Yeah, there were at least 4 or 5 girls crying. Ramiele was sobbing away and got a fair amount of camera time on that. I don't know if that's good. It might evoke sympathy, but it's certainly not professional. The girls haven't had THAT much time for bonding anyways. Maybe it was just nerves (relief)?

I thought Colton did a decent job on Tuesday, so I was a bit surprised he went this soon, but the other 3 were bound to go pretty quickly. Unless Chikezie modernizes his style, he may not last long either.

Maybe Amanda needs to be a little friendlier to the audience in order to get more votes? I don't know if she'll last unless she warms up a bit and develops a "relationship" with the audience. She can wail, but can she get votes?

Interesting that there were supposedly 30 million viewers but only 28 million votes.

Was Paula's vocal on "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow" grossly overtuned or what? It was probably triple-tracked and definitely had that "Cher" synthetic-tuning effect. I thought the melody and the groove on the tune were both really boring and repetitious. I couldn't really tell where the verse ended and the chorus began - if there WAS a chorus.