, then she got to sit in front of him and sing "Forever". Seemed like Brook took it harder staying than Kristy did being the one to go.

Somebody's going to take Kristy and run with her. She has a good voice and her minor vocal issues can be worked out. She's got the looks. She's now gotten the exposure and name recognition. The biggest thing I noticed on the show over the last few weeks is how much poise she's developed. The girl is already a pro at standing in front of a national TV audience repeatedly in a make or break situation and handles it well.

So will Syesha or Carly do the love theme from Cats next week?

At this point I'm just hoping we don't get a David A vs Jason finale.

And Tom - I love the ugly people music you mentioned.

And Vicki - please keep the comments coming.
Oh well...If they can make Taylor Swift sound good in the studio, they can make Kristy sound good in the studio. Not to diverge TOO much, but I was cringing at the pitchiness of Taylor on the CMT awards Monday. Kristy could also have a career as a model or actress...and I hope the guy will sell the horse back to her. wink

Whether it was true or not, they sure positioned Brooke as "next to lowest". Unfortunately, I don't know what she can do since all she can sing is 1 1/2 octave singer-songwriter songs.

I was hoping she'd go before Kristy mainly because just about every week I've seen Kristy improve and just about every week I've seen Brooke get worse.

I love all the comments...
Originally Posted by Tom Tracy
Ugly people don't become idols. I like ugly people music.

Most ugly bands are wise enough not to put their photos on the covers of their projects. I'm thinking Pink Floyd, Yes, Robin Trower the music that was really creative years ago.

OK, sorry for the diversion - back to the cute world of AI.

I'd put the Stones in that group myself - but they all put their ugly mugs on the covers. Go figure...

That was mentioned early in the auditions - it's incredibly difficult to believe that there weren't fat and/or ugly people who could sing better than, say Alaina or Kady.

I've heard that if TV had been more popular at the time, Franklin D Roosevelt would not have been elected president - or Abe Lincoln. I tend to believe that. Celebrity status is usually reserved for the "beautiful people".
People with ugly mugs have had major careers. they usually play the bad guys.

Next week - Songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber. I will probably not know as many of these songs although I played guitar in a production called "A Tribute to Broadway" that included several songs from "Phantom of the Opera" and "Jesus Christ Superstar".

Here's a blurb from the AI site:

Andrew Lloyd Webber is the composer of "The Likes of Us," "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat," "Jesus Christ Superstar," "By Jeeves," "Evita," "Variations" and "Tell Me On A Sunday", "Cats," "Starlight Express," "The Phantom of the Opera," "Aspects of Love," "Sunset Boulevard," "Whistle Down the Wind," "The Beautiful Game" and "The Woman in White."
I find it intensely interesting that in grooming an American Idol to take the pop world by storm they are choosing to ask contestants to sing musical theatre, much of which requires at least a technical foundation in singing, and a great deal of which (unless it was in a movie) is likely going to be unknown by the audience. Syesha is clearly the best technical singer, but is consistently in the bottom 3. They are keeping it interesting, that's for sure.
I am happy for Kristy...she wasn't going to be idol...but she hung in and had her best two weeks (by far IMHO)and got to leave on a high note.

Syesha will NAIL it this week...she is poised and attractive

Oh and Vicki...I learn from you every time you show us about the "act of singing". I think about what you say, and I actually apply it to my own singing. (I have told you this before). The last thing that really helped me was about relaxing the neck and jaw, and about how MJ would stretch his neck to get the high notes...I realized I did that when you pointed it out, and I feel that realizing that is already helping me be a better singer. You are really great.
I saw Kristy's exit interview on American Idol Extra. She actually gave Simon a hug afterwards. She is a class act. I don't think she's another Carrie Underwood, but I hope she gets some sort of deal. If the songs are carefully picked, and they use auto-tune (which they ALWAYS do for anything out of Nashville), then she'll sound just fine on the CD.

...and I hope she gets her horse back! wink

I agree that this will be a good week for Syesha.

Wasn't she one of the artists who already had a deal previously? Her problem isn't singing.. it's performing. She'll have to vastly improve her stage presence to have any chance of moving forward outside of AI. She really doesn't connect with the audience at all. I think the voters got it right this week, but after another annoying attitude laced episode from Brooke, I am SOOO ready for her to go. Maybe she'll be next.

Hey Brian,

I'll agree, Kristy needs work on her performing skills...that's why I'm so glad she'll be on the tour. When she gets a chance to sing in front of sold-out arena audiences -- with no monkey sitting on your back -- she's going to get a chance to loosen up big time.

When we saw the tour for Season 5, it was towards the end of the summer...and the improvement in ALL of the performers was remarkable. So again, the tour is a great "consolation prize"!

I wish her well...and thought it was pretty good the way she sang out practically sitting in Simon's lap!! (she also could probably have done a nice job with my countryish AI entry, but that's neither here nor there... grin!)

Ciao for now,
Here is what I found about Kristy's previous record deal (she was 17 at the time). Seven years ago is a pretty long time to have had a deal. The following is directly from the site, so should be pretty accurate (dated Aug 7, 2001):

"Kristy Lee

Kristy Lee Signs In Triplicate with Arista, Britney, and BMI

Brand-new Arista Nashville artist Kristy Lee continued to establish her roots in Music City by signing a songwriter affiliation deal with BMI at their Nashville offices. In addition to her label contract, Lee recently inked a deal with Britney Spears' newly-formed production company as its debut artist. Superstar Spears, a BMI affiliate, has already agreed to make a cameo appearance in Lee's first video."

I don't know if Britney ever appeared in a video with her. I found a video below of Kristy, but didn't see Britney in it. It sounds like Britney's new production company never got off the ground. 2001 was the year Britney turned 18.

This is kind of interesting:

And her video (didn't see Britney in it):

My guess is that she was dropped from the label sometime in 2001 or 2002. There were a LOT of artists being dropped at that point in time. Although Carly's CD supposedly sold less than 400 copies with $1M or so in promotion, I haven't found anything to indicate any promotional budget for Kristy's debut CD.

Also, it's interesting that the bmi blurb says she was signed to Arista Nashville, but the Rendleman site says she's signed to Ren-Hen records. ??

Obviously she had to get out of the management deal to be on Idol and it's hard to say what the date of that CD is. It may very well have been 2002.

I didn't realize Kristy also had a record deal and all that experience...sounded like they pulled her right off the farm. I don't go to the AI site, so I'm not up on all their backgrounds, but it's interesting to read it here.

I just want to say that I do think performance skills are what costs a lot of them. It's harder than it seems, to connect with an audience, and it amazes me how some of them appear to think that hitting all the notes correctly means you did a great job. It's like with acting....just because you say all your lines, doesn't mean you had emotion behind those words, and truth, and honesty.
Carly and Kristy (and others) had record deals. They blew that shot. So they're not underdogs, they're seasoned pros. From what I read the only true "out of nowhere" contestant in the final 12 was Amanda who had no industry ties and was plucked from the small towns of Indiana. And of course she was out quickly. David A. is probably the most experience professional in the top 12 and everyone thinks he's this innocent little kid getting his first chance.. nothing could be farther from the truth.

I have a feeling if David A. wins that we may have witnessed the season that AI jumped the shark. They've been focusing on Randy Jackson and Paula's careers propping them up. It's the same thing that happens in network TV series that almost always ruin them.. you know where they have a show about doctors or cops or lawyers and at first they have interesting cases to deal with.. but slowly they start focusing more and more on side personal stories and then eventually they start inserting their cast into nearly every case or crime.. they all get kidnapped or nearly die or some other major tragedy happens and then they sort of pass it around and the shows collapse... happens over and over... so AI now is clearly biasing towards a specific set of competitors and they are focusing more and more on people who won/competed before, or who run the show. And they're also being used by the labels to release albums and promote movies and products to the point where the music is barely even part of the show. Sure, it's always been a commercial bonanza, but they've gotten lazy with it all and it's wearing people out on it. David A. will be the final nail in their coffin and you'll see major declines the next two seasons until they put it out of it's misery when one of more of the judges is out of their contract. Then we'll have something else to obsess over.

Brian, I agree with you. I've watched AI for several seasons and I enjoyed the shows FAR LESS this year. It just seemed like there was too much boring banter, too much advertising, too much talk. Especially the 2 hour show with a handful of contestants singing for 15 minutes out of the whole thing. They need to stay edgy. When do the contestants start singing 2 songs a show? Surely it should be now?
The internet "chat" is ridiculous...thank goodness for TIVO.
Originally Posted by Herbie Gaines
The internet "chat" is ridiculous...

I totally agree
Some miscellaneous thoughts:

I am SOOOOO glad I have a DVR.

The amount of banal banter, fluff, and advertising has increased every year. Using the show for the self-promotion of Paula and Randy's single was as low as I've seen. Next, we will probably hear Simon's new British diva, Leona Lewis, so he can collect his producer royalties from her sales.

I really don't know if I'd be such a fan of the show if I couldn't fast-forward through about a 1/3 of it each week. I skip the commercials and the Q&A period - at least.

Several polls are now ranking David Cook ("Cookie") higher than "Archie". Even Jason has the #1 spot in several polls. There's no clear winner yet. However, it would be surprising if a gal wins this year.

Here's a link to a site that lists several AI polls kind of a collection of polls:

Originally Posted by Hummingbird
Originally Posted by Herbie Gaines
The internet "chat" is ridiculous...

I totally agree

Do you mean the Q&A part? I FF through that.

Yes, well it took me awhile to come to the conclusion that the best way to watch American Idol is to record it and watch it later, ha ha. Really, I don't remember the shows being so boring in the past. And I'm NOT talking about the singing.
So it appears that the Webber night wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Top 3:

David Cook: Not only did he do well, he was fantastic and completely out of his college rock style and sound. I was duly impressed with the entire performance and it was by far the most convincing of the night.

Syesha Mercado: She was excellent and it appears she'll have acting and stage opportunities in the future coming her way. She still only got lukewarm praise, proving my theory again that they're biased against her and nothing she does will get fair evaulations from the judges. Sad really.

Carly Smithson: She finished a distant 3rd to the top 2, but she turned in a reasonable performance.

Bottom 3:

Jason Castro: Worst of the night by a mile. Ack. He really sucked and it was clear he wasn't even trying. He had a total attitude.. quite unprofessional.

David Archuletta: Can this kid be any more boring? Every week he's a snoozefest and this week was no different. Major yawn.

Brooke White: Speaking of unprofessional, that's twice this season she's stopped a song and started over. Both were unprecedented. Lame lame lame. The sad part was I thought it was her best performance of the entire season..

David Cook is now miles ahead of everyone else. Syesha is a clear and strong second. The other 4 are pretty useless.. and yet we're going to be stuck with Jason Castro and David A. until the final 3 if the polls are correct. Very sad.

Should go: Jason Castro. Will go: Might be Brookes week.. but I fear it will be Syesha or Carly.

Ack. Well, I went to the opera tonight, having not set my VCR (despite putting a big note on my desk to remind myself) to record the Top 6. This is disappointing. However, based on past performances, I think Jason *should* go but likely Brook will.
Has anyone noticed the similarity between Jason's performances and Eddie Murphy's impersonation of Michael Jackson singing "She's Out of My Life"?
I think the best part of the night was trying to figure out if that was Fran Dresher sitting behind Simon. it looked like Fran, but a bit "hotter." :-)

Another highlight was seeing Paul Stanley in the audience.

And Sir Andrew, was a true Brit gentleman.
Yo dog check it out -

With only six performers and busy with other paperwork during the playback I unfortunately listened to most of the judges comments this week. Randy is obnoxious, Paula loves everyone, and the audience boos when Simon gives an honest opinion about the performance....

Totally as expected performances - with the exception of David Cook. Though out of his element, he gave an excellent vocal performance.

David Archuletta proved he can take an emotional broadway diva tune and turn it into a cheesy lounge song - and the judges swooned over it.

Jason Castro put on a cute smile and gave a no emotion, no range performance to one of the best broadway tearjerkers ever written.

Brooke had two minutes of music to learn and forgot the words. Hard to figure since I think she really believes "you must love me" as if its owed her.

Syesha gave the best vocal performance of the night - with the biggest plus for her being the sexy attitude and makeover that finally gave her a complete package.

I thought Carly's performance of Jesus Christ Superstar rocked. A couple of places where the background singing and instrumental invaded her space, but overall a great song choice and performance.

So as for results - maybe Brooke will finally go home. Lots of tears and an emotional breakdown on her part will be accompany the announcement at the end of the show. Jason and David A ought to be in the bottom 3 with her but given the way the voting has been it will likely be Carly and Syesha.

Performance-wise, only Syesha took a broadway song and kept it broadway. Best overall performance indeed.

Paul Jackson Jr. doesn't look like he's aged any since the last time I spoke with him he did a signature series guitar samples for the ENSONIQ keys. Incidentally, Randy did a lot of the original bass samples for Ensoniq too if anyone was interested in a little trivia.

Carly was close with JCS keeping it broadway, but being a borderline rock opera and doing it like a rock concert performance, there's a fine line there.

Little Dave followed Sir Andrew's advice and kept his eyes open. But I think he was fighting it at times.

Everyone else took a broadway song, and took it out of it's element. They made it a singer/songwriter song.
Simon said to Jason, "I bet that was the longest 2 minutes of your life" and Jason was nodding in agreement. It looked painful. He hated singing it.

Carley sang JCSS but that is a big chorus number. She should have sang "I don't know how to love him". At her best, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Simon must have a thing for Brooke. She looked beautiful last night. I think I have a thing for her too but alas, this might be her last week. Maybe she can learn the song before she sings it again.

David A. Why is it so boring to watch him? He can sing the paint off the walls and still, somehow he isn't connecting except in a superficial way. Maybe he just needs some hard knocks to give him some life experience. Someone on PBS asked why Willie Nelson doesn't write much anymore and the answer (from his biographer) was: "He's just to happy too write".

David Cook is one serious dawg! Yo man. He could run the table.
The top 2 were clearly David Cook and Syesha. The bottom 2 were clearly Brooke and Jason. It was a pretty clean division.

Carly and David I felt were in the middle with respectable, but not the best performances. I liked Carly's Jesus Christ Superstar performance. David A was OK, but didn't draw me in like David Cook or Syesha.

I couldn't believe Brooke did a stop/start on the song - TWICE in one season. Even Miss "say nothing bad" Paula's first comment to her was to NOT stop/start a song. It's pretty rare that Paula says anything bad about a performance. You should vamp if nothing else. It's better than clearly showing everyone you messed up.

Jason's performance showed the boy can't sing. It was actually painful in places, he was so pitchy. My wife, who loves show music, was amazed that someone could butcher a song so badly. Other than "Eight Days a Week", it was probably the worst song performance of the season.

Too bad we can't send both Brooke and Jason home this week. Of the two, I think Brooke deserves to go home. Jason has been higher in the polls, so it's likely she WILL go.

BTW, Vickie (and others), you can always find the performances on

Just do a search for "American Idol Season 7".

Thanks to YouTube, I was able to listen & see all the performances from Top 6.

I know this song very well. Interesting choice. Nice raw timbre to the voice, very appealing. Clear & on pitch on the upper notes. Great performance of a beautiful tune.

ONE ROCK & ROLL - Syesha
As usual, good vocal performance, relaxed, natural. Great jazzy style tune.

As usual, she started out sounding like she was in great voice for this. Except on the "do you think" - you could hear the stress in the voice from trying to shout the phrase. I thought she did very well.

Despite the many negative critiques I've read of David's singing, I feel David has a lot of appeal. If you are running a record label, this is the kind of performer you are looking for, young, with a soft & natural sound, cute. He doesn't leap out and grab you by the throat, but Barry Manilow and other crooners have had major careers despite their detractors.

I'm never been a fan of Brook's singing, I'm afraid, and this performance showed exactly why. Started out sounding breathy & pitchy. There is no support under the voice. She breathes too often, and this is because the breath is so high in the chest it is not connecting. There are no long notes, there is no breath for them. When she sings, she is in her head, not in her body. I thought she acted it well. With my critique I would like to say that I feel that if Brook worked with the right coach for 2 or 3 years, she would find and release the voice.

MEMORY - Jason
Tough song. Way too low for him, but what else can you do when you have no range? So he sings the verse with no tone. There is no technique in his singing, and I have always felt he did not belong in the top 12. The audience squeals with pleasure at the end, while I'm shaking my head. There are MANY other songs Jason could have chosen to sing, but he chose this one and I felt he was not really present in his performance. Perhaps he knows his time is at hand.

Tops, Syesha & David C; and worst: Jason & Brook.
Tops, Syesha & David C; and worst: Jason & Brook.
I totally agree with everyone. Jason was so bad it was painful. He should be the next to go, with Brooke following. Did you catch in the interview where he said "I didn't even know the song was sung by a cat, a woman cat. It was the worst song choice of the season. There was no way he could pull that song off. I thought David A DID take that Phantom song and make it his own, I'd rank it a little higher than Brian's *yawn*. I hope that Syesha, Carly, and the 2 Davids are the final four. Simon thought "cookie" did the Music of the Night too straight, but I disagree. He's done his "alternative" version every week. This week he showed that if he wanted, he could go out there and do Phantom...I noticed none of you said his act was the same old, same old this week. I think it was big that he did it straight and really pulled it. This is why he is #1 now, and could go all the way.
What a shock tonight huh? I thought for sure Jason or Brooke would be packing their bags. Obviously Brooke got sympathy votes for the fact that she is human and people like her. Its too bad she forgot her words. Even though the rest of her performance was fairly good. I don't see why eithor she or Jason didn't go. They are more of the coffee house performers....and are really not set up for broadway songs. Oh well, it is a popularity contest.

Unfortunately my girl Carly got sent packin' tonight. Syesha definately did NOT deserve to be in the bottom 2 at all she was in her element. I can totally see her on broadway. She has no need to worry even if she were to get sent home soon. At this point I see David Cook as the winner of American Idol. There is really no comparison between him an anyone else left.

I taped it and just watched it. (I love just FF to the end!) Anyway, I can't believe Syesha was in the bottom 2. But I think she will have opportunities on Broadway. I don't know who I want to win, but I know who I'd prefer didn't win! (David A. just cannot win) Anyway, yep, popularity contest it tis!
The saddest part of the Carly thing is that she never really did live up to her potential. I don't think she should have gone yet (nor Michael Johns for that matter) but it's clear she didn't have that "moment" that we often see for eventual winners. I think David Cook had the "moment" during that performance last night. It was outstanding... and I was disappointed they downplayed it a lot when he was so fantastic. I think they all want David A. to win so they can cash in on the Disney crowd.. he'll be doing duets with Miley Cyrus before you know it. Ack.

Pretty ridiculous result.

<<given the way the voting has been it will likely be Carly and Syesha.>>

Unfortunately I can say I told you so - as wrong as the voters' choice was. Too bad our opinions don't pick the winners. Jason and Brooke really do need to go home but if they keep with the program its Syesha's turn next week, right after she turns in the best vocal performance of the year.
I think that's it Brian... the bar was set high for Carly right from the start .. probably wasn't fair to her, but is probably the reason I was never blown away by her performances. I kept expecting more..
I am looking at David Cooke or Syesha to be the next A.I.
This wasn't quite the shocker as when Melinda Dolittle got voted off. Why Brooke wasn't even in the bottom two is beyond me. This is also two weeks in a row that she looked absolutely shocked that she wasn't sent home.

I guess when you look back at the history of AI, the best singers have only been the "winners" about half the time.

Season 6 - Jordin Sparks over Melinda Dolittle
Season 5 - Taylor Hicks over Chris Daughtry AND Katherine McPhee
Season 4 - Carrie Underwood (they probably got that one right)
Season 3 - Fantasia Barrino over Jenifer Hudson (toss up)
Season 2 - Reuben Stoddard over Clay Aiken
Season 1 - Kelly Clarkson (best choice that year, although Tamyra Gray is also doing well)

I'm absolutely certain that it's the text messaging tweenies that are skewing the results. One poster on the AI forum who identified himself only as a "Dreadhead" (meaning David Castro fan) "managed" to get in 544 votes for Jason.

I certainly hope that AI begins to put in a system that identifies duplicate voters and limits it somehow. On the "Dancing with the Stars" show, they list (in small print) that each phone number is only allowed seven votes (for big families, I guess). That sounds like a reasonable method. Of course, with that show, the audience vote is somehow only 50% of the total vote, with the judges counting for the other 50%.

AI makes huge bucks off the text messaging. They'll never limit it. What do they care?

Text messaging is now mostly a flat per-month fee. For instance, AT&T can add "unlimited messaging" to any cell phone plan for $20/month, or $30/month for an entire family of cell phone users.

Otherwise, the first time a teen rang up an $800 text messaging charge, there would be a wee bit of trouble...don't you think?

I don't think AI makes money from messaging, however AT&T, one of their big sponsors, would benefit some from it. Actually, with every incoming vote, there would NORMALLY be some sort of charge to AI for at least the 866 numbers. Toll-free numbers are definitely charged by the minute to the owner of the line.

My guess, however, is that AT&T is providing either severely discounted 866 line costs, or just giving them to AI free in exchange for promotion on the show. They would also only need to have a text mailbox to receive the text message votes (and a program to count them). Once the infrastructure is in place for toll-free lines and text messaging, there's not much of an actual ongoing cost to the telco.

However, you're right in that until the producers see a financial advantage in changing the voting method, they have no incentive. If allowing kids to vote 500 times for their "fave" is keeping 30 million people watching, they'll continue to do just that.

Here's an idea someone presented on the AI forum:

Have the votes counted by the number of paid downloads (from iTunes) of the contestant's song. You could even discount those particular songs to something like $.25 instead of $.99. Here are the arguments:

1. They're already recording those performances so it wouldn't cost the show any extra (except to set up the vote tally program).
2. It would certainly keep the people voting 500 times down to a reasonable range.
3. I don't think that $.25 would turn many off to voting - especially since they'd know their vote actually means something.
4. It would have the added benefit of finding out who would actually PAY for music by that artist.
5. It would also provide an additional revenue stream for AI.

What do you think?
I think AI makes money off the voting.

I think this is the week that Paula has to go.
LOL! grin I hear ya! That was like the Twilight Zone! crazy

....oops, I better go vote for Syesha before she gets voted off, thanks to Simon's comment....
29Apr08 Neil Diamond week.

Well, it was a different format, and I appreciated the quick nature of the show, with less chit chat. For me it is hardly necessary to finish the Idol series, because as far as I am concerned, the best musician & performer is David Cook - and he has a great voice, too. And Syesha is miles ahead of the rest in vocal ability... but I suspect it will be the two Davids at the end.

DAVID C (I'm Alive + All I Really Need is You)
Great on both songs, especially #2. I felt the first song fit him well and I would actually like to hear him sing the whole thing. If he doesn't win this contest, something is very wrong with the voter's perception of what talent is. In the second song, I felt like I was watching a major rock star perform.

SYESHA (Hello Again + Thk the Lord for the Night)
The first song proved again that she undeniably has the best pipes on the show. Second song showed her range, good tone, and even displayed some personality. Why the judges keep trashing her I have no idea, she is another Whitney as far as I am concerned. Excellent vocals - maybe too well trained for them? Listen to her first song, people - THAT is good singing.

DAVID A (Sweet Caroline + In America)
In the first song (which came right after Brook), right away you could hear good tone, nice vibrato, and brightness in the voice - which meant he was actually singing in the right tessatura for his voice - unlike Brook in her 'I'm a Believer'. I thought he sang it well and had fun. Yeah, well somebody was going to sing In America, and cash in on the patriotic appeal of the song. However, I felt when he was singing it that this rock song didn't suit him. His voice seems to me to be more musical theatre or teen-pop, not rock. I felt he pushed his voice at the end and his face during judging looked stressed, like he knew he had gone too far vocally. He sang thru his teeth on some of the 'ee' vowels.

JASON (Forever in Blue Jeans + September morning)
Okay folkish version of the both songs, nothing really wrong with them, nothing reached out and grabbed me either. His range is very limited and he sings very tightly, the voice is compressed in the throat and the mouth is too closed. Why he is in the top 5 of a singing competition I don't know. Yes, he has pretty blue eyes, but surely someone like Syesha, with great talent, should not continuously be voted as lower than him.

BROOK (I'm a Believer + I am I said)
In the Monkees tune, she lost tone and we couldn't hear the low notes at all. This is because, with a limited range, you have to lower the song so you can sing the top. This throws the voice off kilter because you are trying to make it sing well where it is weak, and then you are pushing out the top. The upper notes sound tight, not warm, and the lower notes are weak & inaudible. This is not healthy singing. In the second song, I thought she did a little better. I think the main problem is the voice sits back in the throat and has some nasal qualities. The first song was very interesting to me because she looked comfortable and as though she was having fun, but the voice still sounded unconnected to me.

I think it's time for Brook or Jason to go, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was Syesha, given how the voting has been.
What a hideously bad week... Ack.

Top of the Night:

Syesha Mercado: She was heads and shoulders better than anyone else. The competition is clearly biased to get rid of her. No matter how many weeks she blows everyone away, the judges with their pre-written notes (which were exposed when Paula read her notes for both songs even before the second was performed.. notice how they moved on quickly to Simon...) always either trash her or downplay how good she was. Sad.

David Cook: He wasn't comfortable in the first song and I thought the second song was even weaker. His worst week of the competition. Still.. he was second best.


All three of the others were terrible start to finish.

Least horrible: Brooke. Her first song was a total trainwreck.. her second song was reasonably decent.

Almost the worst: David Archuletta. Again.. people.. this emperor has NO CLOTHES!!!! His breathy weak singing was particularly horrible this week. It's sick how Randy props him up every week. Obviously there's some financial incentive.

The Worst: Jason Castro wouldn't even make it on an average open mic night in an average club in an average town. I heard over 100 better male singers in the last 24 hours during JPF awards screening than him. (In fact, I heard hundreds of better singers than anyone other than Syesha... including David Cook on his best day).

This is clearly the worst American Idol Top 5 ever. The term Jumping the Shark seems to apply. I am sure the marketing machine will sell a lot of records, especially if Mark Cook wins. If David A. wins, they'll hit up the Disney crowd and the little girls will all get a piece of David A. in their Xmas stockings.. whahoo!


Brian's right: The weakest top 5 of all time!

Sayesha and David C. are the only ones that do anything for me.

My early favorite, David A, hasn't done anything that worked for me since "Imagine" and that was a long time ago. I think he has a good voice, but it seems like every song is the same.

Brooke and Jason: You have got to be kidding me.

I agree with all of the above. I'm thinking its going to be a Jason vs David A final for a true shark jumping contest.

Syesha being the most talented person left obviously has to go home this week.

Damn I've gotten cynical, but after that show what else is left...
So Paula can predict the future! I wonder what she's been smoking?
Yeah, it was creepy that Paula started critiquing David A's second song before he sang it. Simon rescued her from total embarrassment.

So let me predict the future: Brooke will get voted off in one or two week, return to Arizona and be a soccer mom. Jason will get voted off in one or two weeks and will return home but will get a couple of guest appearances on Hanna Montana and Jake and Cody. He then will return to Rockwell Texas, sing weekends at the House of Blues in Dallas and get a bit part in a Jack Black movie.
Sayesha will leave the show thrid from the top leaving the two Davids. She will go back home, make some Nike commercials, move to New York and get a starring role on a new Broadway play called "American Idol" about a struggling homeless artist who lives in his car and gets his shot at the bigtime starring that kid with the fake Brittish accent who lived in his car and had a shot at the bigtime.
David A and David C will split the votes so thin on finals week that Ryan will say, "This is the closest tally in AI history". David Cook will then go home, sparing himself from the burden of being saddled with a terrible title (American Idol) and will go on to make albums and tours for the next 40 years. David Archuletta will have his biggest night on finals week, win narrowly, tour for a year homesick and lonely as the AI star; and go on to join Jason on an episode of Hanna Montana. He will then slip quietly into anonymity and live happily ever after.

You forgot the part about my song . . .

smile Perry
Last Sunday night i watched American Idol on satellite TV over here in the UK...for a start, why are Jason (the guy with the dreadlocks) and that girl called Brooke still hanging that the best America can dig up?...They would'nt get two songs at a drunks convention...They were all singing show songs,with Lloyd Webber no less, as the mentor..the guy was cringing with embarrasment,his songs got murdered,...Does Paula Abdul ever have an opinion?it is like watching paint dry, listening to her ranting a lot of nonesense...she is definately well past her sell-by-date...Randy Jackson is all fingers and thumbs,and street talk,he may be a record producer,BUT remember folks...he is by trade a Bass Player..nuff said!...Simon Cowell being his usual self nasty'n'nice in equal doses...if it were a level playing field the guy Cook is a racing certainty...but it aint..that wee guy, the other David,looks a right little sleazeball,with his permanent smile,but he probably attracts the spotty face brigade,so it makes for an interesting final...just one foot note ..that guy Cook could do a good number on Perry's song....Terry...
Results night Wednesday April 30:

I think it is kind of mean that AI makes the contestant who is booted sing the very song that sent them home. Brooke start crying when her name was called and didn't stop for the rest of the show. In here swan song, she forgot the words again but it hardly mattered because the song was a sobbing wreck already.

And then there were four. If Jason doesn't go next week, the Universe has a short circuit in it.
Oops. I was watching the Results show (which is on at 9 pm my time) and then, around 9:30, when I knew Brook & Syesha were bottom two... during a commercial break, thought I'd quickly try recording something to see how it sounded... and then next thing you knew, it was 10:05 pm.

Bottom Two


Brook really outstayed her singing ability, as has Jason. The fact that Jason was called first means, I think, that he had the most votes. Notice that Cook was third, underneath Jason and David A.

While I'm glad I missed the torture of watching Brook sing goodbye, I'm sorry I missed Neil Diamond.

I am still waiting for an explanation of why judging of the second round song was mentioned after the singing of the first round song. There was a pregnant silence after Paula began to read her notes for the 2nd song. Are the judges not judging what we hear and see? If not, why not. If not, how can we trust what they have to say. If, on the other, Paula thought she was judging the same song twice... I don't know what's going on there.

If Jason becomes the next American Idol... #@$%$#&%!
As far as I know, a female Artist named Baylie Brown was on last years American Idol. I missed it. However she has signed a Record Deal on a label in Nashville, Universal Records South. They are looking for songs for her now, so all is not lost for those that don't make it to the top on AI.
I'm glad Brook is finally going home and Syesha is still hanging on.

I'm even more glad that I had too much to do last night and didn't waste any time watching the show. tongue

Neil Diamond did a horrible song from his new album. It was really really really lame. And they had some british chick singing.. she sang okay but the song was also quite lame. And they didn't explain what relevence she had to the show. (Of course we KNOW what it was.. a promotional spot for an artist that Simon Cowell signed in the UK... ). AI has jumped the shark about as far as they can.. and I have a feeling it's going to get even worse before this season is over... I used to enjoy the show when they had reasonably talented singers on and at least when they weren't talented, they were interesting. These contestants rate very high on the boredom meter. And the blatant advertising that is supposed to look like something else (like a "design" competition for the Coke cups? WTF was that?) are wearing thin. And what was the 2 minute commercial for the dance show doing in the middle of AI? Oh yeah.. Simon Cowell and Nigel do that show too... sigh.
Yeah, I think we all see how commercial the show has become...yet we watch it anyways. One "story" I heard about Paula was that those were her notes from the dress rehearsal, which is why she had comments on "both" songs. She never has been the sharpest tack in the drawer.

I'm glad Brooke's gone. Was she crying because she was under the delusion that she might win? She's still going on tour and will probably get some sort of small label deal during that time. I listened to the 30-second bits of the CD she already produced on an Indie label and she actually sounds pretty good when she's NOT playing an instrument and after the vocals are tuned.

Next week, it will be between Syesha and Jason to go home. I'm going to vote a LOT for Syesha.

This is definitely going to be between the two Davids. David C is definitely the better artist of the two, but David A can probably sell a lot of CDs to the "tweenies".

Post deleted by TAMERA64
We all think Paula's drunk at our house.
If it's a medical condition/needed medication causing the loopiness, then I'm truly sorry to say that - but that's how she comes across.

I halfway suspect Simon's spiking her Coke just to watch her get more loopy and embarrass herself... but that's just my twisted brain at work. grin

I agree with Tammy - David A could have a good Josh-Groban-like career, but he's not a rock singer, and he gets on our nerves over here more every week. Yes, he can sing OK. But he's not entertaining really. He's plain vanilla.

We like David COOK more and MORE every week. And Syesha just keeps improving and impressing us. It should be one of those two.

My daughter who voted for Jason a lot at the beginning, now just wants him to go home. She says he's had only two good songs - Daydream and Hallelujah.

Every week I find I don't even miss, the following week, whoever is gone. I'm going, "so who's missing?" I will probably miss Brooke though. I don't watch the results shows - they're just too cruel. I pop online to find out who's gone.

I strongly suspect the show has tried to "pre-load" the winners or picks out the winners themselves and just makes whatever money off the voting they can. After all... they NEVER tell you - anywhere - what the vote counts were. They just say, "America voted.... [PAUSE] .... and you're safe/going home."

Why can't they say "The winner tonight, with 28.6 million votes..." or "In last place with only 12.2 million votes..." Yeah.

The voting is so weird - and seems to be preconditioned for shock value (voting off some talent early - leaving on weird ones too long) - that I'm more and more suspicious it's all rigged. I'm not saying illegal. Just saying there's probably some loophole somewhere that allows them to fix the contest.

I wonder - if it wasn't fixed at all - and if you could prove that - what would ACTUALLY happen.

And I wonder what would happen if they gave the judges 50% of the voting power - we might have a better competition. Some who shouldn't be on would GO, and those who shouldn't be gone would STAY.

But it's all in the money. Follow the money. Who's making it? on what aspects of the competition? Who's sponsoring, and what do they have to lose or win? And hm, let's look at everything everyone in the money path has to lose if "America" picks a stinker. Embarrassing. Right? So - moneywise - I don't see how they can "afford" not to tweak with it - BUT - I also don't think the "tweaking" is working.

OK, I've ranted enough. I haven't even been posting or emailing anywhere.... I'm almost entirely offline right now... yet I had to pop in here and vent. smile Rolling my eyes at myself.

The thread is enjoyable to read through. smile I got a kick out of LWilliam's prediction of the future. TOO funny!


[PS - And you can tell how scatterbrained *I've* been lately when you read this post - I'm all over the place. Yup. Trying not to post much till I've sorted things out better and my brain's working more normally again. (I've had 6 deaths to cope with in April - 2 serious, the other 4 people I or my husband have watched over and tried to help. 3 of those natural causes, the 4th may have been a suicide... we're not sure yet.) So... at least I have an excuse if my thoughts are jumpy. Catch y'all later....]
Really nothing to add...I liked David Cook better than you did this week Brian...but by what you said, I think listening to CDs for the awards is giving you the slant you have...but remember...alot of those CD singers might not sound nearly as good LIVE. without all the stuff added to the vocal. I find alot of artists don't sound nearly as good live as they do on CD
Go ahead and review the top five for past years and see if you still think this is the worst bunch. I think there were a couple of outstanding singers such as Kelly Clarkson and Katherine McPhee, and Carrie has certainly come a long way, but last year didn't have an equivalent to David Cook. Season five had Chris Daughtry, and I think David C's in the same league - maybe even better. I remember hearing some seriously pitchy moments with Cris' singing. David C seems to nail the pitch pretty well.

Syesha is every bit as good as Jordin Sparks, IMHO. I don't think either are as good as Melinda Dolittle, but Melinda got voted off as 3rd, I think.

David A, even though he may not be a great singer, is a much better singer than the Beatbox guy, Blake Lewis, from last year, who isn't exactly setting the charts on fire. I also heard him sing his latest on American Idol Extra and he was very pitchy. Sorry, the guy is not a good singer - he simply has a gimmick.

The top six last year were Melinda Dolittle, Jordin Sparks, LaKisha Jones, Blake Lewis, Chris Richardson, and Phil Stacey. I think they let two go at once (Chris and Phil), so I don't think there was a top five.

Top Five, Season Five: Taylor Hicks, Katherine McPhee, Elliott Yamin, Chris Daughtry, Paris Bennett

Top Five Season Four: Carrie Underwood, Bo Bice, Vonzell Solomon, Anthony Fedorov, and Scott Savol

Top Five Season Three: Fantasia Barrino, Diana DeGarmo, Jasmine Trias, La Toya London, George Huff

Top Five Season Two: Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken, Kimberley Locke, Joshua Gracin, Trenyce

Top Five Season One: Kelly Clarkson, Justin Guarini, Nikki McKibbin, Tamyra Gray, RJ Helton

It seems like there was one (maybe two) successful artists from each year from the top five, but not necessarily the winner. Season three actually seems the weakest to me.

This year, I think both Davids as well as Syesha have a serious shot at a successful career. Having THREE successful artists out of the top five would be an improvement over past top fives, wouldn't it?

Actually looking that the various Top 5's, I still think this is the weakest ever. There's always an R&B singer of Syesha's quality in the top 5 (Tamyra, Kimberley & Rueben, La Toya & Fantasia, Vonzell, Paris, Jordin, Lakisha, Melinda) and usually someone else who is the equal to or better than Mark Cook. Since the other 3 in this year's top 5 are horrible, I think every other year has at least 1 good singer in the top 5 that beats this year's top 5.

I simply will not accept David A as a great singer, or even a great entertainer. He's 100% boring and 100% monotonous as a vocalist. He has zero personality and even less than zero diversity. If he wins, he'll be the worst winner by a large margin, even over Taylor Hicks and Ruben, the two other weakest winners.

You expect 1 weak singer might slip into in the Top 5. (Nikki, Jasmine, Anthony were the weakest in past years). We've never had a Jason, Brooke and David A. all in the same year. The closest to it would have been Season 1 with Nikki, RJ and Justin). But when you have a Kelly Clarkson and Tamyra, they can make you forget the others pretty quickly. I don't think Mark Cook and Syesha are good enough this year to make us forget the other 3 pieces of dead wood.... David A. is the worst contestant ever with a real shot at winning...

warm up the shark folks and polish up the water skis...


I can't believe no one has posted on this thread since Friday. You'd think we all had lives or something.

Anyway, I missed the first part of last night's show and turned it on during Jason's "I Shot the Sheriff". I think Jason is going home this week.

I couldn't believe how much all the judges were gushing over David A. He does the same performance week after week. I think I have figured out why the judges are so crazy about him. He DOES listen to what the judges and mentors suggest, showing that he is capable of being molded into whatever kind of package they can see fit to market.

Syesha sounded pretty good, and I think she has a chance of doing stage-work or maybe even movies.

David Cook SHOULD be the winner, but then again, when I was working in radio back in the 80's, I once said on the air that I thought Cyndi Lauper was great, but she would never make the big time, so what do I know?
Syesha was hands down the best last night while the judges seem to still want to crown David Archuleta king.

David Cook IMO blew his chance to win it last night. A rocker gets the chance to do anything from the R & R Hall of Fame and he pulls out two arrangements that just didn't rock. Part of the problem is the 90 second version that they perform, but by now he should have figured out how to take a song from 0 to redline in that format. His Teenage Wasteland was starting to get revved up at the end but he never got there.

Jason Castro was an absolute disaster but I'm wondering how many dreadhead reggae fans were toking and texting for two hours at the end of the show to keep him going.

David A was his typical lounge singer routine - but given the performances by David C and Jason last night, for the first time I'll say he belongs in the top two, if only because the other two guys belong in the bottom two.

I think Idol is the worst thing that has ever happened to live music.
I will not watch or support it and I'm kind of surprised that you folks watch it.
Because of this horrible show many of the clubs/bars that we used to play at just do the kareoke crap instead of live music.
People are so dumbed down that they have no concept of what it takes to be a musician/entertainer.
Live music used to be an event that people would plan their day around.
I hate kareoke and I despise the biggest kareoke show in the world,American Idol !

I guess I only know the Eric Clapton version of "I shot the sherriff" because the version last night was terrible. I don't know who to blame, Bob Marley or Jason Castro. I got the impression last night that Jason Castro was "begging" to go home! I don't think he wants to be there anymore and tonight (Wednesday) he finally gets the boot. Even his biggests fans couldn't ignore the mess. When he picked the most generic folk rock song possible (Mr. Tamborine man) and then didn't even bother to learn the words tells me this kid has had enough of the American Idol experience.

The last three standing all have carreers secure I think. Syesha on Broadway or musical theater, David Cook rock tours, and David Archuleta at Disney World, and on Disney TV. I don't think we will hear from the rest of them except perhaps Cristi Cook in country music and Jason Castro might make a comeback in a couple of years when he sorts out where he wants to go. Remember, his family are opera singers and he had only preformed live 5 times before he tried out for American Idol. He knows he is outclassed. He wouldn't even sing in front of his family until two years ago. That is why consciously or subconsciously I think he sabotauged his songs last night. Actually he has been doing that for the last three weeks.
I felt rather uninspired by the show & was left with more questions than answers. What are the judges judging, and are they judging with integrity? Are they trying to influence the results? I ask this, because Syesha is clearly - CLEARLY - an extremely talented singer and also a very beautiful woman but the judges don't seem to support her at all. Whereas David A gets all the praise for playing it safe and singing hokey old songs -- where was the comment that he didn't change them up to be 'today' and that they made him look 'mature'. Makes you wonder, makes you wonder. David C is very talented & rocks it up well. Jason should never have made it to the top 10, but he did, and we may have to deal with the fact that he makes it to the finals.

Hungry Like a Wolf - he was in his element, rocked it out, but I wondered if he should have showed more range.

Teenage Wasteland - here David showed vocal quality and strength and musicality.

Proud Mary - I thought she came across as sexy, versatile, and powerful. Excellent musicality.

A Change is Gonna Come - this song does not have a lot of range, and sits pretty low in tessatura, but even though it was rather low, she never once went off pitch which shows great vocal ability. She sang something that really mattered to her. I thought she handled it well and I disagreed with the judging.

Stand by Me - I felt it was a predictable, karoke style performance of a boring song.

Love Me Tender - another boring song, but sung with better tone & some interesting changes in the melody line. Still, with the hundreds of great songs in the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame, it's odd to pick this one. I disagreed that his performance of both songs were the best of the night. No they weren't. Syesha could outsing this boy with both hands tied behind her back.

I Shot the Sheriff - jazzy sort of folk version, showed some vocal tone, sang it okay.

Mr Tamborine Man - another strange song choice, for me. He forgot the words. But you know, the fact of the matter is that Jason is a folk singer, and he just doesn't have the ability or range to sing anything like David C or Syesha.

Personally, I think Jason should go home (as I've been saying for weeks), but I wouldn't be surprised if it was Syesha, clearly the judges are not supporting her.
I bet Castro will stay and Syesha will leave
The judges are definitely propping up David A. I thought Syesha had the best performances. David Cook wasn't at his best, but was still pretty solid.

I agree that that David A, David C, and Syesha will all have successful careers in music regardless of the final order or who is crowned the American Idol.

Jason was a disaster - more so than usual with forgeting the lyrics to Tamborine Man. I couldn't believe he picked that out of 500 songs. Why would a "singer" who is trying to prove he can sing, pick a Bob Dylan song? Bob was a great songwriter, but as a vocalist, the guy was terrible: not someone you would try to emulate as a vocalist.

Dial Idol is predicting (by a comfortable margin) that Jason will go home. He's long overdue.

Post deleted by TAMERA64
I agree with all who say Jason should go home. I agree with Samuel that he needs to know where he wants to go but first, I'd suggest he find out where he is. I mean, I like the guy. He seems nice and all but he just doesn't seem like he's all there. It may just be his personality but the kid just doesn't seem to care - last night was the final proof if there ever was any proof. I'm not sure why he doesn't pull himself out instead of waiting to see how long his fans will allow him to torture us.

IMO, Syesha should be next to go. While last night was great for her, she continued to prove (to me) that she is a mimic. She has no style or personality that belongs to her. Early on in the contest, she mimicked Whitney. Then, when the judges were giving her credit for sounding Broadway, she sounded a whole lot like Vanessa Williams doing Disney. Last night, in her pre-performance comments, I had some hope that FINALLY, we were going to see the real Syesha. and it was sounding great on the Tina Turner, Proud Mary song. But then she started doing it... She started making all the moves that Tina makes when she performs that song live. If you remember her performance, look up one of Tina Turner's live versions of the song on YouTube and you will see what I mean. I'm sad for her because I think she could be the best of the bunch. All she needs to do is find out who she really is. At least, unlike Jason, she does know where she is.

David A. What's to say about David A? I like the kid. He seems genuinely nice and likable. But as Kevin (and I'm sure others) has noted above, the kid does the same performance over and over. I mean really... How many more classic melodies is he going to be allowed to change into his uninspired "generic-superstar-wannabe" melody before people have heard enough? If the tweens like him because they think he's cute, fine. But let's not call this a singing contest.

David Cook is the best of the rest hands down. Last night, I found myself a little disappointed. Marty is right... His version of Baba O'Riley (a.k.a. Teenage Wasteland) took too long to get there. I think David has the best ability of all of them to take classic songs, make them his and make them sound contemporary. If there is a fault in doing that it's that sometimes it's just not necessary. Baba O'Riley, as written and performed by The Who, is perfect for David's voice. Had he performed it like it was meant to be performed, I don't think we'd be having this discussion right now. He would be the clear winner.

I guess what bothers me most about these contestants is they apparently do not receive any coaching at all from the AI staff during the season. I had been under the impression that they did get coaching in previous seasons but this season it appears that it just doesn't happen. All of the last four, minus Jason Castro, could be so much better than they are with the right coaching.

Oh well, I think it's going to come down to David Cook vs. David A or Syesha. Either way, unless he totally blows it bad, Cook should be the winner hands down if talent has anything to do with it.
Well.. if you go back to the start of all this, I've been saying David A. is a puppet being propped up by the judges and that he is generic and does the same thing every week. At that time, most didn't agree with me.. glad that folks are finally on board. I also said from the start that Syesha was the most talented vocalist and with her looks and personality would be a great artists to work with. It's nice that most everyone is on board with that now as well.

I thought David Cook wasn't connecting last night. I like him and think he's probably the most deserving winner right now of the 4 because his highlights have been the best of the season and the weeks he's been off, he's still sings well but has usually just chosen bad songs. The week of Andrew Lloyd Webber, oddly enough, I thought Cook had the best performance of the season doing theater. He's really been the only artist of all of them who has risen above where he started in the auditions... Syesha stayed about the same (she's always been good, but hasn't gotten better) and David A. has sung the exact same way every single song every single week. He's starting to make elevator music sound exciting and risky. Jason Castro peaked during the Pre-Top 12 weeks. He's gone steadily downhill since. I agree that he seems to like he could not care less about how bad he's doing. A stoner til the end.

As I have said all season, the judges clearly have an agenda.. they want David A. The reason they don't want Syesha? I'll give you several: Rueben Studdard, Tamyra Gray, Fantasia, Jordin Sparks, Melinda Doolittle, all successful finalists, but none have really sold many records and they simply don't want another R&B singer winner. And there's zero chance of her winning no matter how much she outperforms the others. The pre-ordained David A. since he's the Disney kid their marketing department has dreamed about. But he's no Miley Cyrus and he's no Jonas Brothers. They'll find out that once he's 21, no one is going to care about his tired generic style and limited appeal once the "kid" appeal has worn off. Can you imaging people caring about him in 10 years like Kelly Clarkson? Ha! He's like the typical "child actor" that everyone loves til he grows up to be an awkward adult. Fortunately, the voters often pick the best of the final two. (I never liked McPhee, though I am sure Larry will disagree... and Clay Aiken was the ultimate geek versus the sentimental favorite that year...).

Ack. The only thing left to hope for is that a JPF member wins the Song Contest. We have a 50/50 chance.

What I don't understand is that if David A won Star Search, why does he need American Idol? Doesn't the winner get a record deal?

He's never appealed to me and I can't imagine him winning. And I guess I was naive to think the judges wouldn't have an agenda, but I can see it now in their comments, especially with Syesha.

Yes, let's hope a JPF member wins the song contest!! smile I wish the contenders the best of luck!
Brian, I actually haven't gone back and read this entire thread. I have somewhat scanned a good deal of the last few pages but I'm a little late to the JPF AI bashing party... smile

I'm glad to see Jason go but I have to admit. I've enjoyed him being on the show. Not because he was that good a singer but there was just something I liked about him. He kind of reminds me of the guy singing in the loft of the local Pot Belly sandwich shop - someone you don't really mind listening to but not necessarily someone you want to hear again. But he really should have been out of it a long time ago.

At any rate, it looks like you and I would have mostly agreed from the beginning. The judges might well be biased against Syesha but I'm surprised none of them, to my knowledge, have mentioned her lack of identity and I'm really surprised none of them have called her out for mimicking Tina Turner with Proud Mary. Be that as it may, she is a beautiful young woman and she definitely has ability. Hopefully, someone will pick her up if AI doesn't work out and help her realize her potential. It's there but someone needs to help her find it.

I kind of feel bad for David A. He's only 17 for goodness sakes. Why doesn't someone tell him to actually learn the melodies of these songs and stop trying to do the same vocal runs and the same generic melody for every song he sings? Really, if the judges are pulling for the kid, don't you think someone should pull him aside and tell him what he's doing wrong? He might actually be pretty good if he learned to diversify.

David Cook should be the clear winner of this group. He really is talented. He's good at making a song his own but he just needs to know when not to do it and/or when not to overdo it. Other than that, he should wrap this up in a couple of weeks.
It was interesting to hear David say what I said in that something was just "off" about him last night. It's true. He just wasn't clicking even though he was in key.

I'm glad Jason finally went home. I hope David C and Syesha pull out all the stops next week.
Originally Posted by Brian Austin Whitney
It was interesting to hear David say what I said in that something was just "off" about him last night. It's true. He just wasn't clicking even though he was in key.


I didn't pick up on that because when he is not "on" he is still good. I think his power vocals are as clear and strong as anyone I have ever heard. But consider this: the mind is a complex unfathomable mystery- maybe he does not want to be the American Idol winner. Maybe he would rather be the "International Rock Journyman of the 21st Century"- I think he really loves his craft. I don't think the term "Idol" fits him very well- that the label could be a negative-something he might have to live down if he has ambitions to rise to the level of people with staying power like Eric Clapton or Bonnie Raitt.
Originally Posted by Samuel (joe) Harris
Originally Posted by Brian Austin Whitney
It was interesting to hear David say what I said in that something was just "off" about him last night. It's true. He just wasn't clicking even though he was in key.


I didn't pick up on that because when he is not "on" he is still good. I think his power vocals are as clear and strong as anyone I have ever heard. But consider this: the mind is a complex unfathomable mystery- maybe he does not want to be the American Idol winner. Maybe he would rather be the "International Rock Journyman of the 21st Century"- I think he really loves his craft. I don't think the term "Idol" fits him very well- that the label could be a negative-something he might have to live down if he has ambitions to rise to the level of people with staying power like Eric Clapton or Bonnie Raitt.

I personally believe, with only two exceptions (Kelly and Carrie), the runners-up are usually better than the winner anyway. And I think being 3rd or 4th runner up can be even more advantageous - witness Daughtry. In other words, I agree with you. Perhaps David sees the advantages of not being the winner in the end.
Chances are David C sees the writing on the wall. It's obvious to anyone with brains that David A is being pitched as the winner, because the powers-that-be know he has the most appeal to the tweenies and that equals pots of money. Plus he's young enough to be "handled".

Ages ago I predicted it would come down to the two Davids, and I stand by that prediction.
Did anyone notice that unlike just about every other contestant that got voted off, Jason was smiling and HAPPY when singing his swan song? He actually did a much better job than the previous night (I Shot the Sheriff). I think the guy wanted to go home and Simon had it right when he told him he didn't seem to care enough about the contest.

Of the last three, I really don't think it makes any difference who gets the "crown". There have been successful people out of the top 5 just about every year. I'm 99.999% certain the finale will be the battle of the Davids. NOT winning might actually be a career advantage since the runner up may get a record deal with a little more choice in the material selected than the AI winner.

The judges are really propping David A since they haven't tried to market a teenie-bopper idol that I recall. Jordin is young, but not necessarily being marketed to the 10-15 year-olds as David A could be. Hey, if Miley can sell to that age group, they're probably figuring he can, too.

Brian, I think you're right in that the judges don't want Syesha to win. She's a good singer, but not particularly unique or original as an "artist". As you mention, AI and 19 Entertainment have not had a very successful run with R&B singers. I think she'll do fine in musical theatre or even as a TV or movie actress.

I thought David A took WAY too many liberties with the melody on Love Me Tender, and was too "pat" on Stand By Me. His melodic embellishments are getting a bit repetitive and predictable at this point.

I found it interesting that Ryan mentioned that out of 51 million votes, there were only about a million votes separating each of the top three. That means that as the lowest vote-getter, Jason, got the boot but good. I think the guy is an airhead myself. He needs to figure out if this is really what he wants or whether he should flip burgers for a while. If he becomes successful in music (as in having a song on the Billboard chart), I will be quite amazed.

Next week:

"Next week the Top 3 finalists will compete head-to-head on the live AMERICAN IDOL performance show Tuesday, May 13 (8:00-9:02 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed). Each contestant will sing three songs - judges' choice, producers' choice and finalist's choice - on the season's second-to-last performance show."

Let's see what the judges choose for the contestants to sing.
Good job with the prediction. I wasn't thinking that far ahead. I was just watching to see if anyone would step it up along the way. No one really has. I think David Cook had his ability all along but he sometimes makes a bad call - no biggie. The others haven't changed anything that I've noticed.
Originally Posted by Lwilliam
Next week:

"Next week the Top 3 finalists will compete head-to-head on the live AMERICAN IDOL performance show Tuesday, May 13 (8:00-9:02 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed). Each contestant will sing three songs - judges' choice, producers' choice and finalist's choice - on the season's second-to-last performance show."

Let's see what the judges choose for the contestants to sing.

For David A, the judges should try to find the song which best fits the generic melody he always uses.

For Syesha, they have two choices... Either select a song by an artist she can't imitate to find out what she's made of or select a song by an artist she imitates very well so she doesn't embarrass herself.

David Cook... pretty much any good rocking song.
I don't know if anyone saw American Idol Extra with Jason's "exit interview", but I thought it demonstrated that regardless of whether or not you think he was a good or bad singer (I'm in the latter group), some people are just NOT cut out for fame - it's harder work than most of us imagine. He admitted that he was really glad he was going home, he could handle the "pace" for a month or so, but really couldn't continue any longer at that pace. He was extremely trepidatious about having to learn 3 songs in one week.

It just makes me wonder how many people who are more talented than this particular bunch would have had the stamina to stick it out had they had the opportunity. It's sort of a rhetorical question, but simply having talent (such as vocal talent) is nowhere near enough to ensure success in this business. It really is a combination of talents, including perseverence.

Jason castro was funny
FYI, there has been a change of protocol at AI, and the judges choices for tomorrow night have been revealed:

Simon chose for David Cook "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" (apparently, Leona Lewis has a version of this out!)

Randy chose for Syesha "If I Ain't Got You"

Paula chose for David A. "And So It Goes"

There was also talk that David Cook chose for himself Collective Souls "The World I know", the producers chose for him "American Woman"; producers picked for David A. "Longer" by Dan Fogelberg.

While these could all be just hearsay, they were listed (at least the judges picks) by the AI board moderators, under the SPOILER alert.

Guess we'll have to see for ourselves!!

David C will rock out on American Woman! That's a great tune for him. I find it a very strange choice for him to sing "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face".

Did you notice that the "Worst" site is now pitching David A as the "worst" of the three?

I hadn't seen that, no....

But I agree, David C. will do well with American Woman If that's correct) for FTEISYF, I'm just wondering if Simon wants to see what he can do with it since Leona Lewis did a version too.

As for the winner, while I like his performing the least, I hope it's David A. I think he would do well for and by American Idol (seems manageable), and both David C. and Syesha I think would ultimately be hampered by the American Idol crown.

Really though, at this stage, anything is possible. Fun fun fun!

Conspiracy theory. We all know the lyrics to "American Woman", since the judges want David A to win ........

Always, thought that Cummings/Bachman were the third best Canadian songwriters. Behind Joni and Neil of course.
No, they'd would have to be fourth, because Gordon Lightfoot would be number one smile and Leonard Cohen would be in there too.
Just my opinion as well as yours. Maybe because Joni Mitchell and Neil Young are my two all time favorite songwriters regardless of country of origin.
You're my kinda kid, checkerboard. smile
I think the judges should really make them sweat. They should make David Cook gag on, "Killing me softly with his song" and then make David Archaleta sing James Taylor's "Steam Roller" or the Stones "Honk Tonk Woman" That would be a riot!
"Harvest Moon" one of my all time faves... grin
Then Syesha would have to sing "Red River Valley". wink

Actually, isn't "First Time Ever..." in the same class as "Killing me Softly"?

Archuleta could do ZZ Top's "Waitin' for the Bus", or "Jesus Just Left Chicago", or Rod Stewart's "Hot Legs"...

Archuleta doing...."Highway to Hell" wwoo hhhoooo

Cookie "the first time?" You gotta be kidding ! ! !

I'd love to hear Syesha sing a Joni Mitchell song (speaking of her) She would do a great "Twisted"
Originally Posted by Lwilliam
Actually, isn't "First Time Ever..." in the same class as "Killing me Softly"?

Similar in "mood" but "First time Ever" was first written by Ewan MacColl in 1957 and was first sung by a guy (maybe it was even Ewan) before Roberta Flack recorded it. If David does a Roberta Flack version of it, I think I will be sick; but if he sings it unsentimentally, like the orignal recording, sung by a guy (with a heavy Scottish accent if I recall), it could work for him.
Haven't seen a word of this thread, but I guess this is on topic.

Did ya'll catch Randy's Freudian slip? "Glad you're peaking at the right time, Syesha. That's what got you to number 3!

Simon told Archuleta he should get thru. Cook is coming up. (Not that any of this is surprising. The 2 guys have been the picks for weeks.
I listened thru the whole show. Each of the last three have some assets but not sure any of them are the total package. Will anyone of them make an album that you will want in your collection. It is a tossup of which one will be the winner.
I think they all have potential CD sales if marketed right.

I was surprised that David Cook did as well on "First Time Ever..." as he did.

When we're down to the wire like this, I'm going to have to put my eggs in David Cook's basket. Of the three, he is the most likely to make a CD that I would buy. It's not any more complicated than that.

Archie had a very nice opening number, but didn't give an "Idol-worthy" performance after that. Syesha still seems a bit copycat - without her own identity.

As many have predicted, it will most likely be a finale between the two Davids, with Syesha going home tomorrow. She'll do fine without winning, however.
MAY 13TH - TOP 3

I wasn't all that thrilled with tonight's show. Some of the song choices were lame.

David Cook showed his range & musicality, and particularly showed his great vocal tone in First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.

Unfortunately, Syesha had a chance to shine but chose less than stellar songs. She has great vocal tone but makes wierd song choices & has arrangements that make her gravel around in the low end of her range, Why, when you could sing any pop song around, would you choose to sing Fever. If nothing else you could choose to do a Girlicious version of an old standard. She would have sounded great doing an awesome Latin pop song.

David A was pretty predicible. Soppy ballad & bubble gum pop.

Bottom two should be Syesha & David A. Unless there is some huge surprise, Syesha will go home.
It was as lame as most weeks. After the first round, both guys sucked badly. David Cook blew out his voice on his second song (Which I thought was horrible) and by the third had little left to go on. I was hoping he'd be doing American Woman as was suggested earlier today (in fact, it seems most of those songs listed were correct.. except that one). The Diane Warren thing was really weak. He's no Steven Tyler by a million miles.. (or LeAnn Rhimes for that matter). Archuletta is so boring I can't imagine anyone wanting to buy or listen to his music no matter what he does. He may be the most boring finalist ever.

Syesha was the best overall of the night because she was best in Round 2 and 3 both and second best in round 1. And yes, I caught Randy's statement that she was 3rd. Rigged? I don't know. But if David A. wins it has to be... there can't be that many little girls out there voting who like boring music.

Originally Posted by Hummingbird
MAY 13TH - TOP 3

Unfortunately, Syesha had a chance to shine but chose less than stellar songs. She has great vocal tone but makes wierd song choices & has arrangements that make her gravel around in the low end of her range, Why, when you could sing any pop song around, would you choose to sing Fever.

For the conspiracy fans, keep in mind that Syesha only picked one of the three songs and the one she picked was a 60 year old novelity song (Fever). But the other two were picked by a judge and producer and they were lame choices too. Her last song was so generically R and B, any voice could have been substituted for hers- they didn't do her any favors- and now she will be booted.

David Archuleta sounded great on his first number but his (personal) choice was awful. Did you check the lyrics on his choice?- The worst lyrics I have ever heard on AI.

Here is one way to evaluate the remaining two guys. You can imagine David Cook singing anything they throw at him; and they did throw a bomb at him with "First Time..." but, there are so many songs that would make you laugh if David Archuleta attempted them- in other words, David A is "limited" and David C is not. Who will win is a total toss up because the fan base is as different as candy and steak.
Originally Posted by Brian Austin Whitney
David Cook blew out his voice on his second song (Which I thought was horrible) and by the third had little left to go on. Brian

I noticed that his voice cracked in the second number and I guess he didn't recover very well on the last number. He was pushing so hard at the limits of "First Time..", I was afraid he was going to blow his voice on that song. I think he is trying way too hard. It annoys me that the contestants only sing 90 second songs. Have we ever heard them sing a whole song?- and if they did, wouldn't that be a better indicator of how good they are?

And isn't it strange that Syshesa can be so pretty, so charming, so funny, so talented- and still all of us knows she has zero chance of winning. What is going on?
I think Syesha and David Cook should be in the finals but I have a feeling that they want it to come down to both Davids in the finals. It too bad. Because is clear that vocally Syesha and David Cook are the top 2. But that is not how this show is run. In my opinion Syesha can sing circles around David A. and I can't believe how she was practically crucified on the show last night. It was ridiculous! They continually praise David A. like he can do no wrong. It is unbelievable. I sit here with my mouth open. I have grown so tired of David A. He has just an average voice. Honestly. Syesha is a star! I think she deserves to win it. She is the whole package and I think its fantastic that she chose a broadway song in the midst of her other songs. So what! It just shows her versitality. You need to be able to be more than just vanilla when you get a place at the top. That is what you would get with David A. And as far as David Cook. He could easily win it too. I think he is a great rocker and it has been amazing to see him keep it all together while his brother is so very ill. That has to effect everything about you. He is to be commended. Now we just have to see what happens.

I think it's simply that she doesn't have a uniquely identifiable singing style or voice like the other two. I don't think any of us could identify her singing in say, 4 notes, like you could with many superstar acts like Billy Joel, Rod Stewart, Beyonce, Whitney, Madonna, Mariah, Norah Jones, Enya, etc.

She's talented, it's just a matter of is she unique enough...

Look what happened when they tried to market Jordin Sparks in the pop/R&B market. From what I've been able to tell, she hasn't exactly been selling tons of CDs. I don't think Syesha is as good a singer as Jordin. She's also no Beyonce, so what to do with her?

I think Syesha would be great in a weekly sitcom, with music as a sideline for her. However, that's just my opinion...and we all know that opinions will vary... wink
I'll likely be alone here, BUT...the ONLY way I'd have paid for the number Fantasia sang would be if I were caught in the same room and hadda pay to get out. I couldn't grab the remote quick enough.

Thought MAYBE Syesha might get a lot of votes from people angry with the judges for being obvious last night about the 2 David's, but as expected since the final 12 were announced, these are the 2.
Well, I hoped for a different result but I knew it was unlikely that it would be any different than I predicted.


David A
David C
Is it safe for me to come out from behind the couch, or is that Fantasia woman still roaring like a wounded boar? Horrifying.
Fantasia was a total disaster. I used to like to hear her sing when she was on AI. The look, the so-called moves, her voice...and the flaming hair.....just nothing worked for me.

As for the results....I predicted it from the very start. I predict that David Cook will and....should win it all next week.

I was never a fan of her leaving didn't bother me. In fact, I thought it was way overdo. I think she'll do well as a broadway star though. Just can't listen to her doing pop...etc. And her dance moves are appalling. The week she did a Tina Turner song....well, being a major Tina fan...I had to grab the remote and MUTE.
"Why would a "singer" who is trying to prove he can sing, pick a Bob Dylan song? Bob was a great songwriter, but as a vocalist, the guy was terrible: not someone you would try to emulate as a vocalist."

More to the point why would a "singer" feel the need to prove he can sing? I suppose it's because actually singing the song isn't good enough anymore. You have to dazzle people with screeching vocal acrobatics that take unforgiveable liberties with the melody, in order to prove how much technical skill you have. Whether or not it serves the song is of little consequence.

I realise that I'm totally out of step with the public at large on this: play the average consumer a recording of someone like Emmylou Harris, effortlessly caressing a lyric with her voice, and then play a histrionic screamfest by the current flavour-of-the-moment diva. You and I both know who gets the thumbs up.

As far as people emulating Dylan's singing, do we really have the room to list the number of artists who consider him an influence? I think not. I'll be honest, I'm not the world's biggest Dylan afficionado, but I know a great vocal delivery when I hear one, and he's got a slew of them in his catalogue. I consider myself a handy vocalist at times (certainly not a "terrible" one like Bob) but I can tell you this-- I would kill to have just a couple of his vocal performances on my resume. Talk about selling the song; the man has always known how to do it.

Bob Dylan can't sing? My arse.
So we have two Davids and no Goliath. Maybe next week AI will at least let them sing a whole song.
Good one, Sam!

Here are my two cents:

I think David Cook is a much better all around musician. And based on that, he should win. BUT I also think David A. needs it more. David C. will do quite well for himself without AI (ala Chris Daughtry), but I think David A. needs the AI machinery to give him a successful launch (and help handle his dad).

Oh well, at the very least, it's looking like Perry's song has an even better chance of being the winner!! Not a peep from him lately....aside from letting him KNOW, they'll have to fly him out, etc., so the winner will have to be informed at least a couple of days in advance!!

Good luck to all participants!! Should be a good show...

Originally Posted by Steve Robinson
"Why would a "singer" who is trying to prove he can sing, pick a Bob Dylan song? Bob was a great songwriter, but as a vocalist, the guy was terrible: not someone you would try to emulate as a vocalist."

I'm with you .. I don't enjoy listening to Bob Dylan sing; however, he is a wonderful writer. NO ONE should try to emualate BD singing. But by all means, sing his wonderful songs and make them your own! For one .. listen to Shawn Colvin sing, Your Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go.

Back to the topic .. I hope David C wins.

I may be in the minority but I have always liked Bob Dylan's voice, especially when he was younger. It is hard to sing well when you are in your sixties but some people can do it- Bob is not in that group. I remember a soloist in the Cascade Choir in Eugene, Oregon who (10 years ago) at 75 had a voice as clear and pure as a teenager. I don't live in Oregon anymore but I bet he is still singing. When people say your "voice" comes from your soul, I believe them. KD Lang said that about Roy Orbison in a documentary about him on PBS. Other musicians like Bono have said things like, "When he (Orbison) sings, it is like his voice comes from 'somewhere else'. There may be technical prefection, but heart and soul trump it every time.
Joanne, just to clarify...the quote above was not mine. On the contrary, the aim of my post was to argue that particular point. I suppose I should have credited the original poster. So, as it turns out, you're not with me at all, because I'd still rather listen to Bob Dylan sing "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go" than Shawn Colvin... and I love Shawn Colvin.
I just think Bob usually makes the songs his own as soon as he records them.
Steve R.

Yeah, that was me. I knew I'd probably offend someone when I said that, but we all have our opinions of Bob. He's a major influence to many people for his songwriting - but probably not to anyone who calls themself a singer first and foremost. He will never be in the same class as Pavarotti or Celine Dion, who are singers first and foremost.

Technically, he had limited range, sang flat most of the time, slurred his words often - and was extremely nasal. Could he still deliver the message with conviction? Absolutely! However, he'll never make the list of "Top 100 Singers of the 20th Century" although he'd probably make that top 100 list of songwriters. we have the battle of the Davids. According to some 19 Entertainment contract excerpts I've seen, AI has the OPTION to put any of the top ten under a recording contract, a management contract, and a merchandising contract, so they could both technically get an offer even though only one of them will get the marketing that the "Idol" will get.

I found some interesting pieces of the contracts these people had to sign, at least the one that Kelly Clarkson had to sign, if anyone's interested. 19 Entertainment pretty much owns them body and soul. It includes a gag order on anything they do with 19 Entertainment or anything they learn about the show. Also, having both management AND the recording company contract signed into the same company could be considered a conflict of interest. I'm not sure some of it would even hold up in court as it pretty much amounts to signing yourself into slavery.

"Could he still deliver the message with conviction? Absolutely!"

...not a lot I can add to that really.

I guess it's not enough for a lot of people. I hear the same thing said about Mick Jagger all the time, too. "Jagger can't sing to save his life"...etc. Really? Name me one singer who you'd pick to replace Mick's vocal tracks on "Brown Sugar". You really think anyone could get close to bettering the sound of that record? ( I picked that song off the top of my head; the same is true of maybe a hundred others, but you get my drift). Is Mick what you'd call good technically ? Hardly. Is he a great vocalist? Of course he bloody well is.

I have to go now. I have a fit of the giggles; I just had an image of Josh Groban ripping into "Start Me Up" flash into my head.

All the best,
Steve R.

PS. I have to warn you all that if anyone starts on John Lennon's technical shortcomings it's going to be rapiers at dawn...

I can't seem to ignore threads about Bob Dylan's singing smile

I think he has one of the best voices around - not technically perfect of course, but better able to get the song across than anyone else. Some great examples of his different voices:

Lonesome Death of Hattie Carol (early '60's)
Like a Rolling Stone (mid '60's)
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (late '60's)
Idiot Wind (mid '70's)
Senor (late '70's)
Everything is Broken (late '80's)
Po' boy (early '00's)

I haven't noticed a big difference in his vocal style between the '90's and now....

If the point is to bring the listener into the song, no one is better (imo, of course) smile

I have great respect for Bob Dylan ...from this humble ole singer's perspective, gosh .. on more than one occasion, wanting to sing a Dylan tune, I had to listen to someone else's cover of the tune so I could pick out the actual melody line! LOL crazy

staying on topic.. Hope David C wins grin
Originally Posted by Beth G. Williams

Oh well, at the very least, it's looking like Perry's song has an even better chance of being the winner!! Not a peep from him lately....aside from letting him KNOW, they'll have to fly him out, etc., so the winner will have to be informed at least a couple of days in advance!!

Good luck to all participants!! Should be a good show...


Hey, Beth and all. I've been trying to keep myself distracted but I'll admit to some anxiety the last couple of days. By the way, they would not have to fly me out if my song won, as I am just forty minutes down the road from where they tape. But I just keep telling myself that I have a 5% chance and most sane people would not bet on that! I really want to enjoy the finale shows and not be disappointed, so I am trying to keep perspective. But, again, I will admit that this has been a tougher week than the couple before it (for some reason I was not nervous at all until the last couple of days).

I will be around.

So I've been too busy to watch the Tuesday performances until now.

Syesha was hands down the best of the three.

David C second.

David A well in the back.

No surprise the results show ranked them in reverse order and Syesha's going home first.

Originally Posted by Perry Smith

I've been trying to keep myself distracted but I'll admit to some anxiety the last couple of days.

OMG!! Sorry, Perry... I almost forgot about this excitement!! Anxiety!!?!hah! Betcha that's quite an understatement!!
Good Luck Again!!

OMG, I'M a nervous wreck waiting for the news, so I cannot even begin to fathom your anxiety level crazy . I guess that didn't do much for helping you keep perspective, huh?

And golly, with you living right down the ROAD that makes it even last-minutey-er (soon-to-be popular new word).

But look at it this way...if David A. wins and your song doesn't....I would take that song and go straight to head of the David C. line...I'd certainly THINK being in the Top 20 would lend you some extra credibility...

OOOOOH, this is exciting. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!


P.S. BTW, if you get The Call, and need to process your excitement surreptitiously, feel free to PM me...I won't tell anybody wink wink !!
Well...I'm already bored with AI so...but let's hope David Cook wins...(I only saw the end of Fantasia's performance, but it was surely different!)

And Perry best wishes with your song...keep us posted! smile
I think I looked a little like Simon when watching Fantasia...mouth open in disbelief. It was not my cup of tea, that's for sure.

Good luck, Perry!

Gobsmacked indeed. Might've been worse though, mate --it could've been a duet with Bob Dylan...
I have been trying to be open minded about the new "music" that's out there---I was watching Fantasia and TRYING to change my mindset..."OK this is hot" I said to myself trying to convince my brain....BUT...I couldn't understand one thing she said, the song had NOTHING in it for me. Yuck. The winner next week won't matter one bit, they will both have their shot at a career.
So Simon had a dropped jaw, huh? I did not know that. I had the channel change as quickly as I could grab the remote! Glad to hear it. Wonder if anyone did follow up questions about it after the show? He's brazen enough to tell the honest truth! (This is what is called the "NEW" music?!)

Scottie...transporter, please.
So Simon had a dropped jaw, huh? I did not know that. I had the channel change as quickly as I could grab the remote! Glad to hear it. Wonder if anyone did follow up questions about it after the show? He's brazen enough to tell the honest truth! (This is what is called the "NEW" music?!)

Scottie...transporter, please.
Originally Posted by Steve Robinson
Gobsmacked indeed. Might've been worse though, mate --it could've been a duet with Bob Dylan...

"Gobsmacked"? + "Mate?" = "Florida"?

Me thinks you have hopped across The Pond! Gobsmacked is such a great onomatopoeic exclamation!

Beth grin
David A won the night and will go on to be very successful irregardless of whether he wins the top billing or not. His voice is a gift to be reckoned with. Not to deviate but the 2nd song David A chose to sing "In This Moment" I could really picture Josh Groban doing and doing very well. I do believe David C would have been wiser chosing Perry's song and I don't say that because he's one of our own, but in all sincerity.

I thought Archuletta was as boring as could be and he will take the title of the worst AI winner ever if he wins. I can't imagine going to his concert even if you paid me.. seriously.. he's that boring and lifeless and has no personality of any kind at all. He couldn't hold the stage with the likes of Miley Cyrus for 30 seconds and not look like a loser. His squinty face and his "gasp" "gasp" "gasp" breathlessness is like fingernails on a chalk board.

David Cook doesn't need to win.. he'll be fine. I actually thought his performance of the Songwriter song was far and away the best performance of the night. The judges clearly were working the agenda all night to crown David A. They ripped David Cook all night the same way the always ripped Syesha, who should have been in the final with David Cook. The whole boxing thing was set up so that Simon could have the last line before the voting started saying that David A. won "in a knockout." That's so bogus it's laughable. But in truth, David Cook was fairly boring in his first and third performances so he did himself no favors. But he was still far more entertaining to watch than David A. Watching paint dry is better than watching David A. "gasp" "gasp" "gasp"

So all that's left is to root for Perry. He has a 1 in 18 chance.. and we all heard Paula say that the song David Cook performed WASN'T the winning song... so let's all keep our fingers crossed. By the way, I think both of the songs performed tonight were written by JPF members... though they aren't active. I do think Emily Shackleford has performed at one of our Roadtrip showcases though.

I have to agree with you Brian, it was really unbelievable to see how the judges just praised David A. to highest heaven and picked a bit on David Cook. I just don't get it. I feel like David A. has been hand selected to win and they just made sure of it but saying what they did. Unfortunately that will probably be how it all goes down. Bummer! I thought David Cook picked a great catchy song from the 20 songs. Once again the judges were critical of the song itself and saying....."you did what you could with what you had to work with". Ouch! to the songwriter. This is all a bit painful for me to watch.

I look forward to tomorrows winning song, hopefull it will be Perry's. It would be a great match for David Cook.

"Time of My Life" was the winning song as stated in the USA Today article I posted in my American Idol thread. I did not win, but I did make the top 10 and, yes, believe it or not, Syesha picked my song as the one she would sing if she made it through to the finals (they had the three pick one of the top 10 songs and she picked mine).

I have posted some further thoughts and thanks in my AI thread, so please take a look if you get a chance. If you don't, know I am thankful for the support here and the education of the experienced members, as I am a new songwriter and I have much to learn.

First - Perry - congrats on making it to the top ten, and for getting THAT close to having your song sung on a major tv show.

Well, I was sort disappointed with tonight's show. I felt that David Cook either, stepped back to let the kid win... or knew that the die was cast. Not that he didn't perform well, he just didn't step out and wow me like he has in the past... and who knows, maybe it's better to be #2 & have a little more artistic freedom.

I felt they chose a rather limited song for him to perform in "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For". There's so many songs he could have rocked, and while that is a nice song... just didn't thrill me. I found myself feeling slightly disappointed at the end of it.

He chose to sing "Dream Big" and I thought he put all of himself into it. Not sure if the song really sold "him" as a performer.

In his last song... he chose to sing something new, and did a good job of it.

In my educated opinion, David Cook has a very memorable voice, it's unique, it's his own. He is also a skilled musician. In both those areas he shines out & is a clear winner. He's not a cookie cutter model of someone else. His integrity and musicality will see him through and I think we will hear more of him.

David A - naturally they gave him the ballad he could sing sweetly, 'Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me'. I do think he sang it with his heart & soul. As I said, his voice is not as striking as David Cs in timbre. I also knew what he was going to do vocally before he did it. However, I felt he did put more of himself into the performance of his first song than David C did.

"This Moment" - was a better original song than the one David C sang, as it really seemed to fit the moment, and you could feel the audience responding to it - and really that's what it is all about, when all is said and done. He sang it to them and they soaked it up. It was sort of a la Josh Groban and showed some of the quality in his voice.

"Imagine" - I didn't think he sang this as well as he did the first time I heard it.

It was an emotional show to watch, a big moment for both these people. And whatever we think about the show, these two guys did their best to bring it. We all know David A will win. I suppose I will still hope that the superb talents of David C will earn him the Idol crown, but I doubt it.

PS - did anyone else notice that in the playback, the first clip they played of David C was off key, and they only showed verse sections without a lot of umph, and for David A, they played chorus parts/endings. Or was it just me?
Imagine all the people voting for the kid
You may think it's unfair but that's that way it is.

Like we predicted, David Cook doesn't really want to be saddled with the AI title. He said, "as far as I'm concerned the contest is over". Then he went out and proved it with a screeching half-hearted performance while David Archuletta sang his heart out. I don't know what you folks heard that I didn't. David A sang like he wanted to win and David Cook went through the motions. Simon had to complete the night's boxing theme when he suggested that "Imagine" was the knock out punch but I think David Cook took a fall. To quote George Bush, "Done deal". Archuletta is the 2008 American Idol winner. Woopee! And now back to my regularly scheduled distractions.
Perry: Sorry to hear that your song didn't win. But just like David C. doesn't need to win to be successful, you don't need to win to be a successful songwriter. All of the songs at your site are top notch. I think "Proud to be a father of a son like me" is another winner.

I couldn't believe how much the judges were "pimping" Archie -ALL of them. A Knockout? Hardly. The way things were going, Simon probably would have criticized Cookie doing "Billie Jean" as "predictable", although how predictable was "Imagine"? I was bored listening to him sing it. The judges actually made fools out of themselves, IMHO, because they were SO obviously pimping their or the producer's fave.

I do think that Cookie wasn't as concerned about winning and therefore didn't go full out that last 1/4 mile. It's possible he also knew that the winner had been pre-selected. #2 may actually have a bit more artistic freedom with whatever deal they get. That said, I will buy Cookie's CD and won't buy Archie's. Maybe the tweenies will buy it.

Sorry about your song, Perry. It's a good song and maybe Syesha will record it. You just know she'll get a deal as well.

I will bet they have set a new record for number of votes. I was unable to get through ANY of the 3 numbers for Cookie (busy signals) until after 10:30pm - and I've NEVER had trouble getting through since I have an AT&T phone line.

Update...I just checked several sites: dialidol, aol, and knbc. On all three sites, they are predicting David Cook to win - and not by just a small margin either.

Maybe the obviousness of the judges' bias ticked off the David C fans (it did ME!) and they voted more. I know I voted more than I ever have on AI. [that redial button worked pretty well while I watched a DVR recording of Dancing With the Stars finale - wink ]

In a post-performance interview, Archie actually said he disagreed with Simon's diss of Cookie's performance: "I think Simon's opinion is just one opinion, and just because Simon didn't think it was his [David Cook's] best, I think America and millions of viewers will disagree with him. And I disagree with Simon, too. He was awesome."

So there IS hope...

Personally, I think these two are closer in talent than most of the other years' final two.

I did notice that Vikki and we were talking about it immediately when it happened. I always watch carefully and have found bias previously against certain contestants and for others. But this was one of the most obvious manipulations I have ever seen. It would be nice to have the fans throw their chosen one out with the trash. But would they actually let David Cook win? When they are so blatantly lying as judges and putting an agenda out there and setting up pre-scripted lines before the performances even happen.. it's hard to put anything past them. Perhaps there's some legal language that allows "producer" discretion in the final voting.. they're so secretive anything is possible.

Now that Perry's song is out of the running I've pretty much lost motivation for the finale. Even if David Cook wins it's still been more bummer than fun this year. The manipulation all season has been more and more transparent. Why can ANY of these shows just judge honestly? If only we could get non-puppets acting as judges.

Perusing the AI boards, it seems that a LOT of people were p.o'ed about the pimping. Several people who said they normally don't vote ended up voting for DC - just because of Simon's remark about the "Knockout".

One person said he got in about 5000 votes for DC using two cell phones and text messaging. Another claimed over 2500 votes; several said they voted over 500 times. I sure hope they have a flat rate plan for messaging... wink

There's bias everywhere Brian, even on this board, sure perrys song was good and he is an active member of JPF but there are other songs in the competition that were good if not better IMO, sucks that he lost, maybe Syesha will cut it, as for the finals
Does it really matter who wins anyways, anybody whos exposed to idol has a good shot at getting a record deal, that Baylie Brown girl from last idol didn't get past the top 24 If I remember correctly she's looking for songs for her debut album on a major label, Kellie Pickler has country hits, she came in 6th, daughtry has hits,Josh Gracin 4th, it goes on and on like this
This competition is bigger than all of us combined in finding talent, not just finding one winner, it also employs a lot of people, producers,writers,directors,songwriters etc
Who cares if it's not judged honestly, it's better run than the american government that is for sure, I think you guys have missed the purpose of this show,they want to make money and create as many stars as possible, do they care what we or you think? you're gonna watch it anyways LOL just my opinion
dialidol has DC winning by a landslide
So you used an American Idol discussion to slam the United States Airun?
It's not a slam if it's the truth and by the way I said American Government, and your whole country agrees with me so nice try, you're pratically saying American Idol is being manipulated because the artist you don't want to win is probably going to win and because perrys song didn't get chosen therefore no free publicity for JPF and you talk about them being biased..

Why does T U N E S M I T H get edited out of a post?
TMZ says there were almost 100 million votes last night. This is from the site:

"George Michael is performing on tonight's "Idol" finale, but he ain't "the biggest star in the world" that Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe has been touting -- our spies tell us, it's "Iron Man" Robert Downey Jr.

TMZ moles say the finale will include a virtual hologram of Gladys Knight singing "Midnight Train to Georgia" with Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Downey Jr. singing backup as the Pips. Holy Nat King Cole! "Idol" did this last season when Celine Dion sang along side a virtual undead Elvis. For the record, Gladys Knight is still alive.

We're told the Jonas Brothers, ZZ Top, Seal, Bryan Adams, One Republic, Jordin Sparks and Carrie Underwood will also perform before David Archuleta (or possibly maybe, but not likely, Cook) is crowned the winner."

OK, so I'm taking a risk putting myself out there as the overwhelming minority on the board, but to add balance.

I'm a huge Archuleta fan. I don't think he's arrived artistically by any stretch, but I consider him to have a unique vocal quality. I have bought every single one of his I-tunes songs. (But then, for context, I also love Clay Aiken and Josh Groban, just for the pure vocal ability)

I enjoy and respect David Cook, but to me, he sounds quite similar to any of 100 grunge, alt and contemporary christian artists (from SubPob stuff up to christian acts like MercyMe and 3rd Day.) It's a marketable, familiar sound, but not a new sound.

I can't think of anyone else that sounds like Archuleta, the mixture of classical purity and soulful runs, the high register with a bit of rasp in it. I hear a little Steve Perry, in the rasp.

Anyhow, as a pure vocalist, I think little David has the ability to be on Celine Dion's level, which no other AI contestent yet has quite had. With time. He's a young, not yet free, person. Let's hope he gets some time and space to use that instrument artistically.

But I thought I'd add a constrasting view.
I think it's funny how everyone believes all these little leaks and pieces of information that they're hearing on tv or the radio or internet gossip sites, nobody knows who is going to win, just because a website states david cook has more votes, tell me who their source is, this kind of stuff happens all the time with wrestling pay per views and shows etc, TMZ says this, votefortheworst says this, someone says they voted 500 times, people you will just have to watch the finale, no one knows anything about anything they just wanna be in the mix
Will be interesting though I wish it wasn't 2 hours
I'm pretty sure Kelly Clarkson is on Celines level when It comes to vocal, plus Archuletas runs sound like Eva Cassidys
Airun, friend, I think maybe you do not mean to write with the "tone" that your writing sometimes reflects. I think you make some good points (occasionally :), but as I have had to do at times, I suggest you just re-read what you write before you post it, just to make sure it conveys what you really want it to convey.

I know my opinion was unsolicited, and I hope I have properly conveyed the spirit/"tone" in which my message was intended.

Tell ya what...i would hate to be a record producer/engineer recording David A....with his ol "pappy" looking over your shoulder...Well done Perry,you have a bright future ahead of you in this songwriting Game...with or without A.I. ...David C. is by far the best singer (if he takes it in his head)to be,..but lately, he has came across as TOO laid back..or is it just me?seems to have thrown the towel in, a couple of weeks back!..That wee Guy, David know,how can i put it?...i think he will end up, just irritating people,once the novelty has worn off..once he discards the "cuddly pup" syndrome,when you hear his voice it will be a vocal itch that you just want to scratch.imho.he will have the shelf life musical wise,of a block of butter in a microwave....i just cannot see that wee guy "cracking it"...especially with his loving "pappa" hanging around like a bad smell!....David a far better musical bet in the long term,personally i think he will do pretty well...Perry IF i were you,i'd be rattlin his cage to release your song on his album...he is the only possible candidate to do it justice,on the choices you have at the minute (A.I.wise that is)but you never know who may pop out the "long grass" to record it...All The Best.....Terry....
who won
I DVRed it and didn't record the show after it
it ended right before ryan announced the winner
David Cook by 12 million votes, he deserved it...mj
I tell it like it is perry, I can't apologize if you don't like that, either Davids deserved to win, good for them both, they'll be stars
WOW...shocker. I wonder if Simon knew the winner ahead of time....why else would he make that little apology?
Because he was sorry?
you think so airun?
I'm with you Gorgeous Clamor. I appreciate you putting so eloquently into words what were my very thoughts. I agree that Clay Aiken, Josh Groban and David A are set apart as far as pure vocals. David A will go on to do well, perhaps even better commercially than David C, only time will tell. We must remember how very young David A is and allow him time to grow as an artist.

Congratulations to David Cook and congratulations once again to Perry for being in the running with a great song that's hopefully going to get further attention!!

By the way Gorgeous Clamor, I am listening to your music and it's very good!! Nice to meet you!! smile

Ha! Why Aaron Authier, are you TS people still whining about that? That's pretty funny. I had pretty much forgotten they existed. We banned them because the people who ran it were misanthropic dishonest sleaze bags. Perhaps you'd feel more at home there? You certainly don't add much positive energy over here. I think they thrive on being nasty to people there. Just your thing.

Yahoooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeee!!! DAVID COOK!!!!
As soon as I heard Simon eating crowe .. I KNEW HE WON!!


Joanne grin
Very classy of Cook to acknowledge Archuleta like he did after winning.

I know I'd be flat fired up to get a song cut by either David right about now. Ah well, maybe next year ...
Thanks for your compliments on the music, Lynn. I want to hear your songs, but I didn't find you on MySpace. Do you have a URL?
Apparently the "little leaks" that were heard were correct. 12 million votes is pretty signficant, especially if the top 3 were only 1 million apart. It appears the Syesha vote mostly went to David Cook.

As for the Idol Song contest, I thought David's performance of the song on Tuesday was the best of the 3 that were performed. I can't really hear Syesha doing Perry's song, but I think David Cook would have been great doing it. The overall winning song was okay.. but totally forgettable. But the guy who won is by all accounts that I've heard a great guy who has paid a lot of dues and has been on the downslide for a while, so good for him. I can't see that song being a big hit, but I am sure it will sound fine for whatever run it gets.

10 of the 20 top songs were written or co-written by JPF members. I've met 7 of them. Perry happens to be one of only 2 of them who have posted here, but a few have been out to chapter events and stuff. I didn't really mention them all because I didn't think their songs were that strong. I did think Fran Lucci's song was nice and I thought Perry's song was good too. Emily Shackleford made the show and the song held up very well with David Cook performing it. I still think of all of them, (including the non JPF members) there were 2 perfect songs for David Cook and Perry's was one of them. The fact that he made it that far after only a couple months of songwriting is impressive by any measurement. I think we'll see a lot of good songs coming from him over the next few years. AND.. he was smart enough to invest in a good singer.. something we preach here all the time. A great singer gives you a signficantly better shot at being noticed in this competitive era.

America picked the right of the final two.. I liked his performance with ZZ Top as well by the way. And, I must admit, that David A. sounded the best I've ever heard him when he joined that band and sang along with their hit. Good for him.


And the best man definitely won. All along I've felt David Cook was the clear winner, and I was confused by the judging last night. Enjoyed the ZZ Top collab. The whole show was fairly enjoyable. Nice of Simon to apologize.

If you've been following my posts, I'd like to say thank you for reading my comments. Several of you have written to say you learned something about singing from reading my assessments of the singers and their performances. That was really why I started this blog. At times I regretted that decision since it forced me to watch all the Idol shows and make notes on every singer and every song... but on the other hand I felt it made me take a more intensive interest in the shows that before.

One thing I would like to say is that, if 10 out of thousands and thousands of auditioners end up on AI, and tour with the show.... this is a good indication of what percentage of people make it big in this industry.

The good thing about Idol is that it does offer some talented people the chance for exposure. I don't always agree with the judges choices on the road to the top 24, but I am not in the room with them, hearing & seeing the complete audition.

The bad thing about Idol is it makes thousands of kids think that fame = success, and that all they need is a shot. What you need is time & experience. What you need is skill. What you need is practice. Nothing is instant. Even your American Idol, who, besides having to rehearse 3 songs for the last night of the competition, also had to rehearse duets, ensembles, a piece with ZZ Top, and the winning song, do media interviews, etc., all this week.

It kinda reminds me of when I was a young girl, dreaming of boys and marriage. My father wisely said to me "too many girls focus on the wedding. Marriage is what happens after the vows."

Winning American Idol, or making any step forward in your career, is not the end. It is the beginning of hard work, of having to sing when you aren't well, or sign autographs when you are dog tired, or get on the bus to go to the next gig when all you wish is to be home with your wife and family.

Lastly, you don't have to win AI or even get on AI to live your dreams. Have a clear vision for yourself, find out what it is you need to know to achieve the next level and set out to learn that. Don't expect anyone to come along and pluck you out of obscurity. Study creativity, look for inspiration, network like crazy, and build a supportive team around you. Fame and fortune mean nothing if you can't look yourself in the face. Fame and fortune mean nothing if you haven't got people you trust to share your success with. Fame and fortune mean nothing if you aren't following your heart. It's more important to get up every day and spend that day doing something that you love, than it is to have people scream your name in an arena. If those things go together, that's great. But it's the passion and the drive and the work and the experience that will get you there.

Anything is possible, if you are willing to do the work.

see you next season,
Vikki Flawith
Overall, this was my most enjoyable finale for AI. It was WAY more entertaining than watching the Grammys or CMA Awards. With DC winning by a NOT insignificant amount, I feel pretty vindicated (56% to 44% or about 12 million votes). David A will do just fine, but I think America got it right this year.

Here's my blow-by-blow of the highlights:

1. Hero (from Spiderman movie)- duet by the two Davids. I really liked this and thought they did a very nice job overall.

2. Waiting for You - duet with Seal & Syesha. I didn't think Syesha had any problem keeping up with him.

3. Hallelujah - Jason Castro. Well, they gave him one of his better songs and he did a nice job.

4. Donna Summer medley - OMG, I played ALL of those tunes in one band or anyother back in the 80's. It was like a "Disco Sucks" nightmare all over again. The ol' gal can still belt though, can't she? Did anyone see Ryan dancing around and then finally practically collapsing on the steps, out of breath? That was pretty funny!

5. Bryan Adams medley - The guys did a pretty good job. I haven't kept up with what Bryan himself has been writing, but he did a pretty good job.

6. Sharp Dressed Man - ZZ Top and David Cook. This was cool, and if he never does anything else, to say he had ZZ Top as his backup band will be a story he'll tell the rest of his life! wink

7. Teach Your Children - Graham Nash and Brooke White. This was one of the best performance of the night, IMHO. I was totally mesmerized and thought Brooke did an outstanding job. Of course, Graham was no slouch.... wink

8. commercial - David Cook "doing" Tom Cruise in Risky Business. This was absolutely brilliant positioning! We were ROTFLOAO. A highlight of the evening!

9. S.O.S. - Jonas Brothers. Maybe the TV sound mix was bad, but I wasn't impressed. None of them could sing for squat. This seems like a very manufactured "pretty boy" band to me. Maybe after a few years of touring, they'll learn to sing. N'Sync did.

10. We're Brothers Forever - Renaldo Lapuz sort of sang with the USC Marching Band. Uh, they could have skipped this one for me.

11. Apologize - One Republic. These guys are platinum artists? They need a new lead singer 'cause the piano player can't hit the notes. Maybe they should hire Archuletta? He made them sound better.

12. One Step At A Time - Jordin Sparks. Not my cup of tea for music...and what an UGLY gold-colored dress. It was not flattering. At least she sang it pretty well (I guess she's over her voice problem of a month or so ago).

13. Midnight Train to Georgia - Gladys Knight and the "fake" pips. It was pretty funny! Man, that lady could sing, couldn't she?

14. Last Name - Carrie Underwood. Sorry fans, but she was pitchy in spots again. She had a gorgeous dress, looked stunningly beautiful, and sang most of it really well, but there were parts I was a cringin'. I've heard Carrie sound really good and have also heard her get pitchy on occasion.

15. commercial take #2 - David Archuletta PG-rated version with Boxers instead of "tighty whiteys", as my wife calls them.

16. George Michael medley - the top 12 did a nice job on this. I had never heard George sing live before...WOW! The guy is really, really good. I was impressed. I mainly remember him from his WHAM! days.

Right after David Cook was announced the winner, he began applauding David Archuletta. That was very generous of him.

Oh...the Simon "apology" about mistreating DC thoughout the season. Yeah, right. At least he DID apologize. I'll give him that much. It was at that point that I KNEW David Cook had won.

So I guess next week, I'll do something PRODUCTIVE with my Tuesdays and Wednesdays! wink

Posted By: MrsStash Re: Official 2008 American Idol Discussion - 05/22/08 02:23 PM
Was anyone else MESMORIZED by carrie underwoods dress?

Those sleeves!

I kept freaking out...I told hubby, those sleves with THOSE shoes...she is an accident waiting to happen! It seemed like she would surely trip any second.

(or maybe because I am such a klutz I am the only one who thought of this??)

It was totally distracting, and I have no clue what she sang or how well she did! lol
Well, my sexist, non-politically correct side came out and I was busy staring at her legs!
songwriter -- LOL! Just testing t u n e s m i t h. I guess it is going to be hard to ever discuss Jimmy Webb's book!

I enjoyed the show last night. My favorite part was David Cook singing with ZZ Top.

I loved Jack Black and the "pips" singing to a 70's recording of Midnight Train to Georgia, but that probably cannot be found on Youtube because it was offered as a paid I-tune video.

Is it true that some techogeeks figured out how to vote hundrends even thousands of times in the voting time slot?

I read somewhere that someone voted 2500 times, another 500 times -- and there is a site called that does the following:
What does DialIdol do?
DialIdol uses your modem to speed dial votes for your favorite Idols - but it does so much more...

DialIdol measures the busy signal to determine which Idols are getting the most votes - based on the results it can automatically direct your votes to one of your favorite Idols - but not necessarily your favorite.

DialIdol assumes that because one Idols phone line is busier than another's that they are getting more votes. As a result we predict who will be voted off every week.

I saw this site yesterday for the first time and DialIdol predicted that David Cook would win big. They we're right.


Originally Posted by Samuel (joe) Harris

Is it true that some techogeeks figured out how to vote hundrends even thousands of times in the voting time slot?

Besides the software at dialidol, apparently if you use your cell phone to send text messages, you can vote very quickly as well. You could vote 10 times a minute - or more. It's a LOT faster than the "redial" button on your phone. Using redial, I can only get 1 or 2 votes per minute.

Text messaging is often charged by the number of messages or the length of the messages. Some companies (AT&T for one) also offer a flat rate for text messaging of something like $15/month for unlimited messages.

The one limitation of is that although it can measure busy signals, it can't tell how many people are text voting.

Originally Posted by Kevin Emmrich
songwriter -- LOL! Just testing t u n e s m i t h. I guess it is going to be hard to ever discuss Jimmy Webb's book!


Sure we can. We just mention Jimmy Webb's book.... wink

It's a great read, by the way.

"Using redial, I can only get 1 or 2 votes per minute."

You mean in theory, right? You're not, forget it, I'm scared to ask.
Yeah...I can continue to vote while watching another program...pretty bad, huh? I think I'll have to join "AI Anonymous".

here's the announcement of the winner
David Cook
5minutes & 20 seconds in he performs the winning song
"Time of My Life"
I wonder if it was intentional that the writer's name wasn't mentioned. Since he has a long string of songs cut and success perhaps he was perfectly fine with simply collecting the pay check. I've usually found that pro writers with significant success in their past are far more interested in the checks than the credit. That's always been a dynamic in the industry. Artists get the attention.. writers get the cash. For most writers that's a good deal. Artists rarely get a fraction of the money for a hit that the writers get. I know quite a few band members in famous bands, who weren't the song writers and sure wish they could trade that moment in the spotlight for a lifetime of residual income.

Just my thoughts on this.

There is also a studio version of the winning song, "The Time of My Life", available on iTunes.

It does sound pretty darn good.

He also has "Dream Big" available as a studio version (the other "original" song) that he did Tuesday night.

Y'know, I haven't purchased ANY other AI winner's CD, but I think it's a pretty good bet I'll buy his.

I wonder if a recording of Syesha doing Perry's song exists? Wouldn't they have recorded them at the same time?

Don't know. I couldn't find anything by Syesha Mercato on iTunes and even searching for "American Idol" didn't find anything with her voice on it.

It is back and not improved by a new network and so far the talent is shockingly weak.
I haven't read this thread of multiple pages but I will say this.

I viewed these shows like idol and the voice as little more then vaudeville variety programs in living color built from the ground up to entertain "normals" who in this instance would be people who don't know the rigors their talent can actually be.

My wife who is not creative, enjoys these programs but has played bass in some of the bands I was in and in the church praise team, hisses at me with the same mantra. "So and so was on idol and she is real big now". To wit I roll my eyes. - doesn't help my point.

Anything to cross this old man sometimes.
The show has been, and always will be about the judges. They are the stars, they are the ones who get paid, and the first group Simon, Randy and Paula had the best chemistry. I watched last night, between commercials of NCAA, and saw three judges who have zero chemistry.

Same thing, why do people HAVE to sing "it's a mans world" and "a change is gonna come". I get that they are old songs so they dont get compared to the original, but im so sick of hearing people singing these songs.

And what a bad move putting it up against march madness
Hey why does the show always have to put singers in who have babies, and they are DOING IT FOR THE BABY!

Just trying to give the baby a better, oh I thought people go to work and get jobs to take care of their children, or better yet, don't have children if you can't take care of them.


Originally Posted by Brian Austin Whitney

Boy, don't we know it? I'll never forget the fact they wouldn't answer you about one particular submission.
Originally Posted by Jody Whitesides
Originally Posted by Brian Austin Whitney

Boy, don't we know it? I'll never forget the fact they wouldn't answer you about one particular submission.

You mean Rockstar? There's been so many corrupt shows I can't even recall the details about that one?
The show just isn't working so far. My wife loves it so I have pay attention while working. The performances they've shown have left me disinterested in most. I suspect there's a collective of artists they intend to have on the show long before the auditions and the rest is just filler. Sure, most shows just hand pick the contestants (i.e. the Voice) but AI used to pick actual people from the auditions if they were blown away with enough sure things in case they found no one ahead of time. This feels like a stacked deck all the way.

I wish I could get the show off I pitched to several networks before AI every existed. I think it would have worked well. I have another idea for a different show than anyone has ever done, trying to figure out how to do it independently.

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