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What???? Linda, you couldn't POSSIBLY be a little partial here could you? wink

Actually, I had no idea that Brooke was Mormon. That does explain a bit. All I can say is the few Mormons I've worked with over the years have all been very ethical people.

Larry -
A little partial. smile Yeah. But, no, I wouldn't vote for someone "just" because we shared the same faith. Not in AI or in politics or anywhere else. Glad to hear we've been good examples. Thanks!

Brian - it's hard to explain unless you're part of it. (You're welcome to disagree - but there is such a thing as a Mormon culture, just like there are many other subcultures based on religions, ethnicity, political persuasions, what-have-you).

I feel you may have misinterpreted my statement somewhat, so I'd like to try again. I said the contestants have a "draw" with other Mormons, "who, like me, really like and want to see 'one of our own' succeed."
You replied:
"I hope you are wrong that Mormons are voting for other Mormons because they are Mormans, though I am sure you're correct that some people are."

With all due respect... that's not quite what I said, or meant to imply. I apologize if I wasn't clear.

I said there is a draw. There may be some voting JUST on that (which would be sad, if they didn't actually like them as singers), but what I *meant* is that we tend to have a big, positive "Go Team!" mentality. Therefore - more Mormons may be drawn into watching the show this year than would be otherwise. More might pick up the phone and actually call in a vote. That sort of thing. There are still, surely, Mormons who hate AI and will never watch it no matter what. And so on.

Thing is, we're a minority - a minority with a history of being persecuted, maligned in the press, made fun of, and having all sorts of weird, false, and ridiculous things said about us, which no one (except us) seems to think is unfair (including this one - "you guys have horns, right?" - I mean, come on).

As a result, it's perfectly natural for us to stand up and CHEER when one of us is recognized for doing something GOOD. That's all. You've heard Adam Sandler's "Hannukah Song," right? We do the same thing. "Look who's Mormon!" (In fact, there's even a website: www.famousmormons.net ) More than that, it's like being in a big huge extended family. There is a togetherness we have, that as I said, is difficult to explain outside of being immersed in it.

I did not mean that religion would be the only criteria any member of our church would use to vote for a contestant.

Nothing to be terribly upset about. It was... supposed to be funny. (I used a smiley!)

It's really no worse than voting for Michael Johns because he's a JPF award winner - right? And besides which, he can sing. grin

I also mentioned my daughter is voting madly for Jason Castro (and not David A. - we like him, but he's not the house favorite). If Sanjaya had been Mormon he STILL wouldn't have gotten a single vote from me - I'd have been embarrassed. We've voted for Brooke this year because we like her performances. I know you're not a fan of hers - and that's OK - but I've enjoyed her voice and her performances and the angles she's taken with her songs. I like her as a musician. I like that she's stepped out and taken risks - for me, they worked.

I didn't mean to imply in any way shape or form that we're some kind of subversive sleeping giant ready to take over the competition or something. LOL. (You've gotta be kidding me - if that was even remotely true, Mitt Romney would still be running for President. grin <---Note: THAT IS A JOKE... thanks people...)

One of the fundamental facets of our beliefs is in freedom of choice and making your own decisions based on studying things out for yourself. Nobody's out there telling us what to do or who to vote for (in any situation) or anything of the sort.

We just all tend to like each other. smile

Peace, man -