I just read an old interview (2004) with Debra Byrd, she says "I encourage the singers that if they are having technical problems, they should consult a voice instructor who specializes in correcting technical deficiencies in the singing voice. They are allowed to do this, as my job is to ensure that the performing elements are in place when the show goes live. There is not enough time, during the course of the week, to work on technique in addition to my work in developing their performance skills, charting song arrangements, etc." and "At times it is frustrating for me as a voice coach as I have to correct many bad habits in a short period of time."

Exactly what I wondered about. The difficulty with technique - like any skill - is that it takes time to practice it and integrate into what you are doing.

anyway, there's suppose to be a video of the singers coaching, but I can't get it to come up -

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