I thought Archuletta was as boring as could be and he will take the title of the worst AI winner ever if he wins. I can't imagine going to his concert even if you paid me.. seriously.. he's that boring and lifeless and has no personality of any kind at all. He couldn't hold the stage with the likes of Miley Cyrus for 30 seconds and not look like a loser. His squinty face and his "gasp" "gasp" "gasp" breathlessness is like fingernails on a chalk board.

David Cook doesn't need to win.. he'll be fine. I actually thought his performance of the Songwriter song was far and away the best performance of the night. The judges clearly were working the agenda all night to crown David A. They ripped David Cook all night the same way the always ripped Syesha, who should have been in the final with David Cook. The whole boxing thing was set up so that Simon could have the last line before the voting started saying that David A. won "in a knockout." That's so bogus it's laughable. But in truth, David Cook was fairly boring in his first and third performances so he did himself no favors. But he was still far more entertaining to watch than David A. Watching paint dry is better than watching David A. "gasp" "gasp" "gasp"

So all that's left is to root for Perry. He has a 1 in 18 chance.. and we all heard Paula say that the song David Cook performed WASN'T the winning song... so let's all keep our fingers crossed. By the way, I think both of the songs performed tonight were written by JPF members... though they aren't active. I do think Emily Shackleford has performed at one of our Roadtrip showcases though.


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